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  1. It's only aerodynamically pylon that allows mounting KKR .All installations are below the fuselage covers. But for big missiles you need special pylons. I put them on that KH poo-poo. A for Anti-Radar M. and guidance container. I used BA-58 VJUGA container for targeting Kh-58 and Kh-25MP.The container and pylons at least visually corrected the evil shape belly.
  2. Jean Michael . On the photo what insert Sebastian is nice to see pylon for KKR. Su-22M-3r designation is only "western". All Su-22M-3 or M-4 can carry KKR. Before use, only the technician will replace the control panel on the upper left of the instrument panel. Similarly it is with newer series Su-22 that can carry Kh-29T and Kh-58. Only exchange TV screens for control panel anti-radar missiles.
  3. It's just one picture from the Russian site about the war in Syria Armament is standard, 6xODAB-500 and 2xPTB-800 This PMV will probably be the type of bomb activation. It is a new species developed in the 90's These letters after the weight designation are essentially specifications. In this case, I think it's a barometric switch type designation. ODAB is very much, explosive , aviatio , bomb ,
  4. The base camo is done. This camo but only for red 08 !!! Colors are Gunze C-117 undersurfrace and tops are Tamiya XF-23 and MIG 224,229. Now starting the worst work. Removing color....
  5. Hi Uncle! I replied to Werner. In his question are references to these racks and bombs. I had from Eduard,Aires or Quickboost. That was 9-10 years ago.. And 8 years ago I permanently left Slovakia and 95% accessories and models I sold.
  6. Hi Werner and Uncle! Racks.For helicopters are better. But you must cutting rack from pylon. Su-24 and newer types Soviet aircafts have shorter bomb pylons. Bombs are typ ODAB-500PMV.If I remember correctly , explosion's setting is at 50m for used in cities.
  7. Today I made only missile R-13 with adapter and position lights.Su-22 has two color bulps under the clear cover.
  8. On Friday, a year after my last work at UTG, I returned to it.I started doing camo. All UTG were originally produced as UB.Therefore had original camo for UB. And this is another model waiting to be completed. T8-1 1th prototype Su-25
  9. Until March I have off, so I started to finish another project. Originally it was to be Peruvian UBM.I started building about 8 years ago.It's only OOB.First I modified ruder and horizontal stabilizer. However, when KP / AZ released a series Su-25 I buy UTG and SM kits.But it was a big mistake! For UTG is correct only hook and details cocpits. Repair PUR parts are wrong The horizontal stabilizer has a good shape but a bad profile. He's negative. This part is completely useless. It is short and have a bad shape. If I modified the original model, I would have less work.All the details I made myself.It was faster than repairing KP "super details"
  10. Very nice, but close air intake is only with the engine running.
  11. THX Werner. This kit was a long time in the box . KH Fitter disgusted me another build. Next contract I start in March, so now I have time for models. I must finish Su-22M4 HB, Su-25 UTG KP and T8-1 first prototype Su-25. I still have parts of the fuselage Su-7 and engine section Su-22.Another project will be Su-20.
  12. Little progress. The basic build is done, now I will start completing the details. Pitot tubes are temporarily waiting for MASTER pitot and gun barrels. Antennas and other details will be EDUARD.
  13. THX. For me it's the most interesting Airacobra. Portugal insignia on camo P-400 are nice!
  14. My first finished kit this year. It is a P-400 from 347th FS, 350th FG after emergence landed in Portugal 15/01/1943. I only added EDUARD seat belts and from AL tubes made new gun barrels. Colors are GUNZE and TAMIYA.
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