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  1. Does anyone here belong to the Secret Projects website and can contact the sites Admins? I have registered - and according to their banner I am apparently a member - but cannot access any of the images or get in contact with the admins as my membership has yet to be confirmed. However, it also says that a confirming email has been sent to my address and would I like them to send it again? I would and responded to no effect. Lots of delicious subjects I would like to build so any assistance would be very much appreciated... Thanks and regards David M in Oz
  2. Neko Ralt RT-3 82 in 1/20 Senna test version.
  3. Thanks Homebee, I have made contact with Adrien and have purchased some of his kits. Looking forward to more and the arrival (whenever the current shipping allows!) of some resin. David M
  4. For the future use an old jeweler's trick: hold the part not the off-cut. Use side cutters to cut out a small section of the sprue frame with the wheel half attached. Hold the wheel on your bench peg and saw with your jeweler's saw...much more accurate when sawing closely especially around curves like a wheel...although Mach 2 wheels may not actually be round.
  5. Is the IPMS Race SIG still functioning? Are their magazines available somewhere on line? If not does anyone have a copy of their magazines? Two more to add to the list of possibilities, sadly no longer available: Fisher Pattern's two 1/24 Bugatti 100s, one "curbside" without engines or engine bay details, the other full detail. Among the best resin kits around and sadly lost to the California wild fires a couple of years back.
  6. As Puff says, not the "traditional" commemoration here in Oz. Given our collective success to date in containing the impact of the virus it would have been pretty stupid to risk that by relaxing the distancing restrictions. However, in many ways the sacrifices of our forebears are being recognized by a wider audience and in more personal and respectful ways. In our street a neighbor played the last post at dawn to a surprisingly numerous bunch quietly gathered - suitably separated - at their gates and driveways and shared their stories. Most would not usually have attended a "traditional" ANZAC Service but got out of bed at 5.00am to be there. Gone were the strident jingoism and nationalism that tend to colour the "traditional" parades, replaced by clearly genuine acknowledgement and gratitude, not just to the servicemen but also their wives and families and those who gave on the home front. Quite moving and heartening in these complex times.
  7. No. I think you mean Richie Ginther. It is certainly him wearing his distinctive silver and black helmet.
  8. David M

    Lock Down.

    With all the whingeing and whining about flat tyres, checkout chicks who won't pack your bag and not being able to buy bread mix, perhaps it is time to look a little wider and consider much of the rest of the world. Many of who do not have access to clean water, cannot self isolate as their "world" is over crowded, cannot social distance as they have to work, struggle to find food - any food - and what passes for their Health System is grossly inadequate and overloaded. Please stop whingeing and just be very, very grateful you live in a first world country and have enough spare resources to indulge yourself in our wonderful modelling pursuits...
  9. Blimey! Three Aussie Davids in a row! I have A J Jackson's 'Blackburn Aircraft since 1909' which covers the Dart and Blackburn in the usual Putnam style with small but usable drawings and informative text. I also have Putnam's 'British Aviation the adventuring Years' which has passing references and a few images...including one of a civilian float equipped Dart that would float Moa's boat. David M
  10. Marklo, Great start! Stumbled across another pic of the beast. Go here: National Library of Australia do a search for 'Crome Collection' and plough in a few pages or (faster) do a search on their site for Quadruplane. But be warned: there are pictures of the Supermarine Night Hawk quad which is even weirder/cooler and possibly tempting... DM in Oz
  11. Are there any replacement tyres for the venerable Merit 1/24 Cooper 500...or any that might work? Outside diameter is 25.3 mm, width 6.2 mm, OD for the rims is 16.2 mm.
  12. Paul, There were several C-46 CAT liveries: NM with two black cheat lines and trim with red lettering and logos and an 'inverted' version of the same, i.e. black overall with NM trim, lettering and logos, white roof over NM with gold or yellow cheat line and dragon, plain NM with black trim and lettering and logos, NM with a white roof and sides with blue cheat and red arrowhead. None have been issued as decals as far as I know but wouldn't be hard to do in this age of graphic software and decal printers. PM me if you need images. David Sydney, Straya.
  13. Odd...worked fine to my POB in Oz.
  14. The LukGraph site includes Australia in the delivery destinations pull down menu at checkout when I tried it...and seemed happy to take the PayPal for both the kit and delivery (10 Euro).
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