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  1. Scimitar

    A chat entitled 'its deja vu all over again'

    Airfix Jetstream. Converion kit for T2 (Maintrack?) In stash for many a year then I took a notion.3/4 built when out pops an A Model one. No photos to show as it was scrapped and bits to a re-cyling centre operated by @alancmlaird Scrapped Airfix Heron,a vacform Dove fuselage carefully cut out and guess what..those awfully nice A Model guys again.
  2. Scimitar

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    or sago if you
  3. Scimitar

    Those other Wessex.

    A wee break from the 'Junglies' to show you one from @NAVY870's part of the world.
  4. Scimitar

    Those other Wessex.

    @bootneck's reply above beat me to it. Have a look at this link for more photos: https://www.fleetairarmoa.org/news/veteran-borneo-wessex-pilot-returns-for-nostalgic-culdrose-visit
  5. Scimitar

    Hello from Western New York

    Hello and welcome @Thor70 Plenty of help available in here. Enjoy the show!
  6. Scimitar

    The Physics of Santa.

    Why should that get in the way of a good story though? Another thing I have noticed is that everybody has completely ignored the tenth Reindeer...Olive. (You're now mentally singing the song aren't you )
  7. Undercarriage looks fine. Here's one Westland built earlier
  8. Scimitar

    Those other Wessex.

    On HMS Albion.
  9. Scimitar

    Sikorsky S55 in RN Markings

    Rare as hen's teeth that kit! I've sent you a PM regarding her operational service,your colour scheme is when she became a display exhibit from 1960. She even masqueraded as an SAR HAS 7 at one time compete with dayglo. She's been restored at Solway Aviation Museum,Carlisle as shown here:
  10. Scimitar

    All I want FOUR Christmas

    with Chewbacca on drums
  11. Scimitar

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    @Tzulscha is a Motley Individual Feeding Frenzy Executive Director. who'd have thought that eh? Do you get paid or is job satisfaction enough?
  12. Scimitar

    Those other Wessex.

    Typo for XP150? Can't get link to work. Airframe still survives at a fire training college in Moreton-on-marsh.
  13. Scimitar

    Flying a council house from the upstairs loo

    XR498 at Bessbrook Mill.
  14. Scimitar

    Those other Wessex.

    Early 'Junglie' colour scheme.