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  1. And that's the third kit. Colors are from Lifecolor Regia Aeronautica set and weathering is done with Florymodel wash and Tamiya pigment. This was a quite good kit... Really enjoyed it... Hope you too
  2. Thanks all for your comments! Yes I agree... There are mistakes and some details should be litter bit more precise. It's the first time I use stirred plastic for aerials so did not really know how thin or thick the should be...I made the wings one more thicker because I supposed they had to support the wings load... my mistake sorry.
  3. And finally done... Here is my second build. Was quite challenging but worth the effort. Really like this quite unknown aircraft. I know that colors may not be exactly the right ones, but they are from the Lifecolor Regia Aeronautica set. Silver was made thanks to Humbrol Metallic and aerials with stirred plastic. Hope you enjoy
  4. Hi, In the work in progress section I asked some help on how to use this kind of paint. I used it with the standard Tamiya thinner and it messed up my airbrush. When in the cup the color and the thinner just split up... Even if I use an electric paint stirrer. An user told me that super Metallic range are actually lacquers and need special thinner. But on their catalog those paints are in the acrylic section. So is there someone that can tell me please how to use them properly? Thanks!
  5. Yeah! It worked! Did not even know that you could remove the air valve... Did it... All was clean, no paint or other stuff... But when I reassamdled the valve the color flow became fluid as always... Than you so much!
  6. Hi all, I have some troubles with my eclipse airbrush. Always worked fine and never had problems. Disassembled lot of times for cleaning and never had troubles. Some days ago I used Gunze Super Metallic lacquer... I used default Tamiya thinner... A member of the forum helped me and told me that I had to use a specific thinner. So I disassembled the airbrush again and now I have some problems. The air flow is fine... But it seems that the paints can't reach the nozzle... The paint flow is so limited... To empty a half cup I need now to run the brush for 1 or 2 minutes. I have just spend 60 Euro for a new needle and nozzle... But the problem still the same. And I really don't know what to do. Anyone got a tip? Thanks a lot!
  7. Ooooooh.... So that's the problem!... Thanks a lot! Those paints are really expensive... But I tried to use Tamiya silver chrome as suggested on the manual but it looks so bad! Will run to my local store tomorrow! Thanks again! And thanks all of you for your comments!
  8. Hi all, thanks for all your comments. So I have some update and some advices for those who may want to build this kit. So, as it's the first time I build the Marsupiale, i just followed the manual and forgot to make some dry test. In picture 1 you can see what the manual says about installing the landing gears. As you can see they are composed of 4 pieces and have to be installed in a kind of nacelle which will be glued to the lower part of the wing. So my mistake to install them before closing the two sections of the wings. So now I have to do all the work with the geras insalled which is not that good. I'm quite sure that you can glue the inner nacelle, close the wings and then install the four pieces. In pictures 2 and 3 you can see what the landing geras looks like. Now in my opinion there is a little problem. The fact is that the inner nacelle is not "stuck" by the upper side of the wing, leaving a gap of 1 cm. Doing so, when you will put the plane on its gears, all the weight will be soustained by the inner nacelle which will be "pushed" up, and if not well glued, the nacelle will pop off from his position. So i thought to use some extra strong glue and add some extra tape to fix them more strongly on the down side of the wing as shown in picture 4. Ok i don't know if you see the point...hard to explain sorry And last picture 5 show you the under wing gap when you will glue the wings to te fuselage. The gap is 2-3mm and it's on both wings. For the price of the kit i'm not quoite sure that this is acceptable. But this gap was bigger on the Sunderlan and even worse with the AH-64 kit. Italeri kits are quite precises with the inner parts, but not that good for outer pieces. And i have a question for you guys: I tried to use Mr.hobby super metal chrome aluminium color for the under part of the fuselage. Now...that paint distroyed my airbrush nozzle. I used Tamiya thinner and and electric paint stirrer, but when you start to use the airbrush the pain will litterally split from the thinner and become a kind of glue which will be quite impossible to clean from the nozzle. Anyone know how to use them properly? Thanks! So that's all for now
  9. Hi all, well this is my new model in the work. Since now everything it's ok. I looked for color references for the interiors but at the end I choose dto use the coloured pictures that are in the little book that comes with the model. I know that the green is too dark. It's a mixture of Tamiya cockpit green and deep green. It's should have been a little bit more light. The grey parts are painted with Lifecolors "Grigio azzurro chiaro 1". I'm planing to paint the exteriors with the earlier three coulour camouflage scheme with Lifecolor Regia Aeronautica color set. Just thinking how to make aerials.
  10. Thank you! Yeah...I'm with you...outdoor are much better...but those decals...argh...even with Micro Sol, two layers of clear coat, and weathering...and you still see the borders
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