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  1. Heh, I knew someone would ask. I find that method messy and cumbersome. So I used Uschi Van De Rosten PE templates. No muss no fuss!
  2. Tam kit, Steel Beach conversion, Fightertown decals. No need for a full write up on this one.
  3. Eduard P-15D-5 Mustang Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 10 Eduard’s newer, more dynamic boxart rivals that of the top companies. The instruction sheet contains more color, though needs a little more proofreading. But each version getting its own color page for markings, and the chart designating which areas are bare metal and which are in an aluminum lacquer coating. The decals are Cartograph, and are exquisite as usual. Sprues: 9 While nice and crisp, some do have a little bit of flash, and some short shot issues. The gates and land of the parts are second to none however. Shape: 10 T
  4. Thanks all! Yeah I don’t wanna overdo the weathering as I knew they’re newer airframes, whether concerted or new build. But then my ref pics showed still some pretty good dirt. Thigh significantly less than the Whiskeys. Those were just filthy!
  5. DEF Model resin pilots, Flying Leatherneck decals.
  6. Not quite. At least for fit and ease of build, for sure. But those little details, Fujimi still has it.
  7. If you’re going to only build one or two kits, I suggest this year you go for the Tamiya Spitfire or F-14D. That’s about as enjoyable as you’re gonna get. Perhaps I’ll add the upcoming Tamiya P-38, which should also be a winner.
  8. I’ve never denied that I adapted that directly from Dougie Demuro.
  9. This was a holy grail kit of mine for many years, since it was the only game in town. I only knew of the type at all because I read a book about it.
  10. Airfix 1/24 F6F-5 Hellcat Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 10 My thoughts on the boxart has been recorded, and nothing changes here. For this kit, the instruction sheet isimpeccable, and in multicolor and 3D CAD exploded views. The wiring guide for the engine is also fantastic. The decals are Catrograph and no issues were encountered whatsoever. Top marks. Sprues: 9 The gates are much improved over the Spitfire, andcutting parts off didn’t include chunks of plastic this time. There was still a little flash here and there however. But the genius stroke, was keeping all the s
  11. It really only changes which top pieces you use. There’s one for unfolded, and two for folded. Check parts carefully.
  12. Absolutely no issues making half folded. Just study the build sequence. Airfix kept the sequences separate, so you can tell which is which.
  13. We were all fine, thanks! Just a lot of shaking. We’re 100 miles from the epicenter, so lower amplitude, longer wavelength. But it did interrupt my building of the Hellcat!
  14. Thanks all! I’m glad I got it done, almost didn’t. With earthquakes and things breaking up the workflow, I wasn’t sure I’d have it finished before I went on vacation. I’ll have a full write up soon. But for now, enjoy the pics!
  15. Yup! And since the instructions give you a wiring guide for the engine wires, I still consider it totally OOB
  16. Well, I held them on with Blu-tac for the pics. Otherwise, there’s no provision for keeping th panels on. That would have been nice, to have rare earth magnets holding them in like Tamiya does
  17. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk.XIV Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 10 When Airfix went to the red box, it was a revelation. One that signaled that they could indeed make attractive boxes that made you want to buy the kit. Adam Tooby’s fantastic modern artwork sealed the deal. Almost literally. The instruction sheet has set a new standard for 3D exploded views, and their color coding is a smart stroke. Also, the full color paint and decal guides have finally come to the state of the art. Airfix has also switched to the glossy type Cartograph decals which are colorful, on register, and lay down beauti
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