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  1. Vageli you work is simply stunning. I can't wait to see it at the Athens IPMS show. :goodjob:
  2. Nice build so far. Why don't you try AKAN colors? They have the colors ready http://www.hobbycolours.com/product_info.php?cPath=132_112_126&products_id=13644 regards Nick
  3. Su-25 Frogfoots family

    Excellent job so far. I really enjoying watching this build
  4. Awesome finish on the cockpit Panos. Very inspiring
  5. Su-25 Frogfoots family

    Ok master teach us about the Su-25. I will be watching with great interest in order to learn and finish mine :popcorn:
  6. Su-25 1/48 OEZ with extras

    Thank you Harvy and Thomas
  7. Su-25 1/48 OEZ with extras

    Thank you mates for your kind words. Fu-manchu your Frogfoot looks great. I really like it. If you have any points that might help I am open for suggestions
  8. Hello all. I am nick from Greece and this is my first topic here. I have been watching the forum for a while but this is the first time I post a WIP. I am new to modeling and this is my seventh model so far. My project is the the old Su-25 from OEZ with after market 1. cokpit from neomega 2. EDUARD interior 48416 and exterior set 48421 3. EDUARD BRAsSIN Su-25 pilons 648054 4. EDUARD Masks EX079 5. EDUARD BRASSIN R-60 / AA-8 Aphid 1/48 648082 6. EDUARD BRASSIN Rocket launcher B-8M1 1/48 648041 7. NORTH STAR MODELS Kh-29 L (NATO AS-14 Kedge A) with AKU-58 (pylon) 8. NORTH STAR MODELS Kh-25 MT (NATO Karen-10) with APU-68 I want to build this aircraft of the UKRAINE air force with splitter camo The build started from the cockpit from the canopy that I added plastic to replicate the frame: I continued with the cockpit from neomega that is very good in detail as well is the fit. I painted the cockpit with AKAN colors. hhThe disappointment came at the wheel whells that came with zero detail. So I decided to scratch new from EVERGREEN plastic. The result is this: I painted with Gunze and AKAN colors and it looks like this: II painted the EDUARD seat (I did not used neomega) I closed the fuselage and the cockpit inside: after that it was time to make the main gear whells. The kit had as I said zero detail and looked like this: So Evergreen to the rescue again. The result is satisfying for me because it is really the first time I attempt to scratch something: And a picture of the total progress so far: I would be pleased to hear your comments