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  1. Hello, I just start the new SBS 1/48 Caudron Aiglon. A fabulous ful résin kit with some photo etched parts. Painted. Assembled. S.
  2. Curtiss Racer #3

    Great work on the floats.
  3. Caudron C714R scratch 1/48

    thanks all. Plasticard 1mm, you can see the WIP:
  4. Caudron C714R scratchbuilt 1/48

    hello, just finish.
  5. Caudron C714R scratchbuilt 1/48

    Hello, the fuselage was paint with Vallejo Metal Color Aluminium, white aluminium et iron.
  6. Caudron C714R scratchbuilt 1/48

    hello, the wings are painted.
  7. Caudron C714R scratchbuilt 1/48

    hello, the exhaust pipes, the noze cone and the propeller, and the canopy
  8. Streamlined Blues - Caudron C.561

    Hello, I see we have the same kits, I have the JMGT C461 too.... the best book about Caudron racer is the Docavia n°43 Les avion Caudron Renault. But now very hard to find. send my a Email adress via MP, I have some thing for you.....
  9. Here: http://semmodel.altervista.org/en/cznt71_en.html
  10. Caudron C714R scratchbuilt 1/48

    Hello, Installation of the exhaust pipe fairing: The same thing after a lot of Putting and sanding .... I undertook to engravethe panel lines and the screw heads of the aluminum panels which covers the fuselage.
  11. Hello, very interresting WIP. do you planed to modify the bottom noze shape?
  12. Caudron C714R scratchbuilt 1/48

    Hello, the cockpit was painted... And instaled. .