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  1. Can't believe I've missed this post since July??? "Not great"? Man, this landing gear redefines "great" It's just brilliant. What are you not happy about it??? And the tyres!!! They are simply amazing! Keep up the great work man, it's a seminar for me!
  2. I wonder where you people find all these fake oversized coins and other items to use for size comparison with your 1/32th models and make the rest of us think that they are 1/72th. This level of detail cannot possibly be in 1/72, that's insane, it makes me want to cry!!! (kidding obviously) But this is really brilliant modelling work mate, absolutely mind blowing!!! I wish I had half your skill and ability! Keep up the amazing work, I'm following your build now!
  3. Hello Harvy! Thank you for your feedback. I am afraid I read your answer a bit too late. The model is painted with decals applied which makes corrections slightly unlikely to happen. That's ok though, since I build two kinds of models: The ones I am satisfied with and really like, that end up in the display case, and those I build just for fun, which I either give away, take with me to work where I turn them into paper weight or I simply keep them home and decorate all sorts of shelves and other places, where they gather dust. This Su-25 will be of the latter type. I am glad I
  4. I am left totally speechless!!! What a brilliant model and what an incredible presentation!!! Del's skills are amazing!!! The engines are works of art!!! I'm following this one with great interest and anticipation!
  5. Oh gee, it's actually been two months and ten days since I posted the presentation of this kit. It may seem like I've totally forgotten the little frogfoot, but I didn't, I've been working on it and taking pictures, I just didn't post anything. But let's take things in the right order. @harvy5 Thank you for your kind offer. Your build of the 1/32nd Su-25 was my inspiration. I didn't know that KH armament is so wrong, but I trust your knowledge on the matter. They were however the only ones I have and their detail is much better than KP's, so I think I will use t
  6. Thanks again guys. Markus, your info is precious, just as Alex's has been in this post over here: The problem here is me, who doesn't remember what I read longer than what I need to solve my immediate issue. When I read your post I remembered Alex's reply as well, which I of course have thanked him for but I clearly didn't remember enough in order to know that the a/c i built was post-rev when the question was asked. Luckily for me, I have copied all your answers in a word document and will use them as reference in the future. I'm not stupid, I promise. I just ne
  7. Wow, thank you ALL so much for your amazing responses. I truly appreciate it and it makes me extremely glad that you like my model. Truly, truly appreciate it, thank you!!! @Pete in a shed Thanks Pete! I often find that my models are lacking "life" a bit, which is why I like to add an extra touch. The helmets give me the illusion that "something is about to happen there", you know. Tamiya includes decals for the USN helmets, but unfortunately none for the IRIAF version. It might as well be so that the Iranians didn't decorate their helmets, I have no idea. But I took the
  8. @bushande Good evening Alex. Once again, thanks a million for your info and your brilliant photos. It's my turn to apologise for not responding earlier. Holidays got in the way and when I came back, I needed to pay some extra attention to work, to catch up. But now I have everything under control, I think. And I'm back at the modelling bench as well. Your post reminded me that I still haven't posted this model at the RFI-section of the forum. I took some pictures tonight, so... here it is.
  9. This must have been the longest wait between the completion of a build and the photo shooting of the completed model. I beg for your forgiveness. Warning: I am horrible at taking pictures and my setup for photographing my models is totally primitive and using my mobile phone as a camera doesn't exactly make things better. But I tried a bit with photoshop, so the photos are somewhat presentable. Once again, I want to thank all the fellow modellers who helped me with their feedback during the build and especially Alex ( @bushande ) for the amazing material he shared with
  10. Brilliant mate, just brilliant. Your attention to detail is admirable. I've enjoyed all of your photos and posts in this thread!
  11. The Eduard reboxing addresses many of the KP-issues. I've downloaded the instructions from eduard and have seen that they offer many PE parts that replace the rougher plastic bits of the kit, adding plenty of fine detail. But I thought that Edward's kit was a bit too expensive for me at this particular moment, so I went for the cheaper KP instead. I might give Eduard a try next year. For the time being I've bought all the models and accessories that my budget justifies for 2020. I hope I'll be able to get some bench time tonight and prime the cockpit, so that I can show some progr
  12. Welcome back to the hobby and what a comeback you're making here!!! Your thoroughness is remarkable, I wish I had your patience and obviously the skill you have in your hands. You've done a brilliant job so far. P-47 is a favourite machine for me, so I'll be following this build if you don't mind.
  13. Thank you so much. It's a build that will challenge my patience. Not difficult or very demanding, but needs patience to get it right. And lower expectations, compared to what one has with a tamiya kit. I'm enjoying it so far, we'll see how it turns out in the end.
  14. Good evening. I am starting a new thread to present my latest build. It's a Su-25K in 1/48th from Kovozávody Prostějov. There is going to be a blog post about that very build on my blog, which means that most of the text and photos in this thread will be the same as in the blog. Any discussions, questions and answers will obviously only be available here, I will not copy them to the blog. Usually before I buy a kit, I look for reviews and builds online, to get an idea about what I should be expecting. This time, however, I wasn't able to find much informatio
  15. Wow, simply wow. I can't believe I didn't see this build sooner. Brilliant modelling and great presentation. Keep up the fantastic work that you do, I look forward to seeing it complete. Nasos
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