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  1. Yes I can well imagine and I think I heard it before. Would look nice on a scale model I think.
  2. Thanks David, Fairly intricate even in 32nd scale. I don't think I would bother in 1/72nd but it might be worth doing a simplified version in 1/48th as there are a lot of Airfix Lightnings out there in this scale especially with Airfix reissuing the kit and I would certainly buy one or two. Anyway thanks for your response.
  3. Did anyone produce one of these in any scale. I have a vague memory of one, was it Flightpath.
  4. Sorry Mike I have read this a few times but cannot find what you mixed to get your alochrome finish It really is a beautiful model.
  5. Sometimes you just have to post and this is one of them. A truely stunning model.Paint job and weathering are off the scale It just looks real, pure and simple. Cheers John.
  6. I had the pleasure of seeing this model for real and she is a beauty. Nice work on the cockpit,the canopy is gleaming and the work with the airbrush is none too shabby. Very well done Gerry.
  7. Thanks so much guys for the very kind comments on this model, I really do appreciate it. Cheers John.
  8. Thanks Philip, yes it is a bit of a beast and not for the faint hearted. the green started off as RAF Interior grey/green.I bought every green in that range and just played with it until I got the colour I had in my head. Cheers John.
  9. Hi Patric, this aircraft was delivered to the Air Corp in 1938 and went into service with No 1 Reconnaissance and Mediun Bombing Squadron It entered service in the marking of my model but in late 1938 this scheme was replaced by a disruptive scheme of dark green and dark earth,with matt black under surfaces It was unfortunately written-off in a crash at Rineanna aerodrome on June 1st 1945. She was an early MK 1 The light green was,I am told,called Bredon green which I eyeballed and the . rest silver dope Not sure exactly what you were looking for but get back to me on it ,if you want. Cheers John.
  10. Here is one I built a few years ago. Thanks for looking.
  11. Just a stunning model Peter, Love the paintjob,love the attention to detail love the time and patience you took with the masking love you're F-16B.
  12. Thanks Col, The extras include Ultracast seat and wheels Spitfire Mk 22 vac canopy altered to fit windscreen of the Seafire prop blades thinned down Thanks Martin, Glad you are not sick of looking at that scheme. Thanks Tango, Glad you like the finish, It was done with Tamiya paints thinned with Isoprop Sky with light grey added and a mixture of dark and medium grey Thanks also for their kind comments to Andy,Phildagreek and Jimbuna. Cheers John.
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