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  1. Nice one Chris. There's something special about a Lancia in Martini livery, I know what you mean about the fiddly photo-etch, but I do like the heft of the all metal R43 kits, you'll never run out of attractive paper weights. I've got an 037, an S4 and an Integrale in the stash, all in Martini colours to build, so many kits, so little time. Cheers - Rab.
  2. I'm confused, the title states "Porsche Problem" but I see no problem here, just a lovely collection of very nicely build cars. Cheers - Rab.
  3. It does help, thanks very much Trevor, time to start scouring eBay for vac-forming machine I think.
  4. Very nice Chris, love these old Jags, particularly the Group 44 one, the green and white livery reminds me of the TWR XJ-S which I loved as a kid, I remember asking my Uncle why his new XJ-S wasn't in the "proper" colours a question met with a withering stare and a shake of the head. Cheers - Rab.
  5. Very nice Trevor, a shame about the amount of additional work needed, but the end result is lovely. I need to get some Can-Am kits added to the stash, the Sunoco 917/30 would be top of the list I think. Any tips on vac-forming, i have a few kits with missing windows and I've no idea where to start with making replacement parts. Cheers - Rab.
  6. Cheers Chris, happy new year to you too, fingers crossed this one is bit more normal, that Hogmany was the quietest I'd experienced in my entire life, didn't even stay up for the bells. Love step 16 in particular "If it is desired to further decorate the model", nah, I'll just leave it unpainted thanks
  7. Very nice Chris, I do like a classic racing Jag. Love the instructions too "Easy to assemble" sure, all you need are chisels, files, welding gear, 4 types of glue and a mallet. Cheers - Rab.
  8. Lovely build Trevor. Love the modifications, it would never occur to me to wrap the tyres in plasticard, clever stuff. Cheers - Rab.
  9. Very nice, brings back memories, my Father's friend had one in black and every time we visited, I swear there was just a little more rust. Cheers - Rab.
  10. Very nice Chris, great results from such simple kits, the instruction sheet made me laugh, I still have a number of kits to build with sheets like that, still its better than some of the Starter/Provence kits which just had photos of the finished model in a "Here's one I made earlier" type arrangement. Cheers - Rab.
  11. That was my first thought too "He's been to the pencil museum in Keswick and nicked their massive pencil." Rab
  12. Ooft, that's stunning, beautiful detailing and a superb finish, I need one of these. Rab
  13. Very nice, I have the Piranha version of the same car, the tail lights on yours look much better. Cheers - Rab.
  14. Just an astonishing model, absolutely beautiful and building it from just a few photographs, only one of which is in colour is remarkable, and a wonderful story behind it too. When I was a very young child in the late 70's there were still 2 people using horse drawn carts in my home town, one a coal merchant, the other a rag and bone man who once gave me a balloon on a stick in exchange for some old pillow cases, so not just Queensland that was bit late to the motorised revolution. Cheers - Rab.
  15. Very nice Chris. Showing my age here, but when I see "Warsteiner" there's a voice in my head going "It's strength is its taste" Cheers - Rab.
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