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  1. So I have had this kit for quite a few years now, and after getting a few kits under my belt I thought I would make a start. I ordered a Photo Etch kit, and just used a few pieces from it as I am new to photo etch parts. Paint wise I used a Ford Automotive Purple straight out of a rattle can.
  2. Finally got this finished and must admit I really enjoyed every part of this build, and it was the first time I have ever built a 1/12 kit. Used Mercedes Automotive paint straight out a rattle can for the body, then brush painted everything else.
  3. So I have done a fair bit on this kit lately, it really is a great kit. Have sprayed the body with a metallic Mercedes paint straight out of a rattle can.
  4. So I have been building an Italeri Escort RS1800 Rally Car, and the whole model has been a bad experience. Loads of flash, nothing fits and the decals just fall rip really easily. One of the major decals on the side has ripped in about 4 pieces, and I was wondering if there was anywhere that sells replacement decal sheets? If not I will just buy the model again and make a modified Mk2 Escort.
  5. Here is my latest build, and a first for me as I have never built a 1/12 scale model before. Must admit apart from the lack of detail, I am really enjoying this build. Decided I didnt like the chrome wheels So de-chromed them and sprayed in satin black
  6. andyh

    Stripping paint

    So I have not done a very good job of the black window trims on my Castrol Celica build and then a couple of the decals have torn, so I am going to strip the body of paint and start the body again. It has been painted using automotive paint out of a rattle can and I would like your suggestions of how to strip it back without damaging the plastic. Thanks in advance Andy
  7. Hi Gary, Many thanks. I just used Tamiya acrylics, and mixed 2 colours as suggested in the instructions.
  8. So after an 11 year break, this was my first model that I had a go at and luckily it got me back into modelling, but I made so many mistakes whilst making it. My biggest problem is rushing near the end of completion and not letting things dry, but I have learned my lesson and on my last model which was the Pirelli Golf it turned out really well. I was really pleased with the paintwork on this, but I reckon by the time I had finished its had 2 full rattle cans on it, but it had a lovely shine once I polished it up, and the decals sat pretty nicely on it. So this is not perfect by a long way, but it made me fool in love with a hobby that I had been doing on and off for over 40 years.
  9. So I thought I needed to challenge myself next and start something that had plenty of decals, so thought this Celica would be a good start: And so to one of the bits I wasnt looking forward to....spraying the body. I only use automotive rattle cans so picked up a tin of Toyota White, warmed it up and once I had primed the body I gave it a couple of coats, and must admit I am pretty pleased with the outcome. And now to the bit I am not looking forward tp, painting black around the windows etc...but I cant wait to start on the decals.
  10. So I have now finished the Golf and I must admit I am pretty pleased how it turned out, its not perfect but after an 11 year break it was a great little model to get stuck into.
  11. So here is my first post in the WIP Section, this is my 2nd model after an 11 year break and I must admit I am really enjoying the build. Primed with Automotive Primer from a Rattle Can: Then spray painted in a Mercedes Pearlescent Black from a rattle can: Engine all done: Underside all weathered, might have gone a bit overboard with the dry brushing: Decals all done on the seats:
  12. Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. I will predominately building model cars. I won't be at Shuttleworth, but I'm only in Northampton so not far from you, I will have to pop over and see you. I do fancy one of the H & S Airbrush as they do look good
  13. So as the title suggests I am looking for an airbrush and compressor, and I have a budget of £200. I've never used one before and have just stuck to rattle cans and paintbrushes. Any advice greatly appreciated
  14. Ive just got back into modelling, and while i decide if i want to go and but an airbrush, I use Halfords primer and Halfords spray cans. But I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a gloss coat that I can spray on.
  15. I'm Andy from Northampton, UK, just wanted to say hi. I have been modelling on and off for over 40 years now, and after an 11 year gap have decided to get back into it. I mainly make Cars but have been known to make the odd military vehicle.
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