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  1. Just a bit of grass on the front to add once these are dry and I think this will be finished.
  2. So a bit later and I have the back grown finished and I now need to add some grownd cover.
  3. Decals etc added and he is looking goooood ( we'll I think so). My usual over the top decals again but I like the look.
  4. Bashed out on other one in record time, very odd but looks convining and they two look great together.
  5. Very nice, love the colours and the green in the eyes and mouth add a nice contrast.
  6. Back to working on a Gundam for a bit and the RG Nu Gundam is starting to come together, added more details and some metal parts, going with an RX-78-2 colour scheme. Still lots more to build and paint. Liking my new phone app for displaying pictures.
  7. So a little more done on the box, the wireing did take me a bit of messing about but now we have the LED wired to a USB cable so it can into a phone charger. I did have to add another rock to cover the mess I made of the fome rocks so they will need a bit of base black again and then I need to add a frame for the LED so to do not see the strip just the light comming from them. Probably going to use 3mm plastic cut in to strips.
  8. Painted these for up for use with a board game called Labyrinth by Ravensburger a simple but fun game to play with the younger ones.
  9. 1/72 scfi base protected by over the top nuclear power mech of some sort, count me in for a first go at a GB.
  10. Well I have just tried out some pound land paint on a few marins so I think I will have to paint some more, I also made my first wet palette today and I have 4 very cheep, 30mm figures to replace some counters on a game family like to play called Labyrinth. I have a few new brushs from Greenstuff to try out as well. It will give me something to paint while I figure out USB wireing for some LED's I'm fitting to the shadow box I'm making.
  11. So if your in the UK, then you will know the pound land shop, popped in today for some CA glue and they can these cans of spray paint for..... You guessed it £1, 250ml, in primer grey, gloss and matt black and gloss white. Here are the results after one slightly heavy coat over tree GW Marines. ( now I will need to paint them) Can not fault the grey primer. The matt black is also good if a bit more satin than matt. The white went on a bit thicker than the other two but OK and all three would be better with a bit more careful use.
  12. So I have been away for a week but I'm back now and I had a go with some water colours and pen to make a backdrop for the shadow box. Gone with a sort fantasy portal and I will add some dark trees in the min grownd. Not sure if these will be cut outs from card or make some flat tree armatures.
  13. Found this if it any good for you. £16.79 11%OFF | Resin Figure Model Kit Unassambled 1/16 ancient officer crew include 2 (NO BASE ) Unpainted collect Figure https://a.aliexpress.com/_dZFEMX0
  14. Sculped out the rocks and posistioned the figures, I will go over the rocks with some coloured plaster and I think I now need to think out the background.
  15. Picked this one up from YUFAN models, so not sure if it a recast or not. Just a quick build and paint over the last few nights and I made the street lamp from a lollipop stick, old toothpaste tube and added the LED.
  16. E2046.com not sure they will have any military but you have a look.
  17. First thing I thought of was to lift the figures into the centre of the box. These will be mostly rock with a bit of vegitation.
  18. Bben up in the loft today and retrieved this box to make a shadow box, have a strip of flat LED lights to light the inside and I will make some sort of diorama for the inside. Should be fun to make, any pointers or recommendations for the inside please let me know. Cheers Brian
  19. That is extremely nice of you to say so and your point about the axe I think is spot on, I just couldn't see it myself. Might have a tinker later. Really appreciate you input with this one. Cheers Brian.
  20. @vindicareassassin Critique away... Oh you have done.... Really appreciate you input particularly with the NNM as it's very new to me and any help and pionters are gladly received. So I had a go at the axe that I'm to particularly happy with just not sure why at the moment, but have fitted his cape and mounted him on his base, I might come back to axe later. Quick pick of my two favourite things to build and paint giant robots and little figures.
  21. Here are a few WIP pictures as a ref as I built up the colours. Wanted to keep it dark and this one is obviously the baddy. The skin tone was influenced by @vindicareassassin Rat catcher after seeing his brilliant painting, definitely worth a look for in the RFI section. Still the fur and NNM to finish and I will probably do a bit more faffy about before its finished. Any comments are welcome Cheers Brian.
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