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  1. Started this kit back in February and all was going great until I had to paint the window rubbers and start the decals. I made a right mare off it and decided to soak the body in Dettol to remove the paint and decals, this worked great and then I dropped it, breaking the pillars, so I packed the chassis up which was completed and left it for a few months. So last month I purchased the kit again, as well as a Fine Tip Sharpie and some fine paint brushes and started again, this time all went well. There are a couple of things Im not happy with but I enjoyed it in the end, and the decals were not as bad as I expected.
  2. Another kit I have had for ages and only got the confidence to build it a few months ago, this was an absolute pleasure to build and I tried a few PE parts for the first time. Again just used a rattle can from Halfords and then polished it up, really pleased with the outcome.
  3. Ive had this kit for years and decided it was time to give it a go. The panels were quite badly warped, so that was challenging, in fact you can see where the front wheel doesnt quite touch the floor because of the warping. Apart from that I really enjoyed this build, and the Halfords paint that I used on the Renault 5 was put to good use on this...hope you enjoy.
  4. Just nearly finished VW Samba in the same blue as this Renault, then got a few to choose from. Brought a Motorbike kit from Tamiya as I have never built one before, also brought a BMW M3 from Beemax, then ive got a 1/16 Porsche 356 Cabriolet so a couple to choose from
  5. Many thanks. I then use the Halfords Clear Lacquer. But have found it burns through decals so lay the decals on top of the clear coat.
  6. Hi Andy, I used Halfords Grey Primer and then Halfords Ford Matisse Blue
  7. Just finished this kit, and really pleased with the outcome. No real issues with it, apart from the bonnet fit which was terrible.
  8. Hi, thankyou. I used Halfords Grey Primer, then Halfords Toyota White straight out of a rattle can, and I then used the Halfords Clear Lacquer. Then I put the decals on with no issues. But you cant use the clear lacquer over the decals as it eats through them.
  9. Here is my latest classic rally car build. Im really enjoying building these classics and this was a pretty good kit. The build went well apart from the chassis did not want to fit to the body, but after a bit of fettling I got there, the decals were a bit daunting but went down really well.
  10. This was a pretty straightforward build, the only issue I had was the rear wheels were at an angle. I will remove them and fix when I get a minute, other than that this is a nice build that I really enjoyed.
  11. Another of my favourite rally cars, but this kit was a pain from start to finish. Loads of flash, hardly anything fitted correctly and the decals must have been from a bad batch, I had to order replacements from Italeri in the end which went on ok. I am happy with it, but it is far from perfect.
  12. I always loved these as a rally car, so had to have a go at the kit. It was an enjoyable kit to make that was pretty straightforward, and turned out not perfect but pretty good.
  13. So I have had this kit for quite a few years now, and after getting a few kits under my belt I thought I would make a start. I ordered a Photo Etch kit, and just used a few pieces from it as I am new to photo etch parts. Paint wise I used a Ford Automotive Purple straight out of a rattle can.
  14. Finally got this finished and must admit I really enjoyed every part of this build, and it was the first time I have ever built a 1/12 kit. Used Mercedes Automotive paint straight out a rattle can for the body, then brush painted everything else.
  15. So I have done a fair bit on this kit lately, it really is a great kit. Have sprayed the body with a metallic Mercedes paint straight out of a rattle can.
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