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  1. or this! I think that this was the mark 88 (note Roman numerals not used after supper)
  2. Slightly off topic but what's new.. Many moons ago I was taking details of a break in at a hotel in Lochgoilhead. The bad guy had been disturbed and couldn't have been far away so I called in a dog handler. He arrived and the biggest blackest hairiest beast you have ever seen got out (and so did the handler) I asked what his name was expecting something like Zeus Erik was the reply. Seems the handler was an Asterix fan Richard. Oh yes he caught the bad guy.
  3. no.shinty but there
  4. on the stock market
  5. Is this it?
  6. This was a temporary shutdown as the propeller vortex was interfering with the airflow over the polo pitch. The stokers hated that game as it was only by their hard graft that it stayed up. It seems that staying up was a common 'Fruitbat' problem and medics are at a loss to explain it.
  7. must be true then (disturbance in the farce. Is the end nighing then?)
  8. Seversky,I can't understand how I never saw this when you first posted. That is really excellent work Adrian,that makes me old as I saw the real 'Airfix F-5A ,38383 on its delivery flight to Iran. Richard
  9. so,cogito ergo sum
  10. fairy,horror or true
  11. There were two versions although they were rarely photographed. About 13 of the AEW Mk.XXV1A were built. There is no know photograph of them in service but here is one showing them being briefed on their new mission This is the AEW Mk XXVIb of which even less is known.
  12. You are correct in that assumption. This guy came top at FTS and has just seen 'Fruitbat' on the bottom of his pint glass
  13. Examples of this tree are to be found in two places all less than an hour away from Beardie's shed. Or there used to be!
  14. I can only re-iterate what has already been said. Thank you for posting Richard
  15. The museum responsible for painting that Royal Navy HAS3 in RAF colours has a lot to answer for. Lovely model though. Richard