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Found 19 results

  1. After the 1/72nd kits (link) Special Hobby is reported working for 2020 on a 1/48th Bell AH-1G Cobra/Sea Cobra family. Info obtained from a Special Hobby representative at IPMS Belgium National/Plastic & Steel 2019. To be followed. V.P.
  2. After the AH-1Z Viper (link), Dreammodel is to release a Bell AH-1W Super Cobra - late version - kit - ref. DM720017 Sources: https://www.facebook.com/story/graphql_permalink/?graphql_id=UzpfSTk4MzQ5ODQ2NTExNDA4MDoyNTcyNDcyNDEyODgzMzM2 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10896723 https://www.super-hobby.fr/products/Bell-AH-1W-Super-Cobra-47631540.html V.P.
  3. Kitty Hawk is reported running two 1/48th helicopter kits: Bell AH-1Z Viper (Super Cobra) - ref. KH80124 Sources: http://www.kittyhawkmodel.com/#!80123/cnuv http://www.kittyhawkmodel.com/#!80124/c1eup http://s362974870.onlinehome.us/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=266634 http://scalemodels.ru/news/6428-vertoletnye-anonsy-Kitty-Hawk-Models-1-48.html Also a UH-1Y Venom (or Super Huey) - dedicated thread http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234974037-148-bell-uh-1y-venom-super-huey-by-kitty-hawk-cads/ - ref.KH80123. V.P.
  4. After the 1/32nd kits (link), ICM is reported working on 1/35th Bell AH-1G Cobra kits. Source: AlexGRD V.P.
  5. Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) is to rebox in March 2023 the AZmodel 1/72nd Bell AH-1G Cobra kit. https://www.modelarovo.cz/novinky-kovozavodu-prostejov-a-azmodel-na-brezen/ - ref. KPM0378 - Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra - Late https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/bell-ah-1g-huey-cobra-late/ - ref. KPM0379 - Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra - Early" https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/ah-1g-huey-cobra-early/ - ref. KPM0380 - Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra - International https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/ah-1g-huey-cobra-international/ - ref. KPM0381 - Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra - Special Markings https://www.kovozavody.cz/produkt/ah-1g-huey-cobra-special-markings/ V.P.
  6. ICM is to release 1/32nd Bell AH-1G Cobra kits - ref. 32060 - Bell AH-1G Cobra (early production), US Attack Helicopter - released Source: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM32060 - 1/32 - ref. 32061 - Bell AH-1G Cobra (late production), US Attack Helicopter - released Source: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM32061 - ref. 32062 - Bell AH-1G Cobra with Vietnam War US Helicopter Pilots - released Source: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM32062 Special Hobby boxing - ref. SH32082 - Bell AH-1G Cobra "Early Tails over Nam" V P.
  7. AFV Club is to rebox the Academy 1/35th Bell AH-1W Super Cobra under ref. AF35S21 Air Cavalry Brigade AH-1W Super Cobra NTS Update - R.O.C Army Aviation and Special Forces Command Three barrelled metallic 20mm gun Gun turret can be posed left or right / Up / down Resin parts to reflect the AH-1W late version Photo-etched sheets for the AH-1W late version The engine covers can be posed opened or closed The canopy can be posed opened or closed Including multiple air to land armed modes Brand new decal and painting instruction of ROCA Including opposing force painting instruction Sources: https://www.facebook.com/AFVCLUB.TW/posts/4224422977603189 https://www.facebook.com/AFVCLUB.TW/photos/pcb.4224422977603189/4224407220938098 V.P.
  8. Now i have two helicopter. This are AH-1S from Hasegawa in 1/72. i had very long wait for it bevor i could buy it. But now – here they are. The painting are no phantasy. You could see them like that in 2011-2013 (if i'm not mistaken) at the Airfieldbase Kisarazu. The signposts were like that by the helicopters. Hasegawa added a verry big Decalsheet with a lot decals. But now see....
  9. DreamModel is to release in 2020 a 1/72nd Bell AH-1Z Viper kit - ref. DM720012 Sources: http://www.moxdao.com/thread-98409-1-1.html https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6421767410 V.P.
  10. Academy catalog 2018 show a new tooling a 1/35th Bell AH-1Z Viper "US Marine Corps" kit - ref. 12127 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235031989-academy-catalog-2018-newsletter-q1-2018/&do=findComment&comment=2918663 V.P.
  11. After recently finishing a P-47 in 1/48, and currently planning to join a group Spitfire build starting in a few weeks on the IPMS Ireland website, I thought I'd try and be a latecomer to this GB as I'm keen to build my Monogram AH-1 dating from the late 80s. I started it around 2 weeks ago, and I might get it finished in time for the June deadline! The kit I think has been around since the early 80s and it's pretty simple with a low parts count and raised panel lines. I added some aftermarket in the form of an Eduard mask, a Master 3 barrel gun and some aftermarket decals (which in the end I've decided not to use as I very generously got a sheet of decals from a later Revell boxing of the kit of a Cobra used by the US Army in the first Gulf War. The real "Sand Shark" as seen below is what I'm going to try and recreate: Parts ready for primer: Cockpit completed: Fuselage interior with turbine installed: Fuselage halves joined and skids added, (I used 15g of weight up front to make sure it wasn't a tail sitter): Currently I'm painting the main and tail rotors and then the next job is trying to get the seams sorted out prior to paint (which is going to be hard I think!)
  12. My entry for this GB is going to be based on the venerable old 1/48 Monogram AH-1S Cobra, which despite it's age and raised panel lines is an accurate representation of this classic gunship. Here's a picure of the box top followed by one showing the contents still sealed in the original plastic bag. And here is the decal sheet I will be using from Two Bobs. And a close up of the option I will be using for the decals for my build. Not that I intend to be finishing it like this, I've found something much more unusual, this one! Gotta love that temporary winter camo! I hope to make a start on her this evening and I am really looking forward to the build, there are already some really good models being built for this GB I hope mine grabs your interest as well. Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  13. All pics in the thread from Gary Stedman unless noted otherwise. Ferry tanks fitted to one of the first AH's delivered to Wattisham, summer 2005. ferry tanks never actually used by the AAC, only flown by Westlands during trials. ZJ173 on display at Colchester military festival in June, 2007. Aircraft is in UK training fit only - no Helicopter Intergrated Defensive Avonics System (HIDAS) fitted. ZJ209 in Wattisham hangar, May 2008 showing panels removed for 300 hour checks. Quad Hellfire rails and UK spec CRV-7 19 tube rocket pod on ZJ166 at Wattisham, May 2008 Rotor head on ZJ166, same time and location as above. ZJ226 outside Wattisham hangar, May 2008. Fitted with then current theatre standard HIDAS. AH Front seat, early configuration (Fitted with TADS, prior to MTADS) AH Rear seat, all standards. cockpit detail on ZJ166 at Wattisham, May 2008. View through Wattisham hangar, October 2008. ZJ224 the very day it returned too Wattisham after Operation Herrick duty (October 2008). This aircraft was the one flown by 'Ed Macy' at Jugroom Fort in January 2007. AH ground running at Wattisham, May 2008.
  14. Hi Everyone! Haven’t been posting a lot this year but now I start to speed up Here is the AZ Models’ AH-1G Huey Cobra flown during Vietnam War. Originally, I planned to do “The Crystal Ship”, but changed my mind having read a thrilling story in Jonathan Bernstein’s book “US Army AH-1 Cobra Units in Vietnam” with the “Sound of Silence” Cobra starring. On the late evening of 21 January 1971 CW2 Jim Moran, who was expecting to go back to the US in just few days , was sitting in the club minding his own business, when battery commanding officer approached him and ordered to help rescuing reconnaissance patrol team that was trapped and surrounded by North Vietnamese units. Jim Moran accepted the mission, took WO1 Neil MacMillan as his front-seater and a wingman, at night and in bad weather found the way through the jungle and located surrounded troops. On the scene Cobras put the fire onto attacking NVA troops to hold them off , and maintained control of an increasingly dangerous situation until Slicks and Medevac choppers arrived to extract the LRRP team. Jim Moran stayed at the place to coordinate evacuation until everyone was safely lifted and returned to the landing zone "on fumes in the gas tank" This mission is believed to be one of the longest flown by Huey Cobra in Vietnam. After the mission, Jim Moran and Neil MacMillan were recommended for a Silver Star Now back to the model. AZ produced a very nice kit, sufficiently detailed, with thin and crisp panel lines, good fit for short-run mould. I used Brengun PE set to enhance details in some areas – mostly in cockpit, and in some places outside. I also added landing light on the bottom side. I got Pavla’s vacformed canopy as AZ’s one is fairly thick. But in the end I decided to go with original kit’s canopy and I'm fairly satisfied with how it went on. Model is painted with Gunze US Olive Drab, other paints are Vallejo. I used kit’s decals, that went quite ok. No stencils are provided by AZ. Another kit’s omission – just one weapons option. Jim Moran flew his Cobra with 4 XM-200 launchers but kit provides just two of them and 2 XM-18 miniguns. Enough words – on to photoes: Thanks for looking! Dennis
  15. Bell AH-1F Cobra, sometimes referred to as the Modernized Cobra. Pics taken at The Don F Pratt Memorial Museum, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA by Rick (infofrog)
  16. Call me insane, but here is my 6th and final entry. (Unless I find another gem on eBay cheap ) I've just won it, so until Mr Postman pops it through the door and it's in my grubby little hands you'll have to make do with an eBay photo. I built one of these in the late 80s but the skids ended up a bit lopsided, I was using Revell Contacta Pro and unfortunatly didn't leave it long enough to set. Those were the days before I trusted myself to use superglue. (I now live near a hospital as well...) I can't wait to get started on this one, the AH-1G is a beautiful looking aircraft and with my move to 1/144 (mainly) it's not often I'm going to get a second chance at building a kit from my early modelling days. ***Update*** Now I've got the kit here's a photo of my lovely sealed HueyCobra
  17. Built for the obsolete kit group build. Converted to an "early" variant AH-1G with scratch built cockpit and details. AH-1G 66-15259 was the first HueyCobra to fly an operational mission and also the first to achieve a combat kill. Build thread.
  18. OK, time to start HueyCobra number two! I'm not bothering with sprue shots as they're exactly the same as my other build, and to keep it interesting I'm not telling you what I'm doing These are the only kit parts I'm using, the only other things I'll be using are scraps of card etc. I've made a start on the trenches with Mr. Surfacer already.
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