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  1. Beautiful looking Nimrod, keep going!
  2. what was your very first Airfix kit.

    Airfix Sturmovic around 1990
  3. Love the build and the detail you have managed to cram in to the interior. I have a 1/72 Matchbox Lynx to re-purpose as a 1970's 'Whif' the US Navy purchased the heli' so your methods are inspiring!
  4. Using the undercarriage and some others small parts - gun carriage - air intake parts and some cockpit parts to add some more detail to the model. Some of the decals may be handy too but not sure of the squadron and scheme yet (will be RAF for sure).
  5. Great build and a good looking Venom John, especially building it as the prototype- a beautiful aircraft. I have the 1/72 Aeroclub Venom fb.4 so very interested in your interpretation of the model and build techniques used
  6. Tips for building 1:72 Pegasus biplanes?

    Thanks! I will do this
  7. A stunning looking Vampire and a definite nod for a new Venom in the same scale! Just starting a 1/72 Aeroclub Venom FB4 and considering using the Airfix Vampire for spares and upgrades to this kit.
  8. Seventy Second Scale Modeller magazine??

    So there were three Javelin articles? In numbers 1, 3 & 4?
  9. Tempted to do a Revell Wellington Mk.II but perhaps as another version. I have read the Revell kit comes with spare parts that are not used in the boxes aircraft (Mk.II). What extra parts does it come with? Also, it it the mpm mould or something different? Thanks
  10. I am sure I saw a set of Magazines called Seventy Second Scale Modeller at an airshow once? Can anyone clarify this? I could kick myself for not buying them for reference, particularly as there was a great artical covering Gloster Javelin 1/72 builds.
  11. Javelin FAW7 help

    I have the plastyk Javelin and indeed after some modelling skill it should look great . I am considering an FAW.1 or 3
  12. Airfix New Tool Hurricane canopy wrong?

    Would the 1/72 Revell Hurricane IIa wings fit the new Airfix Mk.1?
  13. Airfix 1/72 Meteor F3 improvements and detail

    I think perhaps the meteor just looks right (all variants!, most schemes too