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  1. Ufh...finally managed to post them
  2. Oh no!!!...can suggest me where to upload them please?
  3. Thanks...hope that I won't disappoint
  4. Hi, here my first pictures of the Sunderland. Sorry for low qualitiy but have to use my mobile phone camera. At the moment i completed the cockpit, with Eduard parts, and the underbay. Colros are Tamiya and wash from Florymodels.
  5. What a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome !!!! may I ask what did you use for the antenna cables to meke them so realistic?
  6. Iwata Airbrush advice

    My store got those: https://www.airbrushking.ch/pistolen/Harder--Steenbeck--harder-steenbeck--airbrush--airbrush-pistole--airbrush-shop/?view_mode=tiled&listing_sort=price_asc&listing_count=24
  7. Iwata Airbrush advice

    I usually build WW2 1:48 planes scale but i plan to build also 1:24.
  8. Iwata Airbrush advice

    Hi all, i just bought an Iwata Ninja Jet compressor. Now i need an aribrush to use eith but i have no idea on which one to purchase. I wold like to have a two action airbrush but i really dont know how to chose it. I don't nedd nay professional one, just o good one for "standar" modelling. I buy my equipment from this site: https://www.airbrushking.ch/pistolen/IWATA/?currency=EUR&switch_country=AD&view_mode=tiled&listing_sort=price_asc&listing_count=24&cat=c54&cPath=2_54 I'm sorry it's only in german, but prices are in EUR. Could you please help me to choose the right Airbrush please? Thanks
  9. Italeri Short Sunderland Mk. III advices

    Just a quick question about washes: I use Flory Model washes which a great to use because water based and needs no enmael thinner or so on to remove excess liquid. I see that Tamiya, Ak and Vallejo also got tons of washes but i never tried them. Anyone got a advice on that? I'm a little bit scared about using thinner to remove washes form panels because meaby it could remove the main colors...but probably i'm wrong: if i correctly remember, you can use enamel thinner liquid on acrylic paint, or an acrylic thinner on enamel colors, right?
  10. Italeri Short Sunderland Mk. III advices

    Thanks a lot guys! So many thing i don't know about this plane. Thanks LDSModeller: really appreciate your care about the details you provide me for this kit. I will let you know about the work in progress...but don't expect too much
  11. Italeri Short Sunderland Mk. III advices

    Thanks a lot! Awesome pictures! As said by Steve219 it looks like the weathering is concentrated on the water line of the aricraft, and especially on the front. And as I see most of the times it uses the whithe and grey color scheme which is very nice. I'm just wondering what to use for the cables...meaby electric copper one and then paint in black? The manual tell to use plastic ones, but i don't know ho to cut plastic that thin. This picture it's quite interresting: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=e5ziYzhY&id=8FDD296A4D43DE7D7F44E094435973082E174DFC&thid=OIP.e5ziYzhYW_IR_UPL_fdOdgEsDX&q=short+sunderland+mk+iii&simid=608002886710200666&selectedIndex=27&ajaxhist=0
  12. 1/48 KINETIC Mirage IIIE

  13. Impressive! Really awesome paint job!
  14. 1/48 Aussie Eight Dual Spitfires

    Really beatifull models! Really like the cammo one. May I ask how do you paint the camouflage with that "soft" borders? I mean...if you just put masking tapes you will see a clear difference between the base color and the green but in your model this line a "soft". How do you achieve that?