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  1. Brought this kit on a bit of a whim, and because it was pretty cheap. It is a nice little build, but looks a little toy like I reckon. It is painted in Peugeot Sun Burst colour from a rattle can, and then gloss coated with a few coats of Klear. The doors are pretty fun to build, with what look like large paperclips, but they do the job.
  2. I've owned a few Ford Capri's over the years from 1.6 up to 2.8i and always found them great fun to drive, although you always needed a few bags of sand in the boot to keep them on the road , but I have always had a soft spot for them. So I spotted this kit on Ebay going cheap as the body was damaged, and I am really pleased with the outcome, the repair is far from perfect but I am happy with it. Although I might go back and try and repair the A pillar better. Last week I brought another Zakspeed Capri kit with different livery, so looking forward to building that, but the prices are getting silly now for these kits.
  3. Many thanks, and yes you are correct. It is a Halfords Paint, cant remember the name now but it went on lovely. I then just brush painted a couple of coats of Klear on
  4. So I brought this kit off Ebay and it was originally the Taisan GT2 version, but there were no decals, so thought I would convert into a street car. Typical great Tamiya quality and fun to build.
  5. Ive just finished the Ducati, my first Lego Technic build and must admit I am hooked. Really enjoyed the build, so relaxing and I love the engineering of the engines etc. Might get the Porsche 911 GT3 next or Doms Challenger from Fast & Furious.
  6. So here is my finished build of the Tamiya Ducati 888, its only my 3rd bike build and a real great kit. Its the first time I had airbrushed the Tamiya Lacquer Paint, and it really does spray well, thinned 50/50 with there thinner/retarder. A real fun build, and got me keen to build another bike.
  7. So here is my version of the Ford Mustang GT4 from Tamiya. Im not a big fan of the OOB schemes so seeing as I have 2 kits I thought I would have a bit of fun with this and turn it into a Track day/Street car. The colour is Tamiya Metallic Green, and then clearcoated with Klear. And the decals are a mix of the kit decals and spares I had. This is a really fun build, with no issues at all and I hope you like it.
  8. I had the same problem with some rattle cans from Halfords, a few weeks back. Never had a problem with them before, I have put it down to the heat, as I sprayed the same paint last week when it was cooler and there was no issues.
  9. This was my 2nd bike build, and must admit I have been well and truly bitten by the bike building bug, building cars is still my favourite, but I do love all the intricate details on the bikes, and strangely enough I enjoy all the pipework. As always being a Tamiya kit, it goes together really well with no issues, it has been painted with a mixture of Halfords Automotive rattle cans, vallejo and tamiya acrylic paints. Hope you enjoy.
  10. Thankyou. I didnt airbrush the Pledge on, just brush painted it on, let it dry overnight then gave it another coat
  11. I am really glad this build is all over, had quite a lot of issues. Hardly anything fitted as it should, then half way through the build I discovered that the clear parts were not packed in the box, so had to wait 3 weeks for Revell to send them out. The body has been painted with a rattle can from Halfords, then 2 gloss coats using Pledge. It hasn't come out too bad despite the issues
  12. Been wanting to build one of these for some time now, and must admit it was a real joy to build. It all went together well, I was worried about the decals going on but all was good.
  13. So this was my first ever bike build, and must admit I was really looking forward to it. But things didnt start well, the paint I was using which was a Halfords Automotive rattle can, just didnt sit well and so I had to strip, sand and start again....I later discovered I hadnt shaken the can well enough. So I decided to pack the kit away, as I had a few other builds and come back to it later. And after a few weeks I picked the kit up again, and it just all fell together. I had a couple of issues with the decals, but nothing a bit of touch up paint would clear up. I ended up absolutely loving this build, and really pleased with the end result, so much so I have just brought another couple of bike builds. Anyway I hope you enjoy.
  14. Started this kit back in February and all was going great until I had to paint the window rubbers and start the decals. I made a right mare off it and decided to soak the body in Dettol to remove the paint and decals, this worked great and then I dropped it, breaking the pillars, so I packed the chassis up which was completed and left it for a few months. So last month I purchased the kit again, as well as a Fine Tip Sharpie and some fine paint brushes and started again, this time all went well. There are a couple of things Im not happy with but I enjoyed it in the end, and the decals were not as bad as I expected.
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