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  1. Thanks walrus! Weight estimates for dinosaurus changes all the time, but I believe the latest estimates for T. rex is between 7-8 tons. Despite having hollow bones(like birds) that's alot of mass to carry around. A strolling T. rex would have been an awesome sight! Update! Neckbones fixed, and the modified tail is attached.
  2. Hi Doug! I'm glad you like it! No, I haven't lengthened the tail yet. I've been wondering about how I'm going to make these vertebra. I think, I'll cut out vertebra shaped pieces from a plastic arc, and go from there, building them up with plastic taken from mold forms of other kits, or maybe I can make them out of wood? I'll probably go with the first option!
  3. Hi guys! I don't know if this is the right forum, but I guess the T. rex is more of a figure than an airplane or sci-fi? Well, I finally started to put this thing together. This resin skeleton is a re-cast of the long unavaliable Tamiya T. rex skeleton. The recast is a very roughly molded kit. I have never done so much cleaning before in my life. But, if you want to build a T. rex skeleton in 1/20 scale, this is your only option. What is left for me to do on this kit is to lengthen the tail by about 10 cm, for some reason it's 10 vertebra short. I also need to add som bones underneath the
  4. Yeah, the nozzle is a resin replacement. It's originally intended for the Italeri JAS39 Gripen 1/48 kit, but it was too small. Strangely enough it fits nicely on the Tigershark. It's yet to be painted. I also need to add antennas.
  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks Tigger! However, I need pics or info on the A version Rafale. This beauty! http://www.airliners.net/photo/France---Na...le-A/1268635/L/ http://www.airliners.net/photo/Dassault-Rafale-A/1055953/L/ Observe on this pic that only the middle left elevon i dropped.
  6. I'm working on the Heller 1:48 Rafale A. I've done some serious modifications to it. Well I had to considering the extremely errouneous shape of the forward fuselage and belly. I also want to add some life into it by dropping the elevons. Now, the elevons are divided into three sections. If they drop how do they drop? Does each one have a different angle? Or do they even drop at all? Most pics of the Rafale A parked(at airshows) shows the elevons in the "up" position. Can anyone help me with this one? //Robert
  7. Thanks guys! @Plutten No, it's not tinted, perhaps it the yellow light from the lamp? It's slightly polished though. Here's a pic taken outside. Giving a more realistic colour to the canopy(and the rest of the kit).
  8. Nice one! I have one of those, unbuilt somewhere. An old Monogram kit.
  9. Before the Gripen was chosen as Swedens main fighter jet, there were three other contenders. The F-16, the F/A-18 and the F-20. Of the these three the F-20 was the least favourable, the F-16 came second. I bought this model probably 15 years ago, and it's been sitting in a cupboard for at least 10 years. I took it out a few days ago and gave it quick job with the airbrush, added some decals and this was the result. Unfortunatelly, I haven't been able to locate the landing gear yet, but I'll find them eventually. Now I'm gonna dirty it up a bit. Hope you guys like it.
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