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  1. It's a tricky little model to build, but you should be happy with it. It may not be perfect and mine wasn't either. Give it a few days, look at it on a shelf instead of up close and I'm sure you'll see a nice little colourful representation of the original.
  2. She's strained a muscle or tendon or something in her calf. She's a Girl Guides leader and had her elder 'Ranger' group ten pin bowling. They were into the second game and she was walking towards releasing the ball, when something went twang in her calf! The alley was over near her parents, so they had to rescue her and her car and bring them back to Durham! It wasn't as if she was doing anything particularly strenuous!! It's improving, but she's got another appointment on Tuesday. Despite the odd cut finger or sanding graze, modelling is a much safer pass-time!!
  3. Funny you should say that. I had to drive my wife to the physio yesterday after she hurt her leg. The building was old and the brickwork and mortar lines were lumpy and wiggly exactly like that brick paper you used. I took some pictures, but they aren't hosted anywhere, so can't add them here, but I was amused at the concave and convex shaped bricks and the mortar lines which followed the shape of the bricks! As soon as I saw the building, the brick paper popped straight into my head!
  4. Just letting you all know it's not forgotten, but with modelling being my third and least active hobby, projects can be on hold for some time. I got the guest bedroom finished, but with the good weather arriving, work has moved to the garden. I'm now building my new astronomical observatory ( second hobby ) and we're into military vehicle season ( first hobby ), so modelling is way down the list of priorities right now. The Skystreak is still on the bench in plain sight and keeps reminding me it's there every time I'm in the workshop, but the workshop is quite full with bits of shed being modified!
  5. I recall many years ago, a young lad on a railway forum, who made a micro Z scale circular layout on CD. A small loop of track and a small hill in the centre.
  6. @fishplanebeer Have you tried contacting the archives section of the RAF Museum at Hendon? They claimed many years ago, to have the largest aviation archive in the world. Back in the 1980s, they photocopied a complete B-17 pilot's manual for me at a cost of about £20. These days, if they have the info you are looking for, I think they email it via PDF. T: 020 8358 4873 askcollections@rafmuseum.org Archive & Library RAF Museum London Grahame Park Way London, NW9 5LL
  7. That lumpy brick work looks better at a distance and works when seen in context with the rest of the building, rather than just examining the brickwork on its own. Looking forwards to your return and further progress.
  8. Why is A B C before X Y Z? and why are numbers infinite?
  9. There have been pictures on Facebook today. Tip of the nose intact, cockpit to wing leading edge burned away. Starboard wing spar broken or burned through as that wing is lying at about half the height of the fuselage, rather than the shoulder position.
  10. No progress on the Skystreak lately. I've been too busy working on a 1/1 scale guest bedroom.
  11. If razors with five blades are so good at cutting, why doesn't my lawn mower have five blades!?
  12. Why does a non-stick surface stick to a frying pan?
  13. The lead flashing is a nice touch. It's not something you see very often.
  14. What's a metric system! Born late 60s, grew up in the 70s and always used real measurements!!
  15. After 11 pages of this, I'm ready to unsubscribe from this topic, but why do I find myself still coming back for every new post?!
  16. Nice result. I too like the flying shots. I've made a couple of those myself, for the owners of the real Austers the models were based on. The first is a J1N while the second was a MkV. Always nice to see more of them.
  17. Looks great, but still think you need a pond and slipway in the garden. Even a photoshoot down at the beach on a calm day!!
  18. Here's a trip down memory lane!! My dad built this wooden airport for a Christmas present one year. It hosted many bedroom and garden airshows over the years!! Did anyone else have their own model airshows as a child?
  19. Here's mine, based on a 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron P-47 Thunderbolt scheme. The background images are also mine, taken using my reflector telescope in my garden observatory.
  20. In the Star Wars universe, why are they so opposed to handrails around elevated platforms and walkways? Now I know it was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away; which probably puts it before the 1974 Health & Safety at Work Act, but still, you would expect the Empire to have some small degree of responsibility towards the longevity of its employees. It's in their own interests.
  21. An intake was added to the fuselage today. It's not a normal Chipmunk feature, so must have been something added for the film. After much consulting of screen captures, I drilled the wings for the rigging wires. Again, these were added for the film, one around the main spar position and one just behind the leading edge of the wing.
  22. I didn't manage much modelling in 2021 and both completed models were for other people. They were a 1/48 scale Airfix Spitfire Vb and a 1/72 scale Revell P-47D Thunderbolt in Burma markings ( see below ). Not much, but read on, I haven't been idle!!! Now for the reasons/excuses! I spent January packing up the contents of my house, ready to move house in February. February was spent stripping out all the machines, tools, benches and units from my existing workshop. The house move happened late February. March was spent rebuilding my workshop in the new house, in a room around 20ft square ( bar one corner taken up by another room ). I also made a little photo studio and display area in a cloakroom cupboard. The workshop was first so I had somewhere to make mess while working on the house. April was felling a number of trees to tame the garden and April and May were decorating and re-plumbing the utility rooms, the office and guest room. June was started as decorating my daughter's bedroom, but which ended up being gutted with new ceiling fitted and plastering. July was fitting out shelving and storage in the garage. Some of August was a short holiday. During September and October, I took a break from major work on the house ( though it continued ) to strip down my 1/1 scale Flying Control Dodge Weapon Carrier and repaint it back to standard olive drab finish in order to get it in the garage. I'd hoped that the builders I'd booked would have modified the garage doors by September, but I'm still waiting! November I was back in the house, finishing my daughter's bedroom having got the electrics and plastering finished and also started to add another 8 inches of insulation in the main loft ( 14 x 14 metres ). Then in December, I was back on the Dodge for part 2 of the work, building an A-Frame crane in the rear. That was finished on Christmas morning, after present opening and before in the in-laws arrived. So there you go, a really busy year! I hope those are reasonable excuses for my lack of plastic activity. At least I was still building, even if most of it was at 1/1 scale!!! Now the pictures..... Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Vb Revell 1/72 P-47 Thunderbolt My new workshop, before and after pics. The mini photo studio and display area. The Flying Control Dodge at the new house. As it stood, it was too tall to fit through the garage door. I'd booked some builders to fix that problem and I'm still waiting as of January 2022. The Dodge WC51 stripdown. Stripping off the old paint. First side done. Then the truck was turned around to work on the second side. Quite a bit of welding was needed here and there to patch areas rusted through with new metal. Starting the repaint into olive drab. Painting was completed late October and it was out for the November Remembrance services on the 11th and 14th. Building the crane in the back of the Dodge. The jib winch. Crane head, ready to be welded in place. Ready for painting. A chain hoist is used for the lifting. Finally, complete and out for a photoshoot on December 30th.
  23. Try and clean up as much as possible while the part is still attached to the sprue, then there's a bigger piece to hold.
  24. There were a number of micro bubbles in the resin too, as I don't have a vacuum chamber yet, but I can live with those. The excess resin and wire around the wheel was trimmed off with some wire cutters and given a light sand. It took some effort to chase the air out of the bubble hole after resin was added, but eventually I got there. I then added a little more resin on top to allow any air to rise away from the wheel. This would be sanded off and polished. After the wheels were left to cure again, the filler around the pylons was sanded and then primed again. That was as far as I got today.
  25. This morning, I peeled off the top weighted board to reveal the wheels. Not too bad, but a couple of large air bubbles in them. The excess resin on the outside could easily be trimmed away, but I concluded the best way to hide the bubbles was more of the same resin. It would have the same optical quality and so should hide the bubbles. I'd need to mix up more resin than needed to get the quantities right to get a good cure.
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