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  1. Scimitar

    Vote Grump!

    Must have been English police then. Never ever heard it used this side of the wall. Our description would have had wee ned or scrote with appropriate expletives Today's grump: Speeding cars in car park Sitting (for a long time) in the car park waiting for my neighbour to come out of the doctor's, my heart was in my mouth several times when speeding 4 x 4s came screeching into the parking places. Thankfully their brakes worked. Probably just chance but they were all women drivers. Same on leaving. Powering through to sit and wait to exit. Pointless. I watched one make a hash of getting in and out of the space. With the manic arm movements on the wheel she wouldn't need to go to the gym.The wheels were already on full lock yet she was still working away on the steering wheel. Thankfully few pedestrians about.
  2. Scimitar

    FOURtunes to be made

    record broadcast in all
  3. Scimitar


    Hello and welcome. Next thing you'll be addicted to is social media Britmodeller
  4. Somehow I managed to miss the SLR. Went from the .303 to a bigger and badder thing with a longer range and a Savage 14" pump action 12 bore for close in stuff. I can still feel the pain after firing about 30 'slugsters' on one training day. First issue SA80 anyone? PS. Actually did some plastic bashing today for the first time in months. See the effect you lot are having on me.
  5. Scimitar


    30 years ago I had a pair on trial from my local optician. Couldn't get used to them at all. Depth perception was terrible and I ended up walking like Ministry of silly walks from Python. Have had Bi-focals since and have no issues.
  6. Some good details of the 'P' in here: http://spotaero.blogspot.com/2013/06/lhistoire-du-mirage-iv-p-de-1978-1996.html and on all versions in here : https://www.aerosociety.com/news/the-development-and-history-of-the-mirage-iva/
  7. Scimitar

    Jaffa Cakes.

    That explains vegemite then. Any leakage from the marmite factory filters down through the water and rock and comes out in Australia where they then mine it as vegimite.
  8. I just compared them and yes they are identical in size. Slightly thicker plastic in the A&A kit.The radome piece is on the clear parts runner and is also identical. The kit IS NOT a straight copy of the Heller one. It has many differences such as the main undercarriage ,cockpit and engine jet pipes and nozzles and if treated like a short run kit will I'm sure make a fair representation of the big Mirage. I
  9. The 'P' means 'Penetration' (sorry I can't reproduce the acute accents over the ees) It has the ASMP thermo nuclear missile on a pylon under the belly like this. They can also be seen with various underwing ECM pods,otherwise externally it is like a late service A My schoolboy French is being put to the test in the only book I have on the IV. It seems that there isn't a Mirage IVR just an A with a recce fit. You must have been lucky with your kit. There isn't one piece in mine that doesn't need a good clean up..a file and sanding block,especially on the wings.
  10. Scimitar

    Jaffa Cakes.

    I think Marmite makes better axle grease
  11. Scimitar

    FOURtunes to be made

    is not 7of9 so
  12. Not in initial release..just the basic pod for the recce role and a blanking plate for the bomb recess.
  13. Scimitar

    Stories from the courts.

    That one's been around the block a few times and has probably been attributed to every court in the land but I still laugh at the thought of the 'interpreter' using 'Commando comic German' In Scottish courts in a solemn procedure case (ie Sheriff and Jury) it was customary for the accused to be seated between two police officers. I think we were as bored as the jury on many occasions. I often wondered how fair that was on the accused as any witness asked to identify the accused only had to look at the dock. Equally I wondered if a panel of,say three, judges would be better than a jury,especially with long and complicated cases. It was quite funny on occasions when a very posh QC was defending. One asked a wee ned to explain to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury how he came to be injured. In his best Airdrionian accent he said whilst pointing at the accused. "Ah wis chattin tae this burd and he came ower and ****** me ower the heid wi a Ba Bru boatle." QC looked totally lost until his assisting solicitor passed him a note..translation presumably. "So,he said, you were engaged in conversation with a young lady when the accused came over and hit you on the head with a glass bottle normally used to contain a carbonated soft drink" Neds turn to look confused. Ba Bru = Barr's Irn Bru soft drink.