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  1. Scimitar

    Grump Britain replacement

    That's the stuff dad was issued with. Didn't know it was still around. I had one or three in the seventies liberally dosed with black rum. It was supposed to get rid of cold symptoms,it didn't but was fun trying.
  2. Scimitar

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    no..just a bigger
  3. Scimitar

    Kit Collectors - Help is at Hand

    Don't ask me..I am that nut.
  4. Scimitar

    Kit Collectors - Help is at Hand

    Britmodellers' X Files becons This happens a lot to me but somebody in IT explained that the nut between the seat and the keyboard was at fault on most occasions. I blame the lack of steam in the boiler.
  5. Scimitar

    BN Defender/AEW Defender

    There was also this one: EDIT: that is ZG989 in its civvies and with the CASTOR radar. More photos in here : http://www.spyflight.co.uk/defender.htm
  6. Scimitar


    There was a thread on this aircraft some years ago. I've had a quick look for it with no luck. It was the 1/72 one I think but went into a fair amount of detail. On that note we really do need a new C-130 kit.
  7. Scimitar

    Grump Britain replacement

    They did at one point. My father was recovering from tuberculosis and he was issued with a tin of stout every day whilst he was in hospital and for a while after he was discharged. That was in the mid fifties so I don't know if such a thing is still done.
  8. Scimitar

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    such is the quality
  9. Scimitar

    Kit Collectors - Help is at Hand

    All joking aside,the problem with all of those new 'mental illnesses' arriving on the scene is that support services such as mental health teams are being swamped with the demand for service and cannot cope. The team I just retired from was set up to deal with severe and enduring mental illness such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. No increase in staff (and loss of staff with no replacement) and an enormous increase in referrals has led to some waiting lists being over two years. How on earth is that supposed to help anybody? Back to the jocular side..I am available as a consultant to assist you and can even arrange transportation of your stash.
  10. Scimitar

    Grump Britain replacement

    Now you tell me! Mine is now reassembled in the loft and just needs some fine tuning. Given the fact that I didn't get any of the practical side of my dad's engineering gene..watch this space. Grump of today..I've none. The workmen who were due at 1400 arrived at 1350 and had finished the job to our complete satisfaction by 1445. Given that this is Argyll..amazing!
  11. Scimitar

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    so a gerbil replaced
  12. Scimitar

    Grump Britain replacement

    We had the 'OFFS file' and the 'Little green filing cabinet'
  13. My wife recorded it and I watched it this morning. I enjoyed it because Arthur Williams came across as a genuine bloke with no airs and graces. His enthusiasm certainly showed. Good flying shots too. I've set Sunday's programme to record as he's up here!
  14. Scimitar

    Fourthright Fourbearance

    mini skirt and the
  15. Scimitar

    Grump Britain replacement

    Todays quiz: How many pieces are there in a dismantled spray booth?