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  1. but if they did
  2. Ah! now I see what this is
  3. This one?
  4. is very very dark
  5. until I finish my
  6. Probably Are you doing the drawings for the forthcoming datafile on the Fruitbat? I believe that one of the contributors to this saga was seen buying new ribbons for his Olivetti Lettera 32 so a book of more than 40 pages must be in the offing. Only 5 more pages before the madness transmogrifies into another thread. Where is Jonners? Is he hiding after starting this? Did he ever get to Norfolk?
  7. Here he is before that incident along with another employee who also had a run in with that detainee. (I didn't know that the Michelin man was called Bibendum)
  8. Are you sure? Is this not the interior of the officers' mess larder? Of course it may be pure co-incidence that the tanks look like this
  9. the car boots sales
  10. This caused the Chief Designer to have a 'Eureka' moment followed shortly thereafter by several lightbulbs going off.He reasoned that as it flew like a builders brick then why not build it like this... I have been unable to unearth the flight test reports due to being committed again a prior engagement so perhaps one of you could do the honours?
  11. You've got that just right. Thanks for sharing
  12. Very nice set up there (I'm biased of course as my first helicopter trip was in an ex- HEER CH-34G albeit andS-58T by then)
  13. I think that it just amazing how the Chinese have created a language just using tattoos
  14. Not quite the Denny Mumford machine like this is it. I wonder if Farely took up the project after Denny stopped work on it?
  15. a bag over it