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  1. Hello from Essex

    Hello Glenn and welcome back to the mad mad world of modelling! When I read your introduction about the Ju-52 I thought that you must have been in Switzerland watching the last operational ones,then I read on...That's still a good film isn't it.
  2. Buccaneer boys.

    There is no listing of a Buccaneer written off at Manston in either 1978 or '79 so presume it was repaired. Have you tried asking here? www.pprune.org.
  3. We're here four the money!

    which pleased Miss Haggerd (an oldie for you!)
  4. RAF Edzell vampires

    Although there are a few profiles showing the camouflaged aircraft,photos are even rarer. I've had a look through my books on the Vampire and those on Scottish airfields, with no joy. I found this interesting snippet in 'Fighter Squadrons of the RAF and their Aircraft' by John Rawlings: "and although an official colour insignia was approved comprising a tartan design in green,blue and white,there is no record that the Squadron's aircraft ever carried it." I see that Hannants credit Alan Carlaw with their camouflaged markings. He's usually correct in my opinion so wonder where his information came from? Here's a list of their aircraft from above named book: VV637 /8W D,VZ846/ 8W M, WA445/ 8W N, VZ873 /8W A, VZ325 /8W E, WA397/ 8W I WG828 /8W, VV678. The Squadron were at Edzell after re-equiping with Vampires from Spitfire 16s for just over a year.
  5. Britmodellers' X Files

    Not a mark on the two Wyverns (Frog and Trumpeter {which has wings folded} ,Buccaneer S1 or Hellcat II and the Skyraider AEW1 only had one end of its aerial wire detatched.
  6. We're here four the money!

    of hedgehog taking over
  7. Hello from North Lincolnshire

    Hello and welcome Nickred. There might be one or two Lightnings to be found in here
  8. RAF Edzell vampires

    Pictures of their Vampires are few and far between aren't they? This November 1952 newspaper shot shows some with their Harvard and Anson in the background. http://www.pressreader.com/uk/evening-express-city-final/20150803/282372628325660
  9. Britmodellers' X Files

    Not unless it jumped over the Wyvern and Hellcat before pushing the Hunter into the Mk1 Buccaneer which stayed put but pushed the Mk2 off the shelf. Continuing on that theme though,overnight the nosewheels on 2 F-5As and an AT-38 have collapsed. I have never ever had undercarriage give way before.. Maybe they're trying to tell me that I need to bin the open style shelving and invest in some like @massimo 's good lady got him.
  10. We're here four the money!

    wasn't it a Yorkie?
  11. Wait until he sees the invoice Did you see my Buccaneer here ? Scroll down page 8.
  12. RAF Edzell vampires

    Decal sheet: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72191
  13. Britmodellers' X Files

    Damnation! He spotted the theme. I should have posted a pic of them all to see if he noticed the exception. Perhaps the VQ-2 EA-3B is after all a 'Sea Cuckoo' (It doesn't have 'LM' on the tail but was a regular visitor.)
  14. Britmodellers' X Files

    I was going to post this under the Swansea earthquake thread but even I couldn't doctor the evidence to make it fit justify the connection. I came home tonight to find these three on the floor. Obviously the Buccaneer came off the worst. It's refuelling probe is nowhere to be seen despite me kicking the carpet monster. The room is locked so I can't blame the cat who in anycase is too old to be bothered climbing up to the fifth shelf of the display. None of the 30 models on the other shelves were affected.
  15. We're here four the money!

    No,smurfs loud snoring