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  1. After a lengthy delay and another major move within Canada (British Columbia to Saskatchewan) I am now in the process of restoring the business to its former glory. The new web address is: thunderbirdmodels.com, although the old .co.uk address will point you to the site for the time being.


    All decals are currently available and I have a limited number of masks on hand (website quantities are correct). More masks will be available in a month or so all going well. New releases and resin items are some time off yet but they are coming and many new items are on the "to do list".


    Andy Bannister

  2. Thunderbird Models is relocating! After much deliberation I have decided to move back to Canada. There are various business and personal reasons that I won't get into here, but after 20+ years in the UK I've decided the time has come to return to my roots. What will this mean for Thunderbird Models you ask? Good question, thanks for asking. I will be shutting down TBM as a UK based corporate entity and re-starting it on the other side of the Atlantic. This will of course not be an overnight procedure and there will be a protracted period when products may not be available to order direct. The
  3. After much deliberation I have decided to sell off a large portion of my personal model collection. No foolin'! I simply don't have the time to build much these days and I'm finding when I do sit down at the workbench it's often more of a frustraing experience than a relaxing one. So the time has come, many of them will just have to fnd new homes. I will therefore be listing kits, decals, accessories, and books on a daily basis, some new, some not so new. Though primarily aircraft, there will also be many armour, naval, figures, sci fi/real space and automotive subjects. Many of these will be
  4. Thunderbird Models will be at the Bolton IPMS show at the Macron Stadium, Sunday January 28th. The full range of decals, masks and resin items will be available as well as a good selection of kits, paints, tools etc. Hope to see you there!
  5. New resin parts released this week and available to order on the website, both to 1/72 scale: TBMR-001 - Boeing P-26 control surfaces (AZ Models / Revell) £3.50 TBMR-002 - BAe Hawk T.1 "Red Arrows" tail correction (Revell) £4.50 The Hawk tail correction has been completely reworked from my previous version and although it now involves some surgery to the kit I've tried to make it as simple as possible. This corrects the kit tail from the early version tail & fillet to the later style appropriate to a Red Arrows aircraft. It will also be available as a "stand
  6. New pre-cut vinyl paint masks now available to order (all 1/72nd): TBM-012 - De Havilland DH 69 Dragon Rapide (Heller/Airfix) TBM-013 - De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter (Hobbycraft) TBM-014 - Lockheed 1049 Super Constellation (Heller/Airfix) TBM-015 - Beech C-45 Expeditor (Hobbycraft) More masks and resin items coming soon. Andy
  7. Somehow, I thought you might be having some of the Beaver masks Reggie! Message me off the board and let me know how many you need, I can offer a deal on a 'bulk buy' of masks for all those Airfix Beavers in your stash if you want. Paul, I can do a set with the bigger rear window, not a problem. You'd have a nice engraved porthole in the middle of it though and it would be a bugger to get rid of on that clear fuselage in the Hobbycraft kit! Andy
  8. I now have the following new paint mask sets available, all to 1/72 scale: TBM-007 Noorduyn Norseman (Matchbox/Revell) £2.95 retail TBM-008 DHC-2 Beaver (Airfix) £2.95 TBM-009 DHC-2 Beaver (Hobbycraft) £2.95 TBM-010 Douglas Dakota Mk.IV/C-47 (Airfix new tool) £2.95 TBM-011 Ford 5-AT Trimotor (Airfix) £3.95 More to come soon. Andy
  9. Due next week is 72-012, Supermarine Stranraer Part 2: Price for these will be £4.50. I've got new mask sets coming out soon and I'm now offering a custom mask service, see website for details. Andy
  10. Thanks Paul, I thought someone had done some but couldn't see any currently available. About time we had some more two-stage Merlins then I guess. *Sigh*... so many subjects, so little time..! Cheers, Andy
  11. Great looking models Trev, and it's nice to see the decals used! The Spartan Mossies are actually on my to do list as I've always liked them as well. The only bugbear is that they used the two-stage Merlins which I believe only came out in the Airfix kit (or was it Matchbox??) so I was looking at maybe releasing them with resin engines, unless someone knows of some already available? Cheers, Andy Thunderbird Models Ltd
  12. After a bit of a respite to enjoy the lovely(?!) weather, I'm back on track with this years releases. Out now are the CP Air 737-200 decals for the Airfix kit and my first ever decals in 1/48th scale, the popular World Wide Airways Mosquito racer. I've taken the opportunity to correct some errors and omissions in the latter which were in the instructions for the 72nd scale version. Also have two sets of masks out for 4.5L Bentley kits in 1/12th (Airfix) and 1/24th (Heller/Revell). All available to order on the website:
  13. I've reworked the master for this part to incorporate the correct tail shape. I did consider doing it as a complete replacement tail unit but decided not to go this route as it is contrary to my original plan of a simple conversion and would also drastically increase the price, not to mention the weight which may have resulted in a tail sitter. The fix is actually very easy, involving a simple cut and inserting a plastic wedge to correct the tail shape. It took me all of 10 minutes per side including filling and rescribing. The new resin set will also include larger end pieces to go above the
  14. Hmm, yes, you're quite right and I have to hold my hands up and say I missed it, as did a couple of reviews I read. However my intention was really a quick and easy drop-in replacement that wouldn't require any surgery to the kit, which would probably be the case if the upper tail above the jet pipe was replaced. It's a more instantly recognisable feature on first glance than the slope of the tail so as a quick fix it may be of interest to those who aren't too bothered by the tail shape. I'll have a think about a correction for the slope that perhaps won't require too much surgery. Cheers, A
  15. Evening all, Actually it's the wee hours of the morning but who's counting...? I'm pleased to announce our first resin part is now available. A small and simple pressure cast resin piece that replaces the early tail fairing in the new tool Revell 1/72 BAe Hawk (04921) making it more accurate for the Red Arrows markings supplied. It also opens up many more possibilities to model other current Hawks. Retailing for £2.25 and available to order now only from the Thunderbird Models website. First of many resin items to come...! Andy
  16. Hi Reggie, Thanks for that, I'll get them out as soon as I can. I've got a few custom masks to finish for a couple of people and some for Freightdog Models for upcoming kits and conversion sets and then I can get back to my own masks. Hope all's well with you! Cheers, Andy
  17. Good afternoon all, Recovered from a long but enjoyable day at the Huddersfield show. Just thought I'd let you know about the planned releases for 2016: Decals 1/144 144-004 - CP Air Boeing 737 (for the Airfix kit) 144-005 - PWA Boeing 737 (Airfix) 1/72 72-012 - PWA Supermarine Stranraer (Revell/Matchbox) 72-013 - Imperial Products Staggerwing (Sword) 1/48 48-001 - WWA Racing Mosquito (Tamiya) 48-002 - Racing Spitfire Mk XIV (Academy) Masks TBM-002 - 1/16 Tiger I (Tamiya, Trumpeter, Heng Long, etc) £5.95 - available now TBM-003 - 1/144th Boeing 737-200 (Airfix) £2.95 - available now TBM-00
  18. Thanks all for your comments, much appreciated. I find I'm getting more swayed to the civvie side of things these days, though I could be accused of being slightly biased due to the nature of the decal business! Sorry no Beaver decals planned for the near future Reggie, but there will be more eventually. You need to start building some of that big stash of them you've already got! Cheers, Andy
  19. Hello and Happy New Year all! I hope this is the appropriate place for this, I'm more used to posting in the vendors section. I thought it was about time I try out these decals I've been producing for the past few years, here then is the Tamiya 1/72 Mossie in Thunderbird Models WWA racer decals. I'm pleased to say the decals were excellent both in fit and ease of application, and I can say this without fear of inflating my own ego because it's down to the original Whiskey Jack artwork and the quality of Fantasy Printshop's work rather than my own efforts! On the other hand, I must be the only
  20. Hi Reggie, Yep, signed up for SMW 2016 there and then. Also doing Huddersfield show in February and of course good ol' Bolton in January. Cheers, Andy
  21. Back from a successful weekend at Scale ModelWorld in Telford. It was great to catch up with people and put some faces to names. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello. The decal range sold really well, a few people even came by with a Thunderbird Models shopping list which was very gratifying! I've already signed up for next years show and will also be attending the Huddersfield show in February as well as my usual haunt at Bolton in January. The Canadian Pacific Airlines PBY-5a Canso decals were released at SMW and sold well, these are now available to order on the website. Sadly,
  22. Hi Reggie, Telford was great, sorry you couldn't make it. Caught up with a few people and sales were good. Lots of interest in the decals which is what it's all about! Cheers, Andy
  23. Getting down to the wire for SMW! I've been putting in some late nights trying to get new products ready for the show including new decals and paint masks. The EPA Carvair sheet has been delayed slightly due to a printing error beyond my control, however the correction sheet is due imminently along with a new 1/72nd scale set so both should be available at the show. A new set of paint masks for the Airfix Boeing 737-200 is also now available and I'm hoping to have another new mask set ready soon. The Khee-Kha order arrived just in the nick of time and is waiting for me at the post office as I
  24. Due very soon is a set of Eastern Provincial Airways decals for the 1/144 Roden ATL-98 Carvair. With only 3 weeks to go until Telford I'm putting in some late nights trying to get new products ready in time. I'll have some special deals on kits and decals so please stop by the stand and say hello! I've also launched a new range of paint masks, the first being for the Airfix Vickers Vanguard. I hope to have more masks available at the show including a set for 1/16 scale Tiger tanks. Andy
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