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  1. This is my first build after a short break from modeling. It is a 1/35 m-901 hammerhead. I enjoyed building this kit as it was cheap enough to try out few new weathering techniques and not be afraid of wasting money. The man sitting on the top leaning against the launcher is a figure from the Academy 1/35 humvee and I have used him to try paint some desert camo on his uniform. He may be positioned a bit weirdly but I just imagine him having a light nap in the desert sun. hope you like it. How is it?
  2. Brody

    Tamiya F4F-4

    Veeeeery nice
  3. That truly is the king of all tanks
  4. Brody

    tsr 2 in vietnam

    I love Vietnam era planes
  5. Brody

    Winter Mourning

    Hi everyone this is my first ever diorama and I wanted to know what you guys thought I called it winter mourning because if you look closely there is a grave at the back with a dog and his handler paying their respects. the guy at the field stove is timing the meal and the two men with maps are planning todays movements. There is also the gunner man who is just scanning the horizons. I also put in foot prints but the camera didn't show them. here it is!! Thats all hope you liked it!
  6. Brody

    88mm Anti-Tank gun

    There's so much to look at you must have spent ages on it.
  7. Brody


    This is just epic you are amazing Brody
  8. Brody

    Goose Bay Vulcan

    The new 1:1 diorama series from megaart
  9. Amazing. I might have a go at that when I get round to my Canberra. Brody
  10. Brody

    1/32 Trumpeter Dauntless

    Well done on your dauntless it's very impressive. Brody
  11. Brody

    Tamiya 1:48 Beaufighter

    Amazing I love the paint job. Brody
  12. Very nice work you must be pleased. Brody
  13. Very very nice collection. Brody
  14. Brody

    Challenger 2

    Wonderful just wonderful that is crazy cool Brody