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  1. Thanks guys, I tried the foil method without much success (probably too big to be manageable) and the Molotow also works but highlights every little imperfection at this scale...and I am not the tidiest of modellers. However, I have found a new trick and solved my dilemma...a while back I tried Hasegawa's Tritool film in Mirror Finish but could not get it to lay flat on the styrene sheet and gave up. I have been using their Light Gunmetal film on the disc brakes without problems and realized this morning that the imperfections were actually bubbles of air under the film. Pealing the film back a bit then gently pressing toward the lifted edge lets the air escape: perfect flat mirror surface...YAY! Very forgiving stuff and much easier to use than Bare Metal. Again, many thanks, David M Sydney, Straya
  2. I am doing a 1:6 bike and would appreciate any suggestions about what you are using to make mirrors; I need a pair and have the housings but cannot seem to find any mirror finish that has no grain/texture. Chrome Mylar was my go to in the past but no one locally seems to stock it. TIA David Sydney, Straya
  3. Thanks Alan and Rob, Confirms what I thought...seems to be my task in life to find subjects in scales that demand weird engines. Got lucky and found a 1/32 Honda generator (thanks Shapeways!) for one project and was/am after the Norton for a Cooper 500. As not much of the thing will show a bit of scratchbuilding looks to be the way to go...
  4. Are there any Manx Norton kits in 1/24 out there? There seem to be plenty in 1/9 and in 1/12 but so far I cannot find any in 1/24.
  5. Dear Sir Peter, Please listen to the pleas and entreaties of your acolytes and addicts: they need a 504. I for one have a 547 triplane awaiting at least a couple of kits. Your humble servant, DM
  6. Take a look at Rob Bentley's site (RB Motion); he has lots of useful stuff including rose joints and rivets to replace the chunky Bburago blobs.
  7. What the good Puff said! AFTER the 504...
  8. David M

    DH.50 info

    Like Anthony I am lost for words except...brilliant!
  9. krow113, Thanks for your heads up. I tried searching for a bender like yours but have had no luck. Robbe do not seem to have one...any ideas for a source? David M Sydney, Straya PS: Nice hillclimber BTW!
  10. David M

    DH.50 info

    I made it to the Library and found the journals (Automobile Engineer) but sadly, nothing on the DH50. I checked all the available journals that might have been relevant (1923 to 1933)...however, I suspect that my memory was faulty (it happens!) and was of the article about the DH61 which it covered in some detail. Lots of other useful articles: DH60 (Cirrus), DH60M, DH66, two on the Jupiter engine, power installation in the DH54, DH58 and Supermarine Sea Lion, Bristol Cherub etc as well a s host of stuff on cars that also interest me. John, Anthony, let me know if you would like copies. I will keep searching. And, John, please keep up your great work; I too appreciate your efforts. David
  11. G'day Anthony,

    Scoot me an email and I will send you the Av News drawings scanned by the redoubtable Admiral Puff.

    My direct email is:


    Best regards,

    David M

  12. David M

    DH.50 info

    Hi John, It is indeed I, again. Don't worry about the DH83 drawings, they will keep and health comes first. As it happens I have been distracted this year by my wife's illness and have not been giving modelling much thought. Interesting information on the fuselage and good to know the WNW 9 is a sensible starting point. Now if WNW would only do a 504 I could stop dreaming of doing a 547 to go with the 50... David
  13. David M

    DH.50 info

    Hi Anthony, It is indeed I. Thinking about the DH50 rang a small bell in my head and I think my file was leant to one of my mates who actually made one, albeit in 1:48. I will buzz him to see if he still has it... I am scheduled to raid the library next week, as soon as the NYE cracker watching and bubbly have worn off. Interesting thought to use the WNW lower fuse widened to suit; I figured it was a relatively straight forward scratchbuild but on seeing the kit bits I think you may be right. It will depend on how the interior is finished, unlined military style or prettied up for civilian use. Much to discover! Best regards, David Muir
  14. David M

    DH.50 info

    G'day Anthony, Coincidentally my WNW DH9 arrived yesterday for just such a conversion...one of the Qantas ones in my case. Decades ago while trawling the library for my uni thesis I stumbled across a long-ish contemporary article on the DH50 which had drawings, interiors, etc. Great articles as they generally covered everything in depth and detail and had lots of oddball subjects...the Zeppelin Staaken E4/20 for example. I have forgotten the name of the publicationin the five intervening decades (yikes!) and I had been planning to return and track it down in the near future. I will move it up my priorities and get there asap and share any results... Regards, David M
  15. I too have one of these in the stash and have been gathering information and drawings for the engine. It seems a terrible waste not to at least try to fill the otherwise reasonably detailed void. Having seen how yours turned out I am inspired to get going.
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