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  1. Hello, do you correct the HobbyBoss underside nose shape?
  2. hello, painting is done! but I have forget some thing before closing the canopy... Masking the walkway... Painted! ....
  3. Hello, I start paint... Black basing and XF-23 molting upper surfaces
  4. Hello, -A new nozzle a little longer than that of the box and a 1/72 F-16 part for the turbine. - the air intake, which occupied me a few milliseconds .... Well, it's already more like a U-2A (sure not perfect, but better than OOB...)
  5. Hi, This is the AFV-CLub kit, version U-2A / C, I have the corrected canopy and can choose between a C and an A ... So, a 1/48 U-2 , it's big! Cockpit painting ...to be continued...
  6. some things like this? http://soyuyo.main.jp/f7f/f7fdraw.html
  7. Thank's Rob. I have the same explication from a french modeller. Where do you find photos of the NASA U-2C under maintenance?
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