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  1. Four gotten Heroes

    to annoy the purists
  2. This is XN955 Note the point of the radome is metal.
  3. XN929 She later appeared as GI at Honington marked 6301/2 Standard yellowyishy colour for radome. Finishes varied so mix your own colour to suit.
  4. Four gotten Heroes

    absolutely guaranteed just like
  5. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale

    the larger of the two chemists of the same name in Dunoon? (the other being wee boots..clever eh!)
  6. Four gotten Heroes

    deep and meaningful four
  7. Winter driving

    In the late seventies a colleague and I were sent to look for an elderly couple reported missing in their car. Some total numpties had cut the chain on the snow gates at Glencoe and driven through. The couple followed them. We set off from the Tyndrum end and eventually were driving on top of snow several feet deep. We came round a corner and met the biggest snow drift I have ever seen. It was about 50 feet high and on climbing it I couldn't see the far end. The whole side of the hill had slipped down. I jumped back into the Landrover and the crust of snow holding us up gave way and we sank straight down about 5 feet. Using brute force I used the door to make a gap so that I could clear the exhaust pipe. We eventually managed to reverse out. After all his hard work sitting in the warm my colleague kindly let me drive back to base where we found that a mountain rescue team was about to look for us. (no radio communication in that area then) Total time to do the 6 miles return...16 hours. I still smile when I hear people talk of the heavy snow when all I see is a light dusting! It turned out to be a false alarm as the couple realised how bad it was and returned to their hotel in Ballachulish and never told anyone.
  8. Winter driving

    You keep a cold house! Mind you with those outside air temperatures who can blame you. Best served at 6 - 7 degrees C (source: https://www.guinness-storehouse.com/en/faq and from memory in The Oban Inn circa 1989!)
  9. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    but less than seven
  10. Liquid Poly: a cautionary tale

    Glad you're ok Dennis but I would still get a check in case it wasn't the glue. I'm sure most of us on here have sometimes become a bit complacent in the workshop (don't ask about scalpel stab wounds!) Richard
  11. Winter driving

    This is Jamie's commute route in August. It closed for 4 months the next day. Just kidding. this is the famous A939 Cockbridge to Tomintoul road.
  12. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    and are delicious with
  13. It was indeed. Included with Attacker and Barracuda.
  14. I probably caused confusion as usual. I meant to say that this is an ECM pod, when I attached that photo of the 831 machine,which is not the same as a baggage pod. This was because there was a mention of the baggage pod having a different rear end shape. I still think the baggage pod is the same shape front and rear. 71chally..is this correct?
  15. FOUR culture's sake (or, here we go again!)

    into the DFS warehouse