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  1. Superb model and excellent photographs. Thank you for showing it.
  2. Scimitar

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    has amazing headlines because
  3. Scimitar

    Grump Britain.

    A young girl I worked with told the caller that although she hadn't had an accident,her dad had. Call centre 'What happened' Girl 'Me' Call Centre (penny hasn't dropped yet!) 'When did this accident happen' Girl '20 years ago' Phone hung up.
  4. Scimitar

    A-29 Super Tucano

    One of four passing through Prestwick on delivery.
  5. Scimitar

    Blackburn Palouste Airborne Air Start Pod

    See 1:25 in this film. It appears to be a demo at the School of Aircraft Handling but the dress would be correct for the carrier
  6. Scimitar


    Hello Nick and welcome. What's your interest ?
  7. Scimitar

    Blackburn Palouste Airborne Air Start Pod

    See 1:15 in here (Well worth watching the whole thing again though )
  8. Scimitar


    Hello and welcome to the forum. Sensible advice given above and my advice is that you look at it as number 1 in your stash
  9. Scimitar

    Grump Britain.

    I'm with you there Steve. When did it become normal to pay £2 plus for a cup of coffee or tea? I get confused looks when I ask for a black coffee with some cold milk in a separate jug. As for cappuccino...hot shaving foam anyone? https://www.bbc.com/food/programmes/b04jtnkv 'Chicken Chilli beer batter strips'
  10. Scimitar

    Grump Britain.

    Our milkman got his milk straight from the farm which is half a mile from my house. His small company got taken over by an industrial dairy and for a while the doorstep deliveries continued but with milk from who knows where. Within 6 months no doorstep deliveries. I now get diluted white acrylic (FS37722 ?) in a plastic bottle from the brainwashing thing that purports to be a shop. grump: why can't I drink black tea or coffee?
  11. Scimitar

    Nearly clear!!!!

    I'm happy to hear that Simon. All the best