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  1. Great job! I also built this plane and I want to repeat it on the 32nd scale.
  2. The company ResKit released wheels for the Atlantic. Soon there will be continued construction. https://reskit.com.ua/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=515&search=Atlantic
  3. Thank you all for the feedback! Still there will be a small addition in the form of the jet engine WP-6
  4. Windshield - is this is a standard practice for two-seater fighter aircraft with separate tail glass parts of cockpit. This is done to protect the rear pilot, in case the first is forced to catapult.
  5. Soviet fighter, the Chinese production, the Pakistani Air Force. WIP here: http://forum.largesc...showtopic=70664
  6. Of the proposed 8 options of this kit, you can real to assemble only one or two. ((( The first two options did not have guns! In the set there are not the root of the wing typical for early F-5E. And also is absent fin fillet for the "Mexican" The devil is always hiding in the details!
  7. I really liked your work and I always watched the construction of this aircraft with pleasure. I'm glad that the model was a success! I hope that soon I will see your new masterpieces. Sincerely, Igor I always (when working with kit) called this Bird - The Big White Heron. )))
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