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  1. thx all @Badder - heheheh thats not hair, my hair is still dark brown and I'm not to old to have grey hair - jokeing... thats from drybrush just steel paint
  2. nice work ... good job Did model survive after cat visit it? LOL
  3. One of the most beautifull aircraft in the world I like Harriers, one of iconic planes ever... Kit is OK, fit generally without any problems. Pilot is from some cartoon (cheap one) Decals - DISASTER - happen first time that i must scrach them off from decal sheet (they want came off, even I left them for 10-15 minutes in the water. I must use blade to scratch them off) probably old box and decals go wrong. And another thing about them... So minimalistic, only 15-20 decals. No decals stripes for weapon, no docel for canopy, and generaly no decal at all for upper surfaces of the plane. BR Roman
  4. thx I'm not shure, I was drunk and the box was already in the garbage hehhehe, and probably miss hit of the keyboard thx for notice... it is F2
  5. thx guys @Bear - not in generaly... only revell instruction sheet is prittly lousy expecially when is painting part... than u must use net references... and second, decal on the left side of the car (rear one - little silver one) i think is chevy logo is upside down they didnt make mirror decals for right / left side... only one sided cheers Roman
  6. very nice build, I like civilian aircraft to see built, espevially like this two BR Roman
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