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  1. UnFOURgettable Prose

    consortium based in Fakenham
  2. Scimitar F1

    I remember that one at the edge of the west beach but we tended to use the 'pill box' on the left of the approach to '23' as you didn't get quite as deafened when a Scimitar landed (or took off if they were using 05) I think a few of us are going to be in that TARDIS that keeps getting mentioned on BM
  3. Very nice indeed Russ. I'm restoring a Hasegawa 1/72 one which I converted into an EA-3B of VQ-2 as having bought the recent book on the unit I realised how wrong the model was! It must be huge in 1/48 though!
  4. Westland Wyvern canopy types and type conversions

    Sorry missed that bit as I was obviously having a numpty moment! For more reading on the Wyvern see this link: https://about-mythical-creatures.weebly.com/wyvern.html
  5. Westland Wyvern canopy types and type conversions

    Thanks James,I didn't know about these. As SeaHawk says it was indeed the BARG one. Somewhere in the scrapbook box of 50+ years waiting to be filed I have an article from a 'Commando' comic on Lt Bruce MacFarlane's underwater ejection. That got me interested in the type.
  6. Westland Wyvern canopy types and type conversions

    Whilst this may explain the top vent being hidden by the EDSG paint and given the prominent hole I'm not so sure, it doesn't explain the two other vents,one of which is obviously the cartridge exhaust given the staining. I wondered if we are just not seeing it in the other photos because there is no staining and the poor quality of most photos but I don't think this is the case. Look at these two and in the first there isn't even the suggestion of an exhaust hole even if it was covered (I was thinking like gun ports' patches so I saved the pic and blew it up to have a look) Amazing too how few port side photos of the Wyvern there are.
  7. UnFOURgettable Prose

    at Starfix design office
  8. UnFOURgettable Prose

    but if you buy
  9. UnFOURgettable Prose

    whose CEO is a
  10. What kicked off the 'modern world?'

    Interesting read this. I'm with bzn20 as per post 35. To lighten the mood though could I had The Barber?
  11. Scimitar F1

    Very nice indeed! I have fond memories of watching that team work up their display at HMS Fulmar Perhaps too clean though as they did leak like sieves and were often to be seen with a dustbin underneath as well as the drip trays. Even I might do one in that scale if Airfix (or anybody in fact) did one after their 1/72 one
  12. Bundeswehr U/CH-34G camo

    Using any excuse to show a picture of 'Walter'!
  13. Westland Wyvern canopy types and type conversions

    Max89..you are a bad man forcing me to go and look through three books on the Wyvern and a welcome diversion it was too ! As reported above this is the vent for the Coffman starter cartridge. The Python engine was started with either HP air from a starter trolley or the cartridge if that wasn't available. Looking at dozens of photographs it does appear that some do not have them (or readily visible anyway) and that aircraft within the same serial range of all the batches (VZ, WP or WN) differ in that some have yet others don't appear to have. There has to be an exhaust for the cartridge gases but I'm afraid I don't know where it is on the ones where it isn't obvious. Although the cartridge was rarely used according to Michael J Doust (Wyvern from the cockpit) I can't see then removing that form of starter as there would be the odd occasion when HP air wasn't available.
  14. Extra pre birthday surprise

    Heard they asked you to move along as they were stocktaking Sounds like you had a great day.
  15. Hurricane coming tomorrow

    He was on TV this morning visiting the places affected by that storm and explaining why they never predicted it. (No idea as I was just flicking through news channels)