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  1. Absolute truth!!! Don't like me shape of the nose and the rudder. But the big mistake is to use the R-195 engine. They have other places in the air intakes and use only 50 pcs Su-25BM . I started to work on the Su-25 In October 1989, I was a crew chief Slovak 1027, I was doing and overhaul ,maybe something about Su-25 I know . :)
  2. Perfect work,but.... you have wrong colors on seats.You have colors 3rd generations but Polish Su-22 had 1th. Smaller parachutes, other colors basic parts .... Colors were very important for Soviet people
  3. EP-140 color is resistant to fuel and hydraulic . It is more expensive and therefore used only on the surface where it was needed. It's also seen on Mig-29.Other colors were alkyd-acrylic AC-1115 and these PL-6 and AMG 10-damaging. Sukhoi used a different type of color.
  4. Yes! Smer Su-25 is ex-OEZ,KP,EDUARD,Kovozavody Prostejov ... But better Frogfoot is not, Monogram is bad joke.
  5. Even the internet is a lot of photos Su-17M-3 with engine R-29 in the Soviet aviation. Initially was lack of engines AI-21, nothing strange in a communist economy. Red 50 from the KH is once with the R-29 engine.But camo is brown and green not only green. Send me your email.
  6. Su-17M-3 was in two versions. The Soviet Air Force had AI-21 and R-29 versions, but only R-29 versions were available for export. And there were also two versions. Only later for Hungary, Syria and Iraq could have racks for R-60 .
  7. This is not AA-1, but a Polish rocket, rebuilt from AA-1 and used as a target.
  8. Very nice and especially realistic! Only one, SPS-141 for Su-17/22 was sand, green was for Su-25. There are differences in the back of, therefore it was color coded .
  9. OK, I'm probably weird, but I like reality. In Bagram I'm from US wepons man heard enough criticism for bad data pods I'm build F-16C block 55 from Okinawa ... Yes I'm stupid idiot from AF and for mi is Accuracy Accuracy! Now I'm working on the line as a technician for the A-32x family, I do not look details?
  10. Bad dimensions and shapes, OK it could be accepted for you. But where's the target pods for the missiles? Su-17 / 22M-3/4 has integrated only the KLEN-54 laser targeting system. Its for Kh-25ML,Kh-29L.For other missiles must have a marker pods
  11. I wait for the kit and compared with drawing! Compare the picture is a little weird!
  12. How will you solve the missing racks? Will it be a variant with the KKR? I do not know, but these weapons are laughing. And at least 1/2 is unusable on Su-17!
  13. Interesting. Russian modelers rate it positively
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