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  1. Does anyone know when, why and with what colour Pan Am began to paint the upper surface of their Clippers with orange panels? Ditto the BOAC C Class boats? Any an all advice will be appreciated... DM in Oz
  2. Thanks gentlemen, it seems I misses a bullet with this one...time to scratch build!
  3. I am contemplating getting a Sharkit Crosby racer and/or a Canadair CL-84. Are their products any good or should I walk away? DM in Oz
  4. While you are at it check if he will update the scheme to the one we saw last August...it differs from his current sheet...
  5. I am looking for plans - any plans - of the Fly Class gunboats. So far I have found only one that appears to have been scanned (at very low res) from a book. Absent knowing the source I would prefer not to post the image. Appears to be labelled "Fig 29 Small China Gunboats" and shows a plan, profile and two sections. Does anyone recognise the source and/or know of any decent plans? TIA David in Oz
  6. Thanks Mike, very much appreciated!
  7. Can anyone confirm the colours on the Bernard V.2? I have the Atelier Noix kit which suggests (and provides a sample of) a pale blue but some images suggest something paler (white?) and at least one online build says silver. Any would be attractive but I would like to get it at least part right! Thanks, David in Oz
  8. Experience suggests that "deranged president" is a tautology...along the same lines as "criminal lawyer"?
  9. Thanks Jure, Thanks Alexy, Much appreciated. Regards, David
  10. Does the Roden Z S RVI kit have Mercedes or Maybach engines or both?
  11. Thanks John, Thanks Linz, All this has been incredibly helpful in informing my choices for G-AIMC. My thinking is: the pattern or a minor variation is the same on all the aircraft. G-AIMC had a dark (B&W) trim colour edged in a light colour, in turn edged in natural metal and edged yet again in the trim colour. Using the flags as a guide the main colour is too dark to be red and is possibly too light to be blue. However, both flags are in shade cast by the wing while most of the trim above is unshaded and thus appears lighter. Hence I think it is a
  12. Hello Linz, I will try Aerospace Bristol...good suggestion. Geoff's site has been part of the inspiration but I also have a photo of the nose at Wau post the accident with the list of places it visited completed with "Wau" and a small cross/tombstone. Hello Lazy8, I think you may have cracked the colours; an artist's impression but importantly a Bristol artist's impression. A black/white/red/silver pallet would also look good. Many thanks to you both...
  13. Does anyone know what colours were used on Bristol's demonstrator G-AIMC on its sales tour to Australia and New Zealand? Found lots of B & W and one colourised image on the net but I don't trust colourised B&W...
  14. Thanks Overscan, thanks John R and thanks Chris, Problem solved, I now have full access; your help is very much appreciated. Best regards, David M
  15. Thanks Chris, I would appreciate your assistance. I use the same user name there... David M.
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