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  1. Here are some smudgy WiP photos of one of my current projects. It is the Bavarian Jager bust from Heroes and Villians bust. There is still lots to do, such as finishing the face and painting the eyes. I am currently working the webbing and trying to get a bit of a worn look on the black leather. Ross
  2. After a couple of weeks away from the bench, I have made a little more progress on the Whippet. Primarily I have glued the fighting compartment to the primary hull and built up the front fuel tank. The fuel tank is a distinctive feature of the Whippet, and I think it adds character to the tank. Like the fighting compartment, it is made up of pieces that need to be bent to the right shape to fit. This is where I think there is a critical issue with this kit. By supplying these parts flat, MENG has tried to reduce the chance of breakages, which is no doubt a good thing. However, it i
  3. Just a quick update today. I finished building the front of the fighting compartment last night and attached it to the other section of the compartment. Overall, this fit is good, but you will need to be careful when attached this sub-assembly to the rest of the compartment. I tacked it together and worked my way around, but it is still not perfect. As you can see in one of the photos, some small gaps will need a wipe of filler – something else to buy. I also did a dry fit of attaching the fighting compartment to the hull, and this will be a bit of tight fit so again will need me to tack it be
  4. Thanks, Mike. It is good to be back and doing some modelling. Ross
  5. Thanks, Kris. I have heard some interesting stories of the old Emhar kits. It is good that First World War subjects are receiving some good kits. Ross
  6. Thanks. That was me playing with HDR effects with my editing software. It came out quite nicely. Ross
  7. As well as modelling, I also enjoy doing a bit of photography. This link will take you to some shots that I took at the recent TAVAS Great War Flying Display at Caboolture airfield here in Queensland. Unfortunately, my DSLR is out of action at the moment, so I was using my wife's bridge camera hence why there are no in-flight pictures. Ross
  8. Welcome aboard, James. It is a nice little kit and quite straightforward to build. Ross
  9. Thanks, Dennis! Dave, Yes, living in Redcliffe at the moment. Lovely part of the world. Thanks for the heads up about the swap meet but alas I will be flying down to Canberra for work on that day, which is a real shame. Ross
  10. Thanks, Dave. Yes, my other half is much the same, but since we moved over to Aus (she has actually come home), she has been supportive of me getting back started. My aim for this year is just to finish one model so at the moment I am focusing on the MENG Whippet tank. We shall see how it progresses! Ross
  11. Ok, so I have actually been a member since 2008; however, for a number of the usual reasons, including a move to Australia, I haven't done much modelling for a few years. However, I have decided that 2018 is going to be the year of modelling, so I have come back to Britmodeller, which I always felt was one of the best forums around. Ross
  12. Some more smudgy photos showing progress being made with the MENG Whippet tank. I have worked through building part of the fighting compartment of the tank. Specifically, I have worked on the rear and top of the compartment. In general, the fit of parts has been good. Not a Tamiya level of fit but very close. The fighting compartment is a fixed polygon, and the most interesting aspect of the build so far is that this section is built up from separate parts to avoid having shaped parts on the sprue. Indeed, you need to bend part A9 to form the central part of the rear compartment. This is a cle
  13. I should note that @Mike wrote a great review of this kit here on Britmodeller, which can be found here. Ross
  14. I have been away from the hobby for a while for the usual reasons of family etc. Also, in the time I have been away, I have moved to Australia, but I have recently picked up the MENG kit of the Whippet medium tank. Construction has started, and I will try and keep this thread up to date with my progress. You can also follow the build on my website. Ross
  15. Cheers Crossy. Hopefully as I get back into my stride their will be more updates! Ross
  16. Well, 2013 was a complete washout where modelling was concerned. I did not finish anything. However, new year, new job, and a new start. I intend to try to do a minimum of 20 minutes modelling a day. Hopefully, this will build up and I may actually finish something. To start with I need to finish off some old projects so I am returning to the Renault UE. I have now finally got round to painting. Primed and pre-shaded, the UE was given a coat of Vallejo ModelAir Russian Green. I have then done some basic colour modulation by adding some black for shadow areas and adding some Camo Light Green to
  17. Ok, after the success of the Christmas drinks for military historians, who is organizing Easter drinks? Dan Whittingham Lynsey Shaw Simon Justice? Step up to the plate!

  18. Dear All,Please stop posting stupid messages concerning owning copyright over your images etc in order to stop Facebook using them. You own that anyway. You signed a use agreement when you signed up to Facebook that states exactly that. Facebook do not have the right to use your content for commercial purpose and no stupid message that is rapidly buried in your timeline is going to affect it anyway. So stop posting these messages!Oh, and by the way it is the Berne Convention not the Berne...

  19. Lovely finish Spence. The more I see this kit the more I know I need one in my life! Ross
  20. Hi Richard, I bought mine from El Greco Miniatures. You can find them here. Ross
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