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  1. im getting same problem with humbrol acrylic matt paints..they are drying sort of satin not matt..its not just one pot..ive tried other pots and same is happening...ill have to get some matt varnish spray
  2. ive got the previous moulding to this ...the only change i can see is the cover of the command module is more detailed,
  3. and in classic revell form....they have kept up with their time honnoured actions of making kits with lots of errors in ie the ones in the film have 4 toes not 3 and the ones in the film ...the side panels are a dull yell not bright orange
  4. theres a model shop in bham , Ian Allan books and models , down by New St station..I asked a guy there if IA had thought about buying the MZ name..he said no..because IA would have to buy MZs debts too...i also go to Mike`s Models Brockwell Rd Kingstanding Birmingham ...thats out of the way a bit ,,but its a good shop...see their web site
  5. i said to the supervisor..didnt Smiths see this coming ...i could have told her months ago..that MZ would go bust soon... its badly promoted by WHSmiths...no mention of MZ on Smiths website...no mention of it on any of their FB pages/...its like MZ never existed
  6. the only good thing is that in the bham branch there is a buy one get one free on the revell stuff...but theres not much revell stuff left...so might get some revell paint before it all goes
  7. i said too the supervisor that the Falcon model was £60 but had recently gone up to £72...i told her that in reality it was only worth £20 or so....£72 for a model full of errors ..even more errors than the previous Revell Falcon , was MZ taking the piddle
  8. modelzone was bought by smiths last year...i spoke to a supervisor last week , she said Smiths bought the MZ name as an experiment..but Smiths say that they had to rely on their suppliers giving them virtually no stock...so of course it failed...the MZ in the Birmingham Union St branch of Smiths has been shrinking...There were badly photocopied signs that appeared mid jan saying as of end of jan , MZ ceases trading in Smiths...After the end of Jan , MZ was still there , but shrinking ....as of last week , MZ has virtually gone
  9. in WHSmiths / Modelzone in birmingham ...it was £60 but couple months ag it went up to £72...but modelzone has gone bust again...
  10. i saw them in a model shop last week...there was an x wing as well...but none of the scales matched...now theres another surprise NOT
  11. have you seen the new revell kits...theyve done a slave 1 too...but they are all funny scales again , think slave 1 was 1/90th
  12. its £60 in WHSMITHS and Ian Allan ...I bought the original version half price for £20 in modelzone...im trying to win love2shop vouchers in competitions ...im good at winning competitions
  13. and its not a case of the wrong decal sheet being put in wrong box . all 3 decal sheets are marked with the name of the model its supposed to fit
  14. I have the TIE fighter , Darths TIE , and TIE interceptor , ive just measured all 3 decals and they are 17mm across...where as the one that you need to be able to fit the TIE, would need to be about 23mm to fit...ive just measured the TIE window size on the model , and it would need to be at least 23mm to fit
  15. if you look at Darths TIE its 1/121 , but the TIE fighter is 1/110...so the window decal in the TIE is not going to fit..its too small
  16. ive got theTIE fighter and Darths TIE , models are different scales yet the window decals are both the smaller of the 2 sizes, so the window decal is too small for the TIE fighter
  17. my question was more aimed at Root Admin ...His pack shows the unpainted version with the different sized models yet with same sized window decals.. How does a small window decal fit a larger model
  18. sorry I think im confusing you ..I meant the 121 and 110 scale ones...those all come un painted and the windows are in clear unpainted plastic , with the window frames as a decal...but both 121 and 110 TIE and Darths TIE, are different scales and model size, yet the window decal is same size in both kits
  19. ok thanks ...the ones ive bought in last few weeks ..months ..have all had window decals instead of pre-painted windows.. The TIE fighter has the same size window decal as Darths TIE, yet both models are different sizes and scales . Im puzzled to think why Revell would expect one size of decal to fit both scales
  20. how did you get the window decal on TIE fighter to fit , as the decal is same size as window decal on darths TIE,but models are different scales
  21. did u see the interview with the revell boss on youtube . the interviewer via Skype I think it was , is a dumbo and everything "was awesome".. Revell boss said there would be more star wars models out soon
  22. this is £60 in whsmiths and ian allan books and models. I got the original easykit from modelzone , it was half price in a sale for £20
  23. you can get the standard kits for £6 in hobbycraft and £5.99 in WHSmiths.. and Ian Allan books and models shop. The model set ones are in Ian Allan for £15 I think it was
  24. ive got darths TIE fighter and TIE fighter , TIE interceptor and all the window decals are all the same size, yet models aren't same scale
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