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  1. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Dreaming and looking for new project..., while waiting for missed parts http://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/9/5/5/2295559.jpg?v=v40
  2. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Andrii, That was last variant (after copying, from Revell, from friends, ...) ))) I think, you're right... I can do that, but I've tired with this build. More than 1 year due to limited time available for my hobby (( To be honest, initially I planned to do cargo door that can be opened/closed with working mechanization... But later I decided to skip that, because I was not sure it can be normally realized in 144 scale... But my colleague from Odessa will send me that part next week... So, hope to complete this kit next weekend /// Igor
  3. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Missed to put photo of this part to my previous post... Now issue is solved. My colleague will send me this part next week. Btw, just got answer from Revell : "This item is a cull item. The parts are not any longer available."
  4. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    One element of two was lost last night. Seems, project will be on hold some time... I have some variants to solve issue... - to send request to Revell and ask to send me duplicate of this part by e-mail. (Requested. No response yet. Expecting several extra weeks for delivery) - to make a copy of this part in resin. (Just found local person who works with resin and can help. Possible term - next week. Bad things of this variant - copied resin element will be bolder than original because original item is covered with primer, paint and lacquer... But will keep in pocket) - to ask modellers who has BELUGA in stash to share this element, if they do not plan to assemble this kit with opened cargo door. (Such person was found quite close to my city. He will check his stash tonight and let me finally know. Expected delivery date - Tuesday next week!) - to make this element by myself... (latest what I'll try! ) To be continue...
  5. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    IMHO, good progress for today. Go2Bed...
  6. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Some probs and antennas
  7. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Engines added...
  8. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Landing gears attached... And some weathering for mechanization of cargo door:
  9. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Time to relax for today!
  10. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Main Beluga project logo is done
  11. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    OraMask 811
  12. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Yes, by myself... Just short comment about main part of decal - "beluga head" in dark blue and red colors. It seems, I'll paint this part after masking instead of decaling... The main reason for that, decal is printed on color laser printer and when I'm cutting pics close to printed edge, toner if falling down there (even when covered with lacquer/FUTURE). Anyway, my friend has plotted masks according to my drawings and already sent to me by mail. Tomorrow, I'll got that
  13. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Placing decals step by step...
  14. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Decal is printed on 2 types of decal's paper with white background - TheMagicTouch and Expert-Choice Decal. Let see what will be better to cover green color of fuselage.