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  1. Hello everyone! Thanks @Antti_K for the very detailed illustration of the cockpit area of the Javelin. I am afraid I am done with the cockpit for this particular build. I still appreciate the offer though, I might decide to build another Javelin some day... probably when I move to a bigger apartment to have more display space, two Javelins are a bit too big, haha. Now back to my -unbearably slow- build: I've painted the underside, using Alclad semi-matt aluminium. Now I haven't seen a real aircraft, but from what I can tell by looking at pictures,
  2. Wow, @Antti_K, as always, you're a invaluable source of information and knowledge! I can't thank you enough for that. I live near Linköping, but not near enough for a ride there to just look at the plane. So I will try to recreate the colour you described with the available means to me, right now. It will most likely be the Alclad white aluminium with the addition of something, I don't know what yet. And probably a fine coat of glossy varnish in the end. But certainly not my otherwise favourite Airframe aluminium. Regarding the cockpit part, since I am building an a/c in Europ
  3. Good day lads. Could I please ask for your opinions/help regarding two small issues I have with my build? 1st: Right behind the pilot's seat, there's a raised construction with some instruments. It lies right under the stationary part of the canopy. I was hoping it would be hidden, but it's not, and it looks very empty behind the instruments. Is it really supposed to look like this? I haven't been able to find a photo of the real aircraft. It looks like @Antti_K has, in his brilliant build, has made some improvements there (seen in this post), but I can't really make out
  4. Niiiiiice! Your dad does a very clean and neat work building this model. It's a nice kit, I've also built it, before I decided to stop building machines with "controversial" symbols on them, to say the least. Italeri doesn't include any of those, by the way, which means that you need to buy a set, if you want to be accurate, but it can of course be a very pretty model without them as well. :) I'll be following this one, if I may. :)
  5. This plane has something very charming, which I however cannot exactly define. And your build is excellent! What a fantastic glossy finish you've achieved there! Absolutely brilliant! I wasn't aware of this "carpet bombing" technique, I need to google it a bit to see what it is about. Great work so far, I will follow your topic if it's ok. I look forward to seeing the rest of the build!
  6. Hello there! It's been more than a month since I opened this thread and yet, in my regular fashion, I haven't updated you on the build. But here I am today, doing just that! And I hope you consider it was worth waiting. First of all, I want to apologise to Antti, because I didn't (aka "couldn't") follow his impeccable detailing of the kit. It is beyond my skills. That being said, I think I've done my best. All the photos are clickable, I insert them like this to save space and help the page load faster. I started by improving the bang seats. Once again A
  7. @Antti_K Wow, man! That was a Christmas present!!! Your WIP is a "how to" actually. Fantastic information, awesomely presented!!! And your idea about the harnesses... what can I say, you're a talented artist my friend!!! I've started creating harnesses with tamiya tape and copper wire, but I kind of like yours better. I'll take a photo of the harnesses and the seats when I've done and then I'll decide which method I'll use. And then I will continue studying your build in detail. It's really brilliant!!! Thanks a lot man!
  8. Hi there Houston! Wow, what a response! Thank you so much! I had seen the resin set, but I've decided to try to build this one out of the box and improve the bang seats myself. I hope I won't destroy them. Haha! The diagram is dreamy, very detailed, absolutely brilliant. seatejectcolor.com doesn't contain any data, unfortunately. But your other links are absolutely priceless! I will study them in detail later tonight, as the Alclad primer is drying. Thank you, again!
  9. Good day all. Nice to be here again. I hope you're all well, as much as possible unaffected by the pandemic. It's the 22nd today, so I thought it would be appropriate to begin this thread with one of my favourite Christmas songs of all time: And now we can go on. The new kit that I am going to tackle here is Airfix's Javelin, in 1/48th. I've already started putting the pieces together and I am impressed by the quality of the kit and the overall fit, in conjunction with the price. I got it for less than 1/2 the price of Tamiya's Tomcat an
  10. I was about to begin building this model and decided to check at BM for some inspiration. And inspiration I found, indeed!!! You've done a brilliant work on this Javelin mate. I doubt I will be able to match your result but I'll try. And I'll have both your WIP and RFI as inspiration and reference!!! And thank you in advance for that.
  11. Greetings all! (I believe it's too early for "season's greetings", so I'm moving on). I've completed this model, without crushing it with a hammer! You don't know me in person, so you probably don't appreciate the greatness of this achievement. Haha! A few words before I post the photos: This one was EASILY the ABSOLUTELY. WORST. MODEL. I'VE EVER. BUILT!!! Hands down. Yeah, it's true, I'm lazy and I usually don't go for such models, but boy, what a challenge it was to not throw it against the wall!!! So, you can imagine that as soon as it could be consi
  12. Can't believe I've missed this post since July??? "Not great"? Man, this landing gear redefines "great" It's just brilliant. What are you not happy about it??? And the tyres!!! They are simply amazing! Keep up the great work man, it's a seminar for me!
  13. I wonder where you people find all these fake oversized coins and other items to use for size comparison with your 1/32th models and make the rest of us think that they are 1/72th. This level of detail cannot possibly be in 1/72, that's insane, it makes me want to cry!!! (kidding obviously) But this is really brilliant modelling work mate, absolutely mind blowing!!! I wish I had half your skill and ability! Keep up the amazing work, I'm following your build now!
  14. Hello Harvy! Thank you for your feedback. I am afraid I read your answer a bit too late. The model is painted with decals applied which makes corrections slightly unlikely to happen. That's ok though, since I build two kinds of models: The ones I am satisfied with and really like, that end up in the display case, and those I build just for fun, which I either give away, take with me to work where I turn them into paper weight or I simply keep them home and decorate all sorts of shelves and other places, where they gather dust. This Su-25 will be of the latter type. I am glad I
  15. I am left totally speechless!!! What a brilliant model and what an incredible presentation!!! Del's skills are amazing!!! The engines are works of art!!! I'm following this one with great interest and anticipation!
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