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  1. I have a question, the correct sets are varnish gloss, decal, varnish gloss and varnish matte but I'll test (first time) Micro sol and micro set, it's possible and correct micro set, decal, micro sol, varnish gloss and varnish matte. Please I need a help. Thanks
  2. Return to works! When I went glue the guns I perceived roles in wings, I passed putty and sanding. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Go ahead!
  3. Congratulations Jon, this is a great work, I like when modelist start corrections and upgrades in model kit. I'm following developments! Best regards
  4. A little bit advance maybe the boring part, painting small guns and tires. I do no the names, maybe hooks or clips, I had forgotten to glue. This week I stop to few days because I need travel to Rio de Janeiro. Next weed I wil restart. Thanks for all! ​
  5. Hi kiwiktbasher, I don't like this airplane but your work in this plane is wonderful. Congratulations!
  6. Hello dear friends! This is my "second" kit car and now I"ll post here for yours can help me. The box The pieces I started removing the chrome parts because I will paint the engine and the mechanics of black. That's all folks! ​
  7. Continuing the model, painted green and yellow fuselage, remains to red on the wings. I painted the "nose" and sunk only to see the result. I think I painted very strong at the top for lost pre Shadding and the bottom was pretty smooth, anyone have any tips? I forgot to photograph the cockpit but one picture of the seat and belts that did in aluminum foil. Next week more posts. Suggestions and criticisms are comes welcome always. Best Regards ​
  8. Thanks modelglue, advanded techniques because I'm study a lot. This is my first airplane but I painting figure to six years ago and this help me in some techniques. But I need help, lot of advices. Thanks to visit my topic.
  9. Hi dear friends, this is my first airplane model kit. I'm a historian and I loved historic airplanes. The first step I separeted the pieces and put inside the box, after I started repair and primer. Go a head with photos: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Suggestions and criticisms are comes welcome always. Thanks for all!
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