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  1. Remembering... never easy. However, I seem to remember that he F-104A and C used the AIM 9, as did the F-100C and D. The latter made news when one of them accidentaly shot a B-52 in a training exercise in the States. Jennings is quite correct regarding the warhead difference between the AIM 9 and the AIM 4. Regarding the Geenie... Jack Broughton in one of his books states unequivocaly that the Genie was a very innefective weapon, frequently going off course and/or straight down.
  2. I did. I then placed an order! It arrived two days ago, and I've got the basic construction just about done. The thing is well engineered, and I have found only one minor problem regarding construction. The after hull halves are packed inside the forward hull haves, and this causes a slight bending inward of the sides, where the fore-aft join is to be made. I thought at first that this was going to be a large problem, but merely placing strong rubber bands around the after hull squeezed it enough to permit a very tight fit into the forward portion. The kit seems quite accurate, and very well engineered. The placement of the sail on the forward portion first then permits the after portion to be locked in using the pin on the upper after half. (You sort of have to see it...<grin>) Anyway, thus far I am pleased with the results. Oh, and, yes, it is BIG. Not unmanageable if you've managed to fine a place for a U Boat... but it does require planning. I have yet to place the periscopes and the other parts on the top of the sail, and the zincs and propeller need to be placed, but then it's just painting.
  3. Was this the same Ernie Christensen I saw landing with his wheels up in Cerar Rapids, IA in 1970? It was the slot man, and he landed with his gear up. Amazing sight. And didn't he retire as an admiral? Don H.
  4. I'm thinking of doing a model of a US nuclear boat, namely one of the Skipjacks (SSN-585). For painting, I looked up several of the class on the net, and got an amazing variety of paint schemes on the various models. Some are depicted with the lower hull in red, some in black, some in grey. The demarcation line was also variously portrayed. I suspect at least some were not accurate, but does anyone have any information about the colors of a real 585 boat? Any non-speculative refrence works? <grin> I have heard rumors regarding a 1/72nd Skipjack, and have found photos of a test shot. Any further news regarding the kit? I am doing this for a freind whose brother went down with Thresher, and I feel I should be as accurate as possible. Thank you in advance. Don Harstad
  5. Fantastic! That just about has to be it. I never knew they had double-decked elevators. That, in itself, is fascinating. Thank you! Don Harstad
  6. I think I'll have to go with radio equipment. I've only seen photos (two or three) and they were all taken at sea. It's cross bar is a good thirty feet above the deck (according to my myopic esitmates), but regardless seems much too high to serve as an arrester barrier. Thank you both. Don H.
  7. Pardon me if this has been discussed before. I have been wondering what the lattice-cantilever structure that is sometimes seen at the stern of IJN carriers might be. It is in the shape of an inverted, squared "U", or at least appears to be so. I've seen it in several photos, but since it appears to prohibit aircraft landing over the stern, it obviously isn't in all the photos of the same ship. Thank you. Don Harstad
  8. Don H.

    RAF Chinooks

    Do any of the RAF Chinooks have folding rotors for shipboard service? Actually, I'm also wondering about RAF Merlins having the same device. I've checked all my sources, and nothing definitive has turned up. Thank you. Don Harstad
  9. Thank you for the information. Much as I hate to admit it, I purchased them new. Wife asked me to clean out a closet, and there was a large box in there that I had forgotten about. Voila. I also see that I butchered Aurora. Apologies. You should, however, see what I normally do to borealis.
  10. Is the aforementioned kit a 737-100 or a 737-200? It's really basic, but I have two of them I'd like to build and I think they can be improved, at least to a point. Thank you. Don harstad
  11. My rarest is an Aurora F-90. We straightened things up a few years back, but I still know where it is! Don H
  12. Thank you one and all. The wseb site is great! Freightdog, your tanks and Bucc parts look very interesting. Don H.
  13. Just got the Airfix 72nd scale Buccaneer, and was wondering if the larger slipper tanks were ever carried by RAF or RN aircraft? Thanks, Don H
  14. It now sems possible that both countries will be jointly operating two carriers, and if that is so it seems reasonable that a fixed wing component could be mandatory. If that is the case, and since catapults are to be on these vessels, wouldn't it make sense that the Rafaiel M be used on both carriers? Along with the E-2 and Merlin, I would think. (And now to inserting the modeling component...) If so, who makes the best kit of the Rafaiel M in 72nd scale? Don H.
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