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  1. Will a scan of the 1/72 conversion assist? Richard
  2. As you are doing this one as an H-19,let me start the process of subliminal suggestion for your next Whirlwind: HAS7 of SAR Flt HMS Fulmar circa 1966. The witch is optional.
  3. Hate to tell you this Bill but there now seems to be 51 shades as seen at Prestwick.: (Photo is copyright of 'Thunderbolt II' on Fighter Control)
  4. Not so! No 'glass' for the windows and the two pilots were just upper torsos which slotted into a strip. No seats or cockpit detail whatsoever. How we are spoiled now. Still need a new Whirlwind helicopter kit though.
  5. I learned in this thread just how much I didn't know about the Merlin. The Italeri starting point,sadly the only one I know of in 1/72, as Bill says is certainly no shake n bake. @pinky coffeeboat and @wellsprop have thankfully added their expertise. Flattened or round?
  6. Now why didn't I think of that. The Algerian one has a bigger area so I used plastic card
  7. I just noticed this external (stiffening ?) plate. Is it on both sides of the HMA2 ?
  8. Excuse my ignorance here. I get the new mount forward but did the actual piece of kit or pylon change (apart from box on top over gubbins) ?
  9. I didn't know there was a later type. I thought it was just the angle of the first photo. Perhaps I'm being a bit thick this morning,(I'll blame storm Gareth for a disturbed night). Here's your Tiger : Is she an HMA 1 there?
  10. In this first photo it looks like its not fitted. In this one it is Enlarging your one makes me conclude that it is an open ended box covering the wires and cables to prevent size 10 boots causing grief. No doubt Merlin expert will be along shortly to prove otherwise.
  11. I also only saw this happen once at Leuchars. Quite impressive. Alas time precludes me remembering what the job was and its outcome.
  12. Have you got them on the wrong way round? Try the left one ,shown,on the right? I think the longer part of the fairing is at the back.
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