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  1. But don't forget Lassie... The Revell kit will let me reconsider my available maximum space of storage. Kind regards Thomas
  2. Fantastic job, wow! I love the colour. Great!
  3. Marvellous! It looks very well.
  4. Phantastic paintwork, I love it!
  5. Hi Rene, phantastic job! I really admire your precise work and weathering. Kind regards Tom
  6. Superb job, Werner! That blasting gun job sounds quite interesting to me. I am going to get some more information on it. Greetings Thomas
  7. Looks great! Love that paint job.
  8. The exhaust pipes will be replaced by a metal solution, and I have drilled holes into the exhaust cover.
  9. Couldn't wait that long and started to put together some parts like engine and suspension. I removed the chrome, which will be replaced by ALCLAD colors, with an ordinary oven cleaner spray. The kit seems to be quite detailed, but some more details will be added. I started with the rivets on the body. Those were taken from laser cut accessories of my cardboard modeling. Tom
  10. After many builds of cardboard models I felt a real desire to walk downstairs into the cellar and open one those plastic kit boxes hidden in a corner shelf. Well, once opened my desire became strong enough, to start a build. I have chosen one of my favorite classic cars, a Jaguar XK SS, manufactured in scale 1/24 by Revell. Tom
  11. This one looks great as well as the base. Thomas
  12. Thanks to all for your really nice comments and likes. @ Steve: For the sea-scape I painted a sheet of transparent paper with different acrylic colours (blue, green, brown and a bit of white). The sheet was glued onto a piece of waste wood. The surface is an ordinary "sea foil", which I bought at a model train store. Fast and easy solution.
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