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Albatros DV and DVa

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I have a decal set from lifelike Decals and there are some great schemes on them. They refer to the DV and the DVa.

The only reference book I have says "The D.Va appeared just one month after the D.V and the only difference between the two, was the re-routing of the aileron control cables back to their original positions."

Is that right and does it show externally?

I have both the Eduard D.V and their D.Va in 1/48 and the sprues look identical as far as I can see from a quick examination with them both still in the bags.

thanks for any comments WW1 is not my area but am getting drawn to it - just scared stiff of the rigging !!

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Hi John,the only real external physical difference was that the D Va carried some extra rigging and 2 small struts that connected to the front leading edge of the lower wing from the front interplane strut.These small struts were introduced to help prevent the wings twisting under stress when the aircraft was put into a steep dive,which in previous models had caused several complete wing failures.There was also a factory fitted metal sleeve over the lowere wing spar to help prevent the wing failure problem,but this wouldn't be seen on your model.There was also a faired headrest provided behind the cockpit opening,but this was frequently removed to improve the pilots rearward vision.

Have a look at WingNutWings website,they have a goodly amount of photo's of these machines plus lots of other interesting stuff on WW1 aircraft.


IIRC the D.V had a shroud covering the aileron crank on the top wing,on the D.Va this was dispensed with and reverted back to through wing surface control wires.The shroud would be visible on a model,and I think in some of the Eduard kits (Profi?),this was supplied as an etched metal piece,but in the cheaper versions,was moulded onto the wing,but I stand to be corrected on that point.

Alb D.VaHope this linky works,some nice 3-D work.

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thanks Dave

I have a fair number of books on WW2 types but very little on WW1 - a glaring omission as I am coming round to realise

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Albatros D.V productions

D.1000/17 - 1199/17, 200 airframes ordered April 1917, Johannistahl.

D.1962/17 - 2361/17, 400 airframes ordered May 1917, Johannistahl.

D.4403/17 - 4702/17, 300 airframes ordered in July 1917, Johannistahl.

Total = 900 airframes delivered. Most with the Merc. D.IIIa 170hp

Albatros D.Va productions

D.5222/17 - 5426/17, 205 airframes ordered Aug. 1917, Johannistahl.

D.5600/17 - 5849/17, 250 airframes ordered Sept. 1917, Johannistahl.

D.6400/17 - 6999/17, 600 airframes ordered Sept - Oct 1917, Schneidemuhl (OAW).

D.7000/17 - 7549/17, 550 airframes ordered Oct. 1917, Johannistahl.

Total = 1605 airframes delivered. Most with the Merc. D.IIIaü 180hp as standard.

The research by WNW notes the 200hp Merc was used. British hp measurements were

slightly different than German. The British "200hp" notation was actually the German

180hp. The minimum being 180hp and the maximum being 200hp at German factory

level testing.

Listed references:

Albatros D.V/Va, War Horse of the Luftstreitkrafte by S.T. Lawson, SAM Pub. Model Aircraft Monthly, Vol 1 #2 , Pp.54-59.2002

Albatros D.V/Va, Part II, The Spoils of War by S.T. Lawson. My website.

Albatros Aces by Franks 2000, Osprey pub.#33.

Albatros Scouts Described by Chas Schaedel, 1971 Kookaburra Tech. Pub.

Albatros Fighters Datafile Special by Ray Rimell, 1991 Albatros Pub. Ltd.

Albatros D.V by Peter Gray, 1965 Profile Pub.#9.

Albatros D.V & D.Va Described and Drawn by Ian Stair,1972 Scale Models.

Albatros D.Va German Fighter of WWI by Robert Mikesh, Smithsonian Inst. Press.

Lafayette Foundation Archive. Denver CO. USA.

Scratchbuilding Techniques by Alan Clark, 1990 Scale Models Int. Pp174-5.

Scratchbuilt Albatros D.Va by Alan Clark,1990 Scale Models Int. Pp.491-495.

Spandau Machine Gun by David Watts,1998 WWI Aero.

'The Last Albatros' by Colin Owers 1988 Aviation News Pp.216-221.

Other differences not mentioned previously were mostly internal. Due to the rerouting

of the aileron control cables the actuation mechanism on the control column assembly

was different between the two types. The D.V was heavier than the D.III even though

its original conception was for it to be lighter. The redesign gave it some weak points.

Note the 4 plywood plates attached to the area between the tail unit & fuselage in many

D.V types. This was recified in the D.Va. By the way the D.Va was heavier than the D.V.

Note the lighter coloured "diamonds" on this Jasta Boelcke Alb. D.V. with Ltns Bassenge

Kempf & Vallendor in attendance.


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