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  1. The kit is beautifully executed. There were no difficulties in the assembly. I just added glue to the plastic)) WIP here https://www.greenmats.club/forums/topic/7474-a2d-skyshark-148-clear-prop-обзор-и-тестовая-сборка/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-101677
  2. Sandpaper 500, 1000, 1500 with water and sand after primer before base color
  3. I used paints Gunza Mr. Color number 8, 28 and their combinations
  4. I used a regular scriber Tamiya and firstly sanded the outside panel lines
  5. thought, but there are routine problems ... I am ready to donate my models to museums if they take care of transportation
  6. WIP here https://www.greenmats.club/forums/topic/320-convair-b-58-hustler-148-monogram/
  7. Hello colleagues! My new model is in the 48th scale.
  8. Thanks for your feedback! I plan to finish the project next year.
  9. Yes, there were a lot of problems! The kit is very difficult to assemble. WIP here https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/84739-at-33a-t-bird-132-special-hobby/
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