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  1. Scimitar

    Model kit box art

    When this appeared in the window of Mitchell's toy shop in Lossiemouth in 1967,the excitement was quickly replaced by disappointment as it cost 12/6 (about 65p today) This had a happy ending though as Mr Mitchell kept it for me until I had saved up for it. 6 weeks later it was mine.
  2. Scimitar

    Interesting article about Scimitar...

    Did the three parts look like any part of a Scimitar? My one is going to be turned into this or one of the later proposals
  3. Scimitar

    World Cup 2018

    Did you smile when you saw it though? Scottish football, ( and every other country on the planet's team) I know nothing about but so what..it's only banter. Is there any other team worth a mention?
  4. Scimitar

    How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    In the the early eighties after a nasty accident,I spent a fair amount of time in a rehabilitation centre in Harrogate. After a month I was fairly mobile so I used to disappear after lunch. Other residents noticed this and asked. where I went and I told them that I had an audio-aromatherapy session every afternoon. RAF Leeming..You can't beat the sound and smell of a Tornado F3 on full burner . Soon there was a full car every day.
  5. Scimitar

    Model kit box art

    On another thread there is a picture of an RAF Phantom with an improbable load out. This led to some discussion. I got to wondering how much influence the box art of old had on us as youngsters and to what extent it influenced our purchases. I remember buying this kit just because of the picture. I knew absolutely nothing about the aircraft. What are your thoughts/memories ?
  6. Scimitar

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    no raisin to complain
  7. Scimitar

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    and cherry flavoured nibble
  8. Scimitar

    Another Denial of Service Attack

    Was there an attack about 0100 today? I tried to access using Chrome and Edge but kept getting timed out. Seems OK so far now.
  9. A Matchbox kit in the stash perhaps? No rush on my part. It's starting to look the part now isn't it?
  10. Scimitar

    Cessna 150 - Revell 1/48

    Unfortunately,despite spending some considerable time up among the spiders,(my loft) I was unable to find the Frogfix 1/48 @CedB(early version) which I thought I had in the stash. Sorry but it looks like you'll need to go into the wanted section.
  11. Scimitar

    Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    and the Sparrows. Let's face it though,all box art of that period was a bit of a fantasy and it probably worked as how many of us as youngsters bought them despite probably knowing little about the actual aircraft? As @junglierating says,all good fun.
  12. Scimitar


    Why not? Bird strike diarama,Guy Gibson's dog, Wallace and Gromit..the list is endless.
  13. Scimitar

    Hello from Austria

    Hello and welcome Daniel. Thank you for posting the link to the website..some excellent stuff in there.
  14. Scimitar


    Hello and welcome bazer. Hope to see some of your sculptor expertise appearing in hints and tips.
  15. Scimitar

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    which Bonnie Barstow didn't