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  1. Neither had I until I realised the WC-121s visit wasn't at the same time as the Karel Doorman was in the Moray Firth. I've edited my post accordingly.
  2. I cannot think of an operation British aircraft which didn't visit Lossie. Equally so I think the Austrians and Swiss were the only countries with an air arm this side of the curtain which didn't visit. Rarest visitor in my opinion was a Mirage IVA which diverted in with an engine failure. That generated loads of French stuff for a few weeks. The shame is that none of us 'spotters' could afford a camera back then.
  3. I've seen this film on other forums but still never tire of seeing it. I was 12 when the film opens and spent nearly all of my free time on the pillbox at the 23 end so remember the many visitors. The Trackers and Seabats were detatched from the Karel Doorman. Note the 'Hurricane Hunter's' WC-121N in the shot with the Trackers coming down from the 05 end The Hunter GA11 with the prsctice bomb carriers on the belly was not seen very often My cousin was the nav on the B(i)8 Canberra and nightstopped from Germany. The noise from the Belgian F-104s was wonderful!
  4. SAFA can help too https://www.ssafa.org.uk/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwj7v0BRDOARIsAGh37ipQTmkeQ5f2hL2Knnh78suFPQyUTl9adSMOVvEg8B2382rkN0mJcRgaAuO2EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. @jyguy has basically answered the question..they didn't have their own training aircraft. My friend joined them after leaving the RAF and had to pay for his own Commercial Pilot's Licence and Air Navigation Certificate whilst being paid a token retainer by BEA. PM sent with more detailed info.
  6. Yes. They were fitted with the door tank later in service. At the end of their service,apart from the external RWR pimples and chaff/(or flare ? ) dispenser to the rear of the radio bay,they looked just like the RAF ones.
  7. Note that the natural metal strip (marked 53 in John's drawings) was left as such and not painted yellow like the British ones.
  8. I completely forgot to say that the fuel dump pipe was moved from the position as per RN aircraft to under the port engine , just forward of the exhaust. Moved because of the rocket motor. There is a small hole on each rocket motor panel which I also forgot to mention. Interesting to note that photos of S50s on the production line show the in flight refuelling probe fitted. They did not have them when they were at Lossiemouth or on their delivery flight.
  9. Thanks..I didn't know that!
  10. Yes. A small batch of RAF S2Bs were built as such . They were fitted later. Somewhere in here there was a lovely build of one such machine. Brain dead tonight so can't remember the modeller but he gave good information along with the build. I'll leave you to do the search
  11. Yes with varying work needed depending on whether you're building an early,middle or late service one. Early ones didn't have vortex generators or the fairing between the intakes and fuselage. Spine aerials were different..simple fix there. Rocket motors fitted but their position can be easily scribed in as thy retracted and doors closed. 2 obvious strakes on early flat bomb door. Long range tanks were totally different from British ones. No in flight refuelling probes fitted when they were base at Lossiemouth. Mark 4 ejector seats with the single 'D' style face blind handle Not a difficult job to do any of them and if you have an original Airfix kit you could use its bomb door tank if building a later one.
  12. That's what I was trying to get but kept getting this http://www.avcollect.com/blackburnbuccaneer.html
  13. No apology required. Rather than bin it why don't you experiment on it? Try superglue to put the exhausts back in perhaps with a stronger plastic backing (fed in from the bomb bay?) Sound advice there. At least you noticed the difference in the exhausts. When I repainted my 40 odd year old build and added the new transfers,I didn't (emojis not working so imagine a sad face)
  14. I just looked at the photo again and its of an HR5 so my question of whether the colour change happened when they were converted is no longer relevant. I wonder if the change was notified to the factory and production blades then became all black with yellow tips? Cost saving perhaps? Mine are long gone! Have to disagree as I think it is lighter than DSG. Even allowing for the sunnier place :
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