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  1. Thought some of you may be interested to see my work in progress? Still working on/finalising the starboard side. Then the headache of getting the two sides and front to work on the top and back! Luckily I actually enjoy this sort of thing! Many more camo schemes coming for 2019. I'm in the initial planning stages of a purpose-built diorama that will be specifically built to fit in a bookshelf, so it is long and narrow. It will be 28cm x 84.5cm and have either 3 or 4 AT-ST's on it in animated poses shown in a fire and movement scene on a desert planet, possibly Tatooine? All of the Bandai 48th scale AT-ST's will be in a different desert camouflage scheme and will be in various states of weathering. It will be a lot of work but should look quite unique by the time I've finished. I've already been practising the groundwork, which I want to look quite "otherworldly". Anyway, more on that in a separate thread soon. Cheers Richard.
  2. Thanks for that. I may give it a go, or I may just have the wings swept and not worry about it? Not sure yet.
  3. For anybody interested in trying to work out a camouflage scheme for their AT-ST here's a basic layout that can be printed off or used in something like Photoshop to help decide on a pattern that can sometimes become quite complex and difficult to work out. It should print out to A3 size. (I hope) Cheers Richard.
  4. Yes actually, Vegemite would have worked perfectly for this sort of thing. I honestly never thought the decal would pull up as it did. I'm guessing it was mainly because the decal was so old the bonding agent must have weakened over time?
  5. Time to paint the coroguard paint on the leading edge................... Based on the only really good colour image I have been able to find of this Tomcat I decided to lighten FS. 36375 by 50% white to match the contrast seen in the photo. So I sprayed the colour, no problem, then began to take off the masking. Port fin went fine, then...................................... Oh! Luckily I have a lot of patience. I kept my cool and just accepted my fate. To be fair the decals are roughly 35 years old. I think what happened is that the decal hadn't adhered to the surface properly and pulling up the Tamiya tape was enough force to bring up the whole thing. Anyway, luckily I was able to find a replacement sheet on eBay. So once that arrives I can carefully sand down the surface, repaint, re-gloss, and try again.
  6. Well, I didn't get the Tomcat finished for the comp, too much left to do. But, the build goes on! Here's some progress of the subassemblies. I discovered the hard way that the decals, now quite old, would come apart once soaked in water. Luckily this only happened to the port side skull and bones decal. I was able to re-assemble it on the fin. After that it was time to apply some Micro Liquid Decal Film to the rest of the decals. Luckily this did the trick. Also did some oil paint rendering on the Pheonix pallet. Wings ready for further weathering. I have to figure out how to do the wing sweep oil and grime marks somehow. Any ideas? Here's the two drop tanks, one in Light Gull Grey, the other FS.36495. And the remaining Pheonix pallets. All of these still need some more oil paint rendering/weathering. Here's the underside of the main body. Intake trunking still not glued in place. A close-up of some of the oil paint rendering/weathering. Cheers Richard.
  7. Yes, as far as I know, both are basically the same thing.
  8. I have a dilemma! I can't use the rubber band tracks that come with the Trumpeter E-75 kit because they're rubbish. Master Club do three different metal track link sets for a King Tiger, listed here: https://www.bnamodelworld.com/parts-decals-for-1:35-scale-master-club-mtl-35097 https://www.bnamodelworld.com/parts-decals-for-1:35-scale-master-club-mtl-35093 https://www.bnamodelworld.com/parts-decals-for-1:35-scale-master-club-mtl-35094 Question is, which one, if any, would fit the Trumpeter E-75?? Regards Richard.
  9. Finally updated all the broken links, thanks to Photobucket! The model is off to competition this weekend. Because of that, I've decided not to bother about the additional sensors or crew, I'm calling this one done. Just have to finish the base. The base. The base/display case is Trumpeter item no. 09807 which fits the AT-ST perfectly. Even with the additional sensors, I have about 2mm to spare! I'll take some proper studio photos after the comp. Richard.
  10. OK, done. Finally restored all those missing images, thanks to Photobucket! Taking the model to a comp this weekend. I'll take some better shots of it after that.
  11. Updating all those Photobucket blocked photos atm. Will take me about an hour?
  12. The Vegemite just dissolves in warm water using a soft brush. Very simple and works perfectly.
  13. OK...............thanks to Tony's eagle eye I was able to get the FS 36495 onto the glove pylons with the help of Vegemite, of course! Fin tips done........... Panel line washes have begun too. I do mine slightly different to most people. I use drying retarder and Vallejo Model Wash in a combination of two to one. Once the panel line has been brushed with the mix any excess is wiped away with a brush moistened with water. No smelly chemicals and you have a bit of time to manipulate the mix before it dries. I also use this technique to simulate the tattered sea salt look of USN/Marine subjects too. I'll demonstrate this later in the build. To do the red cap area of the drop tank I used Vallejo red ink and using capillary action filled the recess. Works perfectly! Removing the Vegemite from the fan nose revealed the white perfectly protected! YAY for Vegemite! I've got six days to get this Tomcat finished for the local model comp here in South Australia, over the weekend of the 13th and 14th October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Thanks, Evert. Yeah, Vegemite would definitely be one of those things that is an acquired taste.
  15. Thanks Tony! Hadn't spotted that one! Will get that done today.
  16. More Vegemite in action................... HUD painting. Here's a small detail that would have been missed if it weren't for those awesome photo finds! (the 36375 Light Ghost Gray on the beginning of the intake trunking. Next, we begin some of the more interesting stuff.................weathering! Richard.
  17. Swing wing mechanism put together. Its pretty straight forward. Lots of bits and pieces to get ready for painting! Richard.
  18. Vegemite removed with warm water and a soft brush. No issues, no problems, worked fine. Here's the intake trunking just sat in place, not glued. Richard.
  19. I decided to lighten the FS.36495 Light Gray a little more. Revised FS. 36495 - Version 2 A.MIG-209 FS. 36495 Light Gray - 10 drops A.MIG-047 Satin White - 6 drops Vallejo Matt Medium 70.540 - 5 drops. Now I'll let that dry for 24 hours. Richard.
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