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  1. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    :-) I make a lot of use of a x15 watch makers magnifier!
  2. 1/144 Scale BBMF Lancaster and Dakota

    The camo was masked up this morning, along with an Auster I'm also building, and the dark green was sprayed this afternoon.
  3. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    With all the parts cleaned up, the cockpit and prop were fitted into the fuselage and the halves joined. I put a few bits of tape on while she held it and then she ran some liquid glue along the joints, being careful not to get too close to the prop. After that, the engineer gave the model a quick engine test to make sure all was well! The only other progress was that she asked me to do more painting of the figures, so I did all the boots and shoes. I think painting small bits like that on more than one figure was a bit daunting. This was however, a joint quality time project for us both, so I expected to be doing some bits for her.
  4. 1/72 Sopwith F-1 Camel

    Make sure there's room in the coffin for a kit or two!!
  5. 1/72 Sopwith F-1 Camel

    You'll get there. As I said before, it's a tricky kit. It's small and looks fairly simple, but it's fiddly and fragile, and even though I've been building for 45 years, it was still a challenge for me.
  6. 1/72 Sopwith F-1 Camel

    This is my one....
  7. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    I started about 4 years old, but my dad was as much as a novice as me, so we both learned and made many mistakes as we went. My daughter has the benefit of my 45+ years of experience to keep her on the right track, and as a result, the finished models are far better than I was doing at that age.
  8. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    After the prop, pilot, seat and floor were assembled, the fuselage sides and tailplanes were cut and trimming started. I double sided some fine sand paper to a piece of styrene for a small sanding card so she could clean up the sprue cuts. Here, the tailplane halves are being sanded.
  9. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    She's had a go of my dual action Iwata Kustom TH, but even restricting the paint and airflow, hasn't got the necessary control so far. She on to her fifth model at present, so there's plenty of time yet!
  10. Airlander...ooops....

    Anyone who has bought party balloons knows they last a week or so and then go flat!
  11. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    The thin vac-formed base was to be glued to a wooden base eventually, but during the initial work on it, it was still separate. The moulding is quite crude, and if I were doing this diorama myself, I'd be scratch building it all. Particularly annoying are the huge tar ridges between the concrete slabs in the dispersal, but I'm sure my daughter wouldn't care less. So it will do for us, but with a little work to improve it. The green being painted in the photo below is just an undercoat for the texture which will be added later. I don't like model railroading grass powders, and have found fine sand gives a much nicer effect. So when the time comes, the grassed areas will be covered in sand to be painted later. Because the moulding is thin and fragile, I planned to open up the entrance to the shelters myself and it would also need some styrene floor adding once this is cut open. For someone who wasn't even five at the time, she took a great deal of care working on the project.
  12. Paragon 1/48 Manchester (and Lincoln too!)

    I've only recently joined the forum, but found this thread last night and had a very enjoyable read and look at the progress. Thanks for taking the time to share your progress.
  13. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    I use acrylics occasionally, mostly Tamiya, but much prefer real paint and the smell of cellulose thinners!! :-)
  14. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    As far as I know, the BoB set has been around for a long time. The vehicles are at least 1970's as I built them as a kid. I'm guessing the Spit is equally as old! The figures were given a first coat of blue paint. They needed another at some point, as the tin was brand new and it's very thin. The solvent hasn't had time to evaporate out, so thickening up the paint. The rubbery figures are horrible to work with and I don't know why Airfix continues to use this flexible plastic for figures. The rubbery ones are ok for a kid to play with, but I expect most figures are bought by modellers for dioramas, not as child's toys. The figures supplied as part of the original fuel tanker kits ( and other Airfix vehicle kits ) are normal styrene, but it's about time we had some new figures, ideally in hard plastic so alterations are possible? It's hard to trim flash off, the figures can't be modified, and the paint often flakes off if they bend at all. We won't be using all the figures in this diorama, and probably only one of the tankers. The spares can go towards a future build.
  15. Spitfire PR.IG Diorama ( with a twist ) 1/72 Scale

    The first step was to give the parts a quick wash. The rubbery plastic figures were given a longer soak. After everything dried off, it was time to start painting of the inside of the fuselage, seat, floor, pilot and prop. All the paint tins were Blu-tacked down to the board so they didn't get tipped over. You can see the concentration in the first picture! All done, drying and happy with the progress so far.