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  1. No fuss on here! We are all cool calm and collected'll have fun and learn loads Richard Still learning but will maybe finish a kit someday.
  2. This was because back then you didn't know about the 'Carpet Monster',a creature which is worthy of its own thread. All of us on here have met it but don't let it put you off. Some of us on here have been feeding it for at least 50 years! Richard
  3. With a strange creature called a 'carpet monster' which eats bits of your model and another thing called a 'stash' (aka very expensive loft insulation) which defies gravity and hides from your wife. There's a couple of others from Stirling on here too. Are you going to the Perth show? Richard
  4. Hello Pieter Welcome aboard. There is something for everyone on here and I'm sure you will be made welcome. Richard (who is also 21.. for the third time )
  5. Looks the part there.Shows what can be done with that (expletive deleted) kit. Perhaps a wee bit too clean and where's the obligatory dustbin for stationary Scimitars? What grey did you use?
  6. Certainly is different and very nice too! A few more spots and it could almost be an early version of today's 'digital' camo.
  7. as he looked at
  8. I'm jealous! ZM412 flew low level down the Clyde yesterday and I was in the ***** supermarket Richard
  9. They certainly do but the beastie in the hangar was not surprisingly...grey!
  10. and my invisible friend AH..too late.
  11. Yesterday as the ship sailed down the Clyde I got a distant look into her hangar. I couldn't make out what was folded up inside though. Are the NH-90 NFH (ASW) at sea with the Norwegians yet?
  12. of the DFS warehouse
  13. May I also say congratulations to you and your wife. I'm glad that all is well.
  14. She's looking lovely. Just a wee bit more dirt and move the hook to the front of the bay then on to the next one (EDSG and white,800 or 801 markings )
  15. we're all perched on