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Found 2 results

  1. Hah I’m going whole hog with this one….as if I didn’t have enough on the work bench already! Ok this is something quite different and very unique for this GB, a Hawker Typhoon and in 1/32nd and in full resin!! Right first up this is probably a Company quite a few may not have heard much about, much less knew they did a Typhoon! They are a specialist company that does super high quality resin AM bit’s for models. They have done a couple of full resin models, Fairy Swordfish (I’ve heard it’s truly amazing), a Ki-61-I Hien (I have 2 of these), an Ar-234 (will sell my first born for this one!!!), and the Hawker Typhoon which was their first full model (have 2 of these as well). These full resin kits are rare and came about as they did lots of AM accessories for the Revell model and decided to produce their own model to go with them. The fuselage is cast in 2 pieces just like a normal model it’s super thin with casting as good as Fisher Model & Patten models! The wings are solid case, with amazing detail in the wheel wells. These are the resin AM sets they also sell separately: …plus the remaining pieces. Plus there’s the 4 bladed prop as well which I’ll be using. No external stores are provided so I’ve sourced some rockets from Special Hobby, plus I can use the leftover bombs from my Sea Fury. Unusually I'm adding plastic AM bit sot a resin model, normally it's the other way around. There are some nice decals and schemes provided as well. Plus I have some extra stencils from Aviaeology. Ok so how does she fit into this GB???? Well I said she was unique, and not because of the model….. One particular aircraft flown by Canadian pilots had Sharks Teeth painted on her! She was from 245 SQN part of 2ndTactical Air Force, and was flown by two pilots, F/L H.T. “Moose” Mosset (MIA Mar7/45) and later by S/L Tony Zweigbergk. She was the only known Typhoon to ever have a Sharks Mouth painted on her. Photo’s are quite rare and as a result there is some confusion with the actual details of the sharks mouth as to whether the inside of the mouth was red or the original camouflage colour. She continued to fly in this scheme post war with a couple of minor changes, blue spinner and blue/black checkerboard fuselage strip (I may do this scheme). The supplied photo’s do show the sharks mouth to be quite worn and dirty, but a photo of her after the war shows the sharks mouth to be quite clean and tidy maybe it was spruced up at a later stage, I'm leaning towards this very for now. I’ve also got some extra paint masks coming for her as well plus who knows what else will show up. The only sad thing about this model is there isn’t a “Car Door” version or mod kit available as I’m dying to build one of the 3 RAAF test aircraft used in the Middle East!! Ok just a wee bit of pre-start work before the actual start of the GB. Everything has been given a good wash and check over….there are a few issues with this model, the other one I have of her on checking is perfect. I really should build that one but where would the fun be! A lot of the parts are slightly warped (if you’d seen the original box you’d understand! So a hot bath this time will be required for most of then. The big issue is with the RH wing. The inner trailing edge is badly warped! I have already tried to heat it up and straighten it, but not that successfully. It’s a solid cast wing and to get the heat needed to soften the thicker section, I run a real risk of damaging the thin sections. This is as good as I could get it. To fix this I plan to laminate new sections of plastic card on the effected areas then re-sand it back into profile, this should work….if not I’ll re-cast the rear section from the good wing then just cut out the bad section. Plus on both wings the main wheel well area has sagged near the fuselage join, they supply a resin part for the inner section of the wheel well, but I’ll replace this with brass to help reshape that area…….this will be explained a bit later with photos. Been looking for an excuse to building her for ages, can't wait.....ok once the Viggen is off the bench. Oh dear, just found another one of these plus another Ar-234B (both 234’s are over $200 USD) on evilBay………must …….resist……..urge....to bu.........
  2. My next project will be the Airfix 1/72 Typhoon 1B which I have been planning to build for a while. I wasn't feeling very inspired by the kit supplied schemes, but then came across the intriguing "Silver Bullet" while browsing through the Airfix Model World supplement on the Typhoon. This was MN666, which after being damaged during the Normandy campaign after D-Day was shipped back to Britain, fixed up, stripped of its paint, except for the rudder, and then used by instructors at the Fighter Leader School. I got some very helpful background from Chris Thomas (http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234975412-advice-needed-typhoon-silver-bullet/?hl=%2Bsilver+%2Bbullet), and a dig in the decal bank found enough letters and numbers to make up the serial so it looks like I am off to the races. I am going to complete her as she may have looked in late 1944, with no bombs/rockets under the wings, type B roundels above the wings, type C below and type C1 on the fuselage. I am going to try a few new things as well. I have never tried pre-dipping the canopies in floor polish, which seems to be very much the recommended thing, so I will give that a go. I will also try to paint as much as possible on the sprue. First task after washing the sprues in warm soapy water was to take the canopies, remove them from the sprue, clean up the edges and then dip them in the floor polish. I then left them on some kitchen roll in a covered container and put to one side. I am not sure how long I need to leave them for before masking for painting, I am assuming the longer the better. One item was left on the transparency, the underside fuselage light which fitted snugly into place, secured with some Clearfix. I cut a tint scrap of aluminium kitchen foil and stuck that on to the rear side of the light, shiny side down. Then on to the instrument panel. Strange item this. Airfix supplies a decal that appears to cover the whole panel, but only has markings for the flat part of the panel, while the "wings" of the panel have raised detail, but no detail on the decal. The decal to my eye also looks to big to fit on the panel. First I painted the whole panel Tamiya X1 Gloss Black. Then I carefully cut up the decal. and then carefully applied to only the flat part of the panel. Not perfect, but certainly better than just applying the whole decal in one piece. Once I have let them dry I will put some matt varnish over to seal them in and dry brush the raised detail on the "wings" of the panel.
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