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  1. Really nice 'brush work there Roger, I've never mastered the pre-shading so impressed that you have. Also nice work with the Vallejo, I'm still firing at the test spoons, getting better but a long way to go (H&S Evo CR Plus - 0.4 mm). PS. I still work there......
  2. Great start Ilius - those Eduard main wheel bays look so much better than the kit ones. Following this thread with interest, don't have this one in my stash but soon will....
  3. That's a fantastic looking Harrier Daryl, very impressive work. I love the lighter grey on upper side to give the contrast, and the lower fuselage staining just adds so much depth. Excellent spray work.
  4. Very nice looking Seafire, well done. Good job with the Montex masks as well, impressive. I have one of those in my stash, very tempting !
  5. Just spotted this thread and am now eagerly following. Love the progress so far Roger looking good, I'm a big fan of anything Bristol built or powered so this ticks both boxes. Those hedgehog exhausts look the business, gonna have to get some for my Beaus (Also got his Tam kit as well as Revell TF.X). Are you gonna use Vallejo for all the colours ? Cheers, Mark
  6. Thanks for the welcome folks. Just started my Airfix Hurricane Mk.1 Tropical build, although need to get my new Airbrush sorted and work commitments see me overseas until June. Will start a WIP thread when I get back. @perdu Had the first test firing of my new H&S Evolution CR+ (yep 0.4mm needle) a few days ago - not successful. I'm using Model Air + Vallejo thinner + Liquitex slow-dri, think paint too thick and clearly not sprayable straight from bottle as claimed by Vallejo. As you say need to experiment to understand what consistency will work best,
  7. Hello folks please allow me to introduce myself……………. I’m Mark from Bristol, UK and like so many other BMers am returning to modelling after many years in the wilderness (Marriage, Kids, houses etc). I’m merely a couple of years into my Fifties so kids have grown up, career matured nicely, financially comfortable and a few years before grandchildren arrive, a golden time to renew my interest. Obviously my first action was to get online and buy loads of new stuff (Lockdown still on so no LHS visits - mine is Antics in Brizzle). After an online frenzy, I now have a new H&
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