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  1. Here's just four of the 304 images taken today.
  2. I had a very busy 5 hour research trip at Breighton Aerodrome today. I came away with lots of measurements and just over 300 reference photos of the 'Bruce'. Because I was working in the dull hangar, I shot everything in RAW format, so it's going to take a while to adjust and save each image to bring out the details to their best advantage. But I have lots of data to work with now, so it shouldn't be too long before I make a start on the patterns. I'll post up one or two reference photos later and can make them all available to anyone wanting to do a Broussard in the future.
  3. Dusky Vulcan

    Evening and night time images bring new life to familiar subjects. Thanks for sharing. A few years ago now, the North East Aircraft Museum did a night photo shoot and I got a few nice ones of their Vulcan, XL319. Here's a couple of favourites from that night.
  4. I'm off to Breighton this weekend, or at least one day of the weekend with my camera and survey equipment all ready! It's going to be a busy day.
  5. It was a great journey through this project which both dad and daughter enjoyed very much. Since completing Snoopy, she's now part way through a 1/144 scale Minicraft B-17G seen below. After the B-17, she has an Airfix D-Day Battlefront diorama which we won in the Airfix Chrstmas competition. All of these models have been building up her skills for a 1/72 scale Dambuster Lancaster with a family connection. Her great granddad was a bit of an oddity in that during WW2, he served in the RAF, Army and the Royal Navy! He died long before I met my wife, and never found out exactly what he did, but I suspect it was some technical specialty and worked in which ever service needed his skills at the time. His connection with the Dambusters was that he was involved with the altitude spotlights.
  6. The last couple of pictures. A close up with the glass fitted, and hanging on the bedroom wall, and another with the proud owner in the bedroom.
  7. Here we go, the big reveal!!!! Before screwing the front frame and glass in, we got some pictures so we didn't have to deal with the reflections from the glass. One very happy and proud modeller, and so she should be; it's turned out great!!
  8. The bolt blends in well with the background. The whole thing is very close to the big reveal in the frame, but I think you can all wait another day for that!! ;-)
  9. The mounting bolt length was calculated and cut, and it was then painted white and yellow to blend with the background picture. It was glued into the Triplane with cyano and a white nut used to space the model from the backscene. The kennel and the Triplane mounted. We were getting excited now, the end was in sight!
  10. The previous month, in mid July 2017, while at the Breighton Aerodrome Summer Fly/Drive-In, my daughter got to see how big a Triplane really was! While the model is tiny, it's easy to forget just how big the Triplane really is ( for a small aeroplane! )
  11. Once the back was attached, the kennel was fitted. I slotted the bolts on the kennel, carefully through the picture from the front and held it while my daughter screwed the nuts on. Her little fingers manage the M3 nuts far better than my sausage fingers!! The kennel fitted!
  12. August 10th. Final assembly!! The background picture that was glued to the MDF a few days before, was drilled for the kennel and Triplane mounting bolts. After that, I taped the back in place, and drilled 1.2mm holes for the panel pins that attach the back into the frame. This is because the frame wood is only about 3/16 inch thick, and without pre-drilling, the nails would follow the grain and split the wood. So with the holes drilled, my daughter slowly nailed the panel pins home, and the tape was removed.
  13. At the age of eight, I'm not sure she wants to negotiate a licence agreement with the creators of Snoopy to sell copies!! :-)
  14. That's tomorrow's post!! ;-)