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  1. Impressive array of scribing tools there!! Where did you get your templates from?
  2. The Vacuuformed canopy is now cut and fitted. It took some attempts to get it right. I probably have 10 discarded ones for the two I managed to get right. And here, filled and masked. I have since increased the with of the window posts. Espen
  3. It really is an epic story! I read the book about him after reading Ulrich Steinhilpers two books about his war career. He nearly managed to get away as well!! Espen
  4. I love the story of mr. Werra!! Great to see his airplane. Nice build! Espen
  5. Hi all I know it's a bit of self harm going on building this kit. But like I said its the only game in town and with the strong interest with the family connection I had no choice but to take it on as soon as I thought I could do it.. The markings won't be that difficult as there wasn't that much markings on them. I have roundels and can quite easily make the rest. For the cheatline on the white one I might be getting some help. We will see. Espen
  6. But that is :144 scale isn't it? Too small for my use.. how do I get the pictures to display? Found it! Espen
  7. Next in the series "my father flew" I am attempting to make sense of the Mach2 falcon 20. (For the previous article in the series see:http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928085-monogram-172-hu-16basw-albatross-rvhp-conversion/?hl=albatross ) To compound my misery I am building two. Why? Because I promised and this kit is the only one available of the falcon 20. One will be built as the EW variant and the other in the white livery of the Royal Norwegian Flight. http://i1279.photobucket.com/albums/y529/espus/scan0001_zps213e2b40.jpg If you were interested enough to open this thread from seeing the title, you probably already know the inadequacies of this kit so I shall not elaborate on them. Suffice to say I shall do battle with all of them. This build has been on the bench for a while so some of this is old work. Episode 1: I began with finding a procedure to correct the misalignment of the two fuselage halves, primarily the wing attachment. The fuselage was cut as seen on the photo and re-mounted the fuselage in a jig I made to make sure the wing attachment was straight. Then came filling and sanding down the cut and the gap that appeared from the correction. Second issue was the transparencies which are useless in their supplied form. Also the windshield slot in the fuselage is not level. I cut out the ceiling from the fuselage and made a master for vacuuforming a new one. The fuselage was sanded down a little to make it level. Result as shown.
  8. Beautiful as always Arthur!! I think your finishes are museum worthy. I love the Ford. If Apple build fighters it'd look like that!! iFighter!! Espen
  9. I Would not be put off by all the ney-sayers.. The base model is good enough once you have sanded the rivets down. Just a new transparency will do wonders! (Check your PM for that) The Aires engines I used fit like a glove, and really makes it stand out! It's really a classic case of NOT getting carried away with it too much. I did unfortunately, and it took me two years on and off to finish.. The RVHP parts are great! Fits like a glove. Espen
  10. Hi All! I am struggeling to get a nice finish on a vacuuformed canopy I have made. I have dipped it in Klear but end up with lots of dust particles and sagging finish. The canopy looks clear of dust when I put it in a box to dry but it comes out with loads of minute spots. Would it be worth to get a new bottle of Pledge and try that? I beleive it is the same. My bottle of Klear is 10 years old now.. Is it worth mixing it with acrylic thinner? Thanks for all help. Espen
  11. Fantastic as usual Artur! I learned about salt staining from you, so thank you for that!! Always a treat to see your models! You must be doing nothing else!!!! Espen
  12. Great work! I am following this with great interest! I have an affinity for ASW airplanes for some reason.. And the atlantique is no exception. Very skilled workmanship here! Espen
  13. Hi All!</p> I have just emailed you Richard..</p> I built one of these and finished it last year.</p> http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928085-monogram-172-hu-16basw-albatross-rvhp-conversion/?hl=albatross">http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234928085-monogram-172-hu-16basw-albatross-rvhp-conversion/?hl=albatross</a></p> It was not easy, and all the things mentioned above plus alot more needed correcting before I was happy..</p> I have a list of 5 pages detailing what needs correcting..</p> Suffice to say it is alot of work. Trumpeters will be a -16A. So that will be even harder to correct!</p> From my learning-by-doing list:</p> >-Wing camber is much too thick. Lower half needs to be flattened outside of the engines.</p> >-wingspan needs to be extended by 4mm, and rounded of a little to fit the antennaes the /ASW had in the wingtips</p> >-rivets and grooves needs to be filled/sanded. some light rescribing will look good.</p> >-the hull-step needs to be moved forward to just behind the wheel well.</p> >-The wing wheel-wells are twice as wide as they should be. Also needs decorating somewhat</p> >-The main gear leg and wheels needs to be replaced/scratchbuilt</p> >-Nosewheel needs to be replaced</p> >-Engines needs replacing. Vacuform new cowlings</p> >-Main transparency needs replacing. Also cabin windows is worth replacing as they dont really fit.</p> > </p> >This is list is not complete by a long way, but it is an indication of the work ahead.</p> Espen</p>
  14. Thank you for that! I need a couple of a5 sized sheets. Any good links to suppliers?? I tried to google it but not much luck. It needs to be reasonably thin for a canopy.. Modelzone used to sell a4 sheets that were great but I think they've stopped selling them.. Espen
  15. Hi all! I just bought Slaters clear plastic sheet from hannants to vacuform a canopy. That did not work out.. I use a home made vacu unit and heat the plastic myself. Does anyone know which CLEAR plastic sheet will work with this? Espen
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