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  1. roadrunner

    GeeBee R1 1/48 Dora Wings

    Hello, some progresses. Some thing was wrong with the engine... ...just because it's a R-985 instead of a R1340. So, I replace it by a Vector engine. Cockpit in place in a half fuselage. Not really a GeeBee R1 structure, but... ...little will be visible in the end. A+
  2. roadrunner

    GeeBee R1 1/48 Dora Wings

    Hello, some paint added....
  3. Hello, just received, just started .... Several thick layers of spayed Tamiya surfacer to improve the representation of the stringers , taking care to hide the rest not to plug the engraving too fine. A 0.5x0.5 square profile added to represent the inner fuselage structure.
  4. roadrunner

    Gee Bee R1/R2...

    Hello, Where can I find un good Gee Bee R1 or R2 walkaround, ? With cockpit pictures... Thanks in advance S.
  5. Hello, just receive my R1, and it's really a great kit. Thanks to produce it. S.
  6. roadrunner

    Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    hello, thanks all. finished!
  7. roadrunner

    Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    Hello, The decals are very well and the support film is almost invisible after dry. The cell received a layer of Tamiya gloss varnish before the decals and Tamiya panel ligne, it does not alter the brilliance and still protects the alu Vallero, fragile on the reliefs.
  8. roadrunner

    Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    Painted! -Alu Vallejo Metal Color with Tamiya X20A 50/50% -white alu Vallejo Metal Color with Tamiya X20A 30/70%
  9. Thanks for the answer Ken. Nothing insurmountable, but delicate. it's likely reasonable tu build it as a T-10-10.... S.
  10. roadrunner

    Caudron C600 SBS 1/48

    hello, some progress ready for paint....
  11. Great start! Do you think it's possible to do the T10-1 from this one? What would be the modifications?
  12. Hello, I just start the new SBS 1/48 Caudron Aiglon. A fabulous ful résin kit with some photo etched parts. Painted. Assembled. S.
  13. roadrunner

    Curtiss Racer #3

    Great work on the floats.
  14. roadrunner

    Caudron C714R scratch 1/48

    thanks all. Plasticard 1mm, you can see the WIP:
  15. roadrunner

    Caudron C714R scratchbuilt 1/48

    hello, just finish.