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Found 8 results

  1. My next airliner kit after finishing the DC-10, and something a bit smaller this time. Looks a reasonable kit for an old Airfix, I’m not too fussy about the panel lines, just want to add another 70s/80’s airliner to the shelf. I got this one on eBay for a bargain, under £20! I’ll be making it oob, in the Alitalia colours. Nice that this has window decals! I’m fairly sure it’ll be a straightforward build, looks quite simple. There may be a number of inaccuracies but it’ll be good enough for me as it is.
  2. Here is F-RSIN’s Viscount 700 finished as I-LIFT of Alitalia circa 1959 before application of the “flag tail”. I-LIFT was built in 1957 and delivered to LAI which merged with Alitalia a few months later. She stayed with Alitalia until withdrawn in 1969. She was broken up in 1971 after spares recovery. F-RSIN’s Viscounts are among their best kits although as always with short run mouldings the end result depends on the amount of work the modeller is prepared to do. The 700 gives a choice of radar or non-radar noses and straight or bulged engine nacelles. The bulged nacelles (necessary for the V.785D) are a little too bulged but I didn’t fancy trying to sand them down and get all four identical so I decided to live with the minor inaccuracy. The panel lines on the fuselage are very poor. I gave up trying to fix them and just filled them in. The props are supplied as separate hubs and blades. They are unusable and I replaced them with a set of Aeroclub metal props salvaged from a deceased S&M model. Paint is Halfords Appliance Gloss White and some original Humbrol Metalcote exhumed during an audit of my paint stash. Original Metalcote was a good product and having found it I decided I might as well use it. Despite being about twenty years old it performed pretty well but it did show how paint technology has moved on and I ended up wishing I had stuck to my usual AK Interactive. The kit came with Alitalia decals but these are inaccurate around the nose. They also include the door outlines which were only carried at the very end of the Viscount’s Alitalia service. I used the Classic Airlines sheet instead. The cheatlines went on beautifully but the “flag tail” fin decal was obviously designed for another kit and nothing I did would make it fit. The F-RSIN tail decal wasn’t a lot better and eventually I decided to swap to the original livery. I made up small Italian flags from spare decal and sourced registrations from the spares box. I don’t think the “Servizio Postale” logo was carried on the earlier livery but I had applied the cheatlines before I found the problem with the fin decal so it stays the way it is! I also used some items from the very handy 26 Viscount details sheet. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Dave G
  3. I present the good old Airfix Caravelle in the Alitalia green stripe livery. The Airfix Caravelle came out in 1961 when I was nine years old but despite its venerable age it can still provide the basis for a decent model. As I had a couple of Airfix Caravelles in my stash I decided to see what some t.l.c. could achieve. I invested in the Extra Tech PE set although in the event I only used some of it, mainly around the undercarriage. I used Milliput to improve the nose shape. The point of the nose needs to be shifted slightly forwards and downwards. It’s not a difficult job, certainly no harder than fixing the nose of the Airfix BAC 1-11 or Vanguard, but it does make a difference. If you compare the kit’s nose profile with a good side-on photo like this you will see immediately what needs to be done. The other main modification to the fuselage is the narrow door for the nose wheel strut which Airfix missed completely. F-RSIN engines replaced the kit items. The strengthening bands above and below the engine pylons are narrow strips of white decal which had been sprayed with a slightly off white to give a faint contrast with the purer white of the fuselage. As on the real aircraft these are only visible under certain lighting conditions. The wing fences were refined as best I could without actually replacing them and I added the triangular sections to the trailing edges. At the same time the raised detail was sanded off and re-scribed. I used home-made decals scanned from a PAS sheet to represent the airbrakes on the upper and lower wings. Extra Tech provide brass airbrakes but a dummy run on a scrap kit showed that making the necessary rebates on the upper wings for the thin and fragile PE was nearly impossible, at least for me, so I took the line of least resistance. Paint is Halfords Appliance White and AK Interactive Xtreme Aluminium. Decals are by Two Six and Authentic Airliners plus some bits and pieces from the spares box. The door outlines and the windows on the Two Six Alitalia sheet aren’t totally accurate - the emergency exits are not quite prominent enough and green stripe Caravelles didn’t have silver framed windows. Matters are further complicated by the Authentic Airliners cabin windows being too widely spaced for the Airfix fuselage. (After the issues I had with my Malev Boeing 738 I ran a ruler over the decals before I started using them and I’m glad I did). Luckily I had Two Six’s SATA/CTA 10R sheet in my decal stash and it includes spare grey door outlines and unframed cabin windows all of which which were duly “borrowed”. The Two Six windows were then overlaid with the Authentic Airliners ones applied individually. Thanks for looking and as always constructive criticism is welcome. Before anyone says “the pinstripe scheme was prettier” it should eventually appear on a DC-7C if I live long enough. Dave G
  4. Hi guys, Another one has made its way onto the bench... This is going to be a long term project. Basically I can foresee this being a project which I'm going to do a bit, then wait a while for drying times, do a bit more, wait a while, do a bit more... It's also going to be my first ever airliner, so will be interesting to see what happens. Help, C&C is more than welcome I'm going to do the Alitalia version, and then the plan is to use Halfords White acrylic spray for the gloss white, Xtracolor enamels for the wing grey and Metalizers for the metal areas. I hear that acrylics over enamels is a no-no, but from what I've learned is it's because of the enamel paint outgassing and reacting with the acrylic top coat, but it's ok to do so if the enamel has totally cured. I've experimented with Tamiya over Xtracolor, and this seems to be ok if the Xtracolor is given time to totally go off, and I mean 4-6 weeks plus!! If I'm wrong, please let me know Worst case scenario, sand the wings clean and start again. I've filled the windows with milliput, I'm yet to sand down though; there are no pictures as I was covered in liquid milliput and leaving white finger printers everywhere! I'll sand off the panel lines on the fuselage and won't rescribe these. I will probably try and rescribe the wings though, as the panel lines seem to make good guides for painting and the wings seem to get a bit dirtier and therefore panel lines more visible. Basically this is all that's really happened bar the milliput... More to follow (one day, you know what my builds are like!! Sssslllloooowwwww!!) Oh, and I've also got a couple of AM bits for her: The wheels seemed a bit crude OOB so replacing them, and I've heard the metal landing gear is a worth while addition to this kit as the way the kit gear fit makes them quite week OOB. Well, speak to you all soon Val
  5. It's taken a long time, but the third part of my DC-8 trilogy has just rolled off the bench. Once again, this is the Minicraft kit, but this time, I didn't have to change the engines ! Markings for Air Zaire 9Q-CLG "Domaine de la Nsele" came from 26 Decals (Sheet 144-147). They performed flawlessly as usual, but I did notice a couple of anomalies comparing them to photos of the real thing on the net.......after I applied them and then buried them under layers of Future. A link to the somewhat tortuous WIP can be found here : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234937676-minicraft-douglas-dc-8s-in-1144-done/?p=1281565 Family photos of all three appear in Post #11 below...
  6. December 1973, and I made my very first flight in a four-engined jet from Johannesburg to Rome - Alitalia's DC-8-43 I-DIWM "Ugolino Vivaldi" This is the 1/144 MInicraft DC-8-63 kit modified to into a DC-8-43 by shortening the fuselage and using replacement resin engines from F-Rsin. (I know they're actually engines for a DC-8-30, but they look close enough for me, and besides, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do) Fitting the engines to the wings was most unpleasant - you'd think I would have learned my lesson from the DC-8-55 build ! The Registration Codes, engine logos and "Ugolino Vivaldi" titles are home-made. The rest of the decals came from the Two Six Decals Sheet SHS4485 and lovely they were too ! There's a sort of Work in Progress thread which can be found here : http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234937676-minicraft-douglas-dc-8s-in-1144-two-down/ but because I've been building three 8s at the same time, it's all a bit messy. So there we have it. I'm pretty sure that if you use your imagination, you'll be able to see the face of a 10 year old pressed against one of the windows with excitement - that would be me. Thanks for looking. mike ...and of course, the "with something else" :
  7. Back in July 2010, I started designing some decals for the CargOman Douglas DC-8 on this very web-site. While scratching through my lap-top recently, I stumbled on the unfinished design and with the re-release of the Minicraft DC-8, I figured out that it would be rude not to have a go at building one. Unfortunately, I deliberately ordered two of the blighters and then "accidentally" ordered a set of Ray's excellent Air Zaire decals as well (if you get my drift) !!! So here we have it : DC-8-63 of Air Zaire, DC-8-55 of CargOman and a DC-8-43 of another airline (Couldn't stop myself from ordering another Minicraft kit - they look brilliant !) So while I'm waiting for the resin engines to arrive, time to cut up the fuselages : DC-8-63 on top, fuselage cuts made (to make a DC-8-55) in the middle, and one I already glued together to make a DC-8-43 at the bottom. This is going to be madness (and slow)...... Wish me luck.
  8. Hello Everyone Right another question session!!!! I must be driving people mad... lol.... So moving quickly on from the 707 i have deided i want to do a series of MD-80s. Id like to do the following. Alitalia MD-82 http://img.planespotters.net/photo/299000/original/I-DATI-Alitalia-McDonnell-Douglas-MD-82_PlanespottersNet_299842.jpg Airtours MD-83 http://www.flickr.com/photos/jordi757/3480792833/ Air Liberte MD-83 http://www.al-airliners.be/k-o/liberte/ijmd-83-2.jpg SAS MD-87 http://www.freefoto.com/images/2050/38/2050_38_19---SAS-McDonnell-Douglas-MD-87-SE-DIF_web.jpg As with many other Aircraft Sub types i have no idea at all how to tell them apart or what kits there are of them. So i want to do all of these in 1/144. I know that Mincraft has released an MD-80, thats all it says on the box. So how do i tell what version of MD-80 is in the box. Also waht modifications on the MD-80 kit will i need to do? So i am pretty much asking what vrsion and how do i do it? Thanks Bradley.
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