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Found 6 results

  1. It's been a fair few months since I started a kit. So as winter approaches I thought I'd have a go at one of my favourite aircraft The Thunderbolt. I bought this kit from Trumpeter back in early Summer and decided it was the next project to start. The last build I did was a Tempest V as a tribute build. I've not made a Trumpeter kit before but I'm quite impressed with the quality. Rubber tyres, fair to good mouldings, PE parts all included. I've never done any PE work before so this is going to be a nice learning process. The kit has a lot of internal supercharger parts which are totally hidden. I've made these up but I won't paint them. For this model I want to concentrate on the visible side. Photos to follow very soon! Regards, Andy Anyway here's some photos of my progress so far. Not sure why they decided to model all this hidden detail? Nice to know it's there I guess! The instructions for the engine were a little confusing. But I decided to paint it after a fashion anyway. my first attempt at PE seat belts. I think they look pretty ok and I enjoyed doing them! The front end will have to have a lot of fettling to sit nicely and allow the fuselage halves to come together within tolerance. Its not a Tamiya kit of course but I'm still impressed with the quality of the mouldings . Not that much flash. If I was designing the kit I think I'd have done some things differently. One thing is the clear plastic cowling. Nice to have I guess if you'd like to display the engine detail but I think it is going to be a bit brittle and difficult to paint. Might have to very gently key the glossy surface first. I do like the rubber tyres. It's always hard to get a really nice delineation between the metal of wheel rims Andre the rubber. Hopefully this approach with the tyres slipped on will look very precise!
  2. Hi All, I've just complete this build for the Interceptor GB hence also posting her in the RFI. Build thread below for anyone interested. Cheers Nigel
  3. So, it's been quite a while since I posted anything..........life and stuff gets in the way. But got some bench time in my shed over the past few weeks and managed to knock this out. No major issues with this, typical Tamiya fit, very little filler needed. Tried for a 'beaten' look as I have seen many others portrayed in this fashion............not sure how successful I have been, but looks "OK" to my eyes. Tried with a small piece of sponge, not brave enough to try the hairspray way (never tried it and was happy with my build and didn't want to mess it up with a poor attempt with hairspray as never tried before). Comments / critique / suggestions warmly welcomed as they will only help me to progress in this hobby. Enjoy:
  4. When MPC first released their 1/32nd scale Empire Strikes Back Snowspeeder I snapped it up and built it carefully following the painting instructions and box artwork. This was one of those models where I attempted some early corrections to known issues, added weathering and a somewhat ham-fisted attempt at modifying a 1/35 scale figure to replace the hideously deformed supplied crew. I was relatively pleased with this at the time and the completed model has followed me through marriage, children and 3 house moves with relatively little damage. Fast forward 30 years or so and, having built and painted the exquisite little BanDai 1/144th scale Snowspeeder and with a good few satisfyingly finished builds under my belt, I turned my attentions to this vintage and now less than satisfactory build. This picture also shows the general appearance of the model before I had made any real inroads other than cutting off the inaccurate little supports from under the laser cannons. the underside and the rear (note the drilled out pipes around the engines done using a jeweller's screwdriver as I didn't have fine drills back then) I also reshaped the inaccurate grill on the front just below the canopy Some parts required removal, cleanup and refitting as they were not fully located. Also note the canopy glazing is now masked. After a bit of seam cleanup a primer coat was applied, in this case Tamiya Fine Surface primer followed by my own mix of Tamiya Grey, White and a little Buff. Masked and painted some of the panels in different shades of the base colour and also tried my hand at using chipping fluid (same as hairspray technique) on the orange markings. Masked off some additional panels to receive a darker shade of the base grey Masking off and starting to chip over all with darker base colour Starting to add some clay washes (Flory Grime and Dark Dirt) Soot for blast damage and streaks using Tamiya Weathering Master er...soot And with a matt clear coat with canopy masks removed. I also made the harpoon and cable That was the outside done. Now to deal with the pilot (in this case I wanted him to look like Zev Senesca) and the cockpit. But that will be in the next post. Thanks for looking in Phil
  5. Eduard 1/32 "Weekend Edition" Messerschmitt BF109E-3 "Final Reveal" (8.17.15) Hello Chaps, So, she's finally completed and here are my "Final Reveal" photos of her. I hope you like?! If you've followed my build updates for this kit, you'll be aware of the fit issues that were present when trying to assemble the engine, bulkhead and firewall into the space provided, having to file around 2.0mm away on the width and length of the engine assembly and fuselage internal walls combined, along with filing down the length of the internal assembly and its location points within the fuselage to get it to fit. I also had to jack up the engine with spacers to ensure the exhausts stacks lined up with the apertures that they go through, as well as file the exhaust aperture to make them wider and longer due to the exhausts being larger and not going through. Regarding whether I think this is a VFM kit - "Value For Money" kit, the answer would be an unequivocal and resounding "No"! I base this on the cost of the kit compared to the newly tooled Revell Germany 1/32 BF109G-10 that I modelled. Although the Revell kit doesn't come with a Daimler-Benz DB601A engine, it does have nice cockpit and external details and goes together extremely well without the need for filler. The Eduard kit is 50% more expensive than the Revell Germany kit and one has to ask oneself..."Do I want to pay 50% more just to include an engine that is problematic to fit?". Also, if you chose not to display the engine with the Eduard kit, then I would say that you'd be wasting your money paying the extra for a kit that includes an engine, for it not to be used...you definitely should choose the Revell kit if you take that option and save yourself $12.00. The Revell Germany 1/32 BF109G-10 was $23.95 and the Eduard 1/32 BF109E-3 was $35.95. Regarding providing my scores for the overall quality of engineering, quality of molded product, quality of details included, quality of the instruction manual and the decals and packaging, I score as follows: Quality of Engineering Fits: 4/10 based on how badly engineered the internal assemblies were when fitting inside the fuselage halves. Filler was required in a few places. The worst gap was at the underside front end of the two fuselage halves. The gap was around 2.0mm, which led me to file down the sides of the oil cooler, the front exhaust stacks and the inside faces of the fuselage halves where they mated. Without destroying the exhaust stacks, there was still a gap of around 0.75mm that I filled. There were also gaps of about 1.0 to 1.5mm all around the rear area of the wing assembly where it joins the fuselage on the belly of the plane. I had to fill these areas, too. Quality of molded product: 9/10- the product is very nicely molded, parts are crisp and clean with just a few spots of flash. No warp was present on any of the parts and ejector pin witness marks were away from visual areas. I didn't have any sink marks to contend with and the canopy parts were nice and clear with minimal distortion when looking through. There are finely recessed panel lines and rivet details, although some of the rivet details are too fine for them to show when the plane is given a dirt wash during the finishing stage. A good rivet forming tool would cure that, should you have one and want to attempt improving them. Quality of details included: 8/10- The included engine, bulkhead and firewall have nice details that look good at the end of the build, but they require a lot of patience to get them to fit. The undercarriage is nicely detailed too and includes brake lines and treaded tyres. The cockpit is very nicely detailed and would be enhanced more with after-market seatbelts and foot pedals, but as always, I build "Out of Box" to establish a fair assessment of what you're getting for your money compared to similar kits. Quality of the instruction manual: 9/10- I thought it was very easy to follow, but, it would be nice if the painting instructions were in color. They are if you chose to buy the "Profi-Pak" version instead of this "Weekend Edition" version. Quality of Decals: 8/10- There is only one option for color and markings. The main decals are very good and go down well onto a gloss clear coat in combination with a good decal setting solution, adhering to recesses and surface features. However, some of the smaller stencils had a tendency to "Silver" which I hid with weathering and painting ove the silver areas. Quality of packaging: 9/10- the box is a two part base and lid construction with the base being very sturdy cardboard. I prefer the base and lid style rather than the open end version provided by Revell. Sprues are packaged in clear polythene bags. Further notes: I wouldn't recommend this kit to a beginner because of the fit issues, it's definitely a kit for the more experienced modeler who has patience to overcome the fit issues. Did I enjoy the build?- I did up until the fit issues arose, then it was a "Debbie downer" until those were overcome. Then after that, the rest of the build was smooth sailing. Would I buy this kit again? NO! I'd hope that Revell Germany would Introduce the engine details into their kits for an extra $5.00 which I'd pay willingly, as long as there were no issues. Or, I'd recommend the Trumpeter 1/32 BF109E models that come complete with engine details, a fret of PE and rubber tyres. If you'd like to see my "Final Reveal" video for this update, here is the link to that: https://youtu.be/ej54LH-n8iY Thanks for following along with this build and for your comments, much appreciated! Time to get back onto the Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk.II when the replacements for the missing and damaged parts arrive next week! Happy modeling and have fun! Cheers Martin
  6. Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt BF109G-10 "Erla" "Final Reveal" There are two options available with this model and I chose to do the version as flown by Ace of Aces Luftwaffe Pilot Erich "Bubi" Hartmann who was credited with the highest number of aerial victories ever recorded- 352! This is another great newly tooled 1/32 scale kit from Revell of Germany (GmbH); very nice crisp clean moldings with great details including recessed panel lines, rivets, a great cockpit, undercarriage, movable flaps, elevators, ailerons and rudder! The decals are cartograf and go down very nicely indeed. My only issues with this kit are: 1) For this size kit, I was expecting it to come with a detailed Daimler Benz DB605 engine, but it doesn't. That would have been another nice addition to this kit to be able to have the engine cowlings hinged open to show off the engine, which then allows further options for after-market maintenance men, or "black-men" as they were known due to wearing all black overalls, to be posed working on the engine. 2) The main undercarriage have a sloppy fit between the axle lugs and their locations within the wheel-wells. This could be improved with simple modification in the mold tooling to increase the geometry of the lugs so they are a nice slide fit/tighter fit within their location points. I had to super-glue mine in position one at a time and hold their position until the fast acting super-glue had set solid. Super-glue is highly recommended for ensuring that the main undercarriage is fixed solidly. 3) The assembly instructions have some incorrectly numbered parts ie the part numbers in the instructions do not match the part numbers on the sprues. 4) The kit has some alternative parts, such as three versions of rudder and two styles of vertical stabilizer, but, they're are no references indicating which one of the optional versions to use with the two different options of aircraft that can be modeled. So, again, this forces you to do research to find out from available images which versions look correct for the particular plane you build. 5) The painting instructions have color call-outs that are mixed around on the orthographic views; which could confuse a younger modeler that doesn't bother to research and check where the grey/green and grey violet camo colors go. ie, you could easily end up having the green camo airbrushed/painted where it should be grauviolet and vice-versa. 6) The two upper camo color call outs are for RLM 74 Graugrun and RLM 83 Lichtgrun over RLM 76 Lichtblau, In my opinion and following research, the RLM 83 Lichtgrau is incorrect and should be replaced with RLM 75 Grauviolet, which is what I did. 7) As with the part numbering and color call out references, some decals are incorrectly referenced, too. My conclusion is this kits instruction/assembly booklet missed the quality control checks during manufacture/production and hence the issues pointed out above. But, that said, I still believe it to be a great value for money kit that is engineered very well with some great details. I paid $22.50 for this kit and it is available on line from Hobbylinc.com and Scalehobbyist.com for $23.95, that's about 16.00 quid for our British friends. Anyway, with that out of the way, let's move onto the "Final Reveal" photos, and forgive me, there are 37 of them?!! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed this build! Well, there she is! My conclusion to this build is that this is a great value for money kit that is well engineered, goes together great and offers some great details and options. I paid $22.50 for this kit, and it is available from Hobbylinc.com and Scalehobbyist.com for $23.95; that's about 16.00 quid for our British friends. If you've been thinking about buying/building this kit, you won't be disappointed, I really enjoyed building her. I'd give this kit 4.5 stars out of 5 or 9 out of 10, based on my points mentioned above. Thanks to everyone that has followed this build both on here and on my YouTube channel, and, for leaving encouraging comments, greatly appreciated! In the meantime, if you'd like to watch my "YouTube "Final Reveal" video for this build, then here is the link to that: https://youtu.be/_q-AcPsBLTU If you didn't catch my "Build Update" thread on here, for this build, here is the link to that thread, too: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234984450-revell-132-messerschmitt-bf109g-10-erla-as-flown-by-erich-bubi-hartmann-build-update-4/ Until the next build, happy modeling and have fun! Cheers! Martin
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