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  1. Army_Air_Force

    Planes in my Town Square!

    I like the look of that twin!
  2. Army_Air_Force

    Sopwith Camel 2F.1

    How are you planning to do the rigging? I did this Fokker EIII and PT-17 Kaydet with 0.1mm stainless steel wire. The roll, which I think was 10 metres, cost around £1.50 from Ebay. I stretched a piece a little, between two sets of pliers to straighten it, and cut it slightly over length with a scalpel on a hard surface so I didn't bend the end. Sometimes I needed to roll the wire between two pieces of hard plywood to help straighten it from the roll. It was offered up to the model to check the length, and carfully trimmed to size. One end then had a tiny spot of PVA woodworking glue applied, and that end attached to the centre strut on the EIII. It was left a minute or so until the glue had enough grab that the other end of the wire could be moved without pulling the first joint off. I tiny spot of PVA was then added to the free end, and the wire lifted into place with a cocktail stick. The glue dries clear, and is lost once the matt coat was sprayed over. Biplanes are a bit more tricky, getting the wire in the correct place between the wings, but so long as the length was cut correctly, and the first glued end left long enough to grab and hold it attached, lifting the second end into place was fairly easy after that.
  3. Army_Air_Force

    Electric motor to spin prop- recommendations?

    Four geared motors in a 1/144 scale B-17.
  4. I finally found a few minutes to try some different yellows and finally settled for Humbrol 24 for the Ryan. The photos above look more orange, but it's all to do with the camera settings and light it is photographed in. It got a few thin coats during the afternoon. I painted it over the grey primer rather than white, as I didn't want it too bright and fresh looking. The original aircraft has been in that scheme for many years. The final coat may yet get a tiny bit of orange or red in it. It all depends on how this looks once cured and in natural light. I think the scratch built landing gear will have to come next. The kit and resin modification only includes faired in legs, not open struts.
  5. Prologue The building of this model came about as the result of an experience I had in the Summer of 2016. Without that, I most likely wouldn't have chosen the Ryan to build, as I don't like rigging wires, and the Ryan has plenty! So before the build, I'm going to tell that story that put me on the path to build a Ryan PT-22 Recruit. In mid July 2016, I had taken my "Follow Me" Jeep to the annual Summer 1940's Fly/Drive-In at Breighton airfield in Yorkshire. On Saturday evening, they hold a hangar party, with a live band, stand up comedian and a barbeque. My Jeep was on display outside the hangar, and a number of people there expressed an interest in having a drive or a ride. 13 miles later, having made numerous trips up and down the airfield, everyone who wanted to, had a go! The following day, one of the museum guys said how much fun everyone had behind the wheel and that it was kind to let so many strangers have a go. In return for the Jeep rides, he offered me a flight in any of the collection aircraft that took my fancy! In the collection was a 1942 Ryan PT-22 Recruit, and having long held an interest in the US 8th Air Force, it was a great opportunity to have a ride in this US primary trainer. The aircraft is still in the civil scheme it wore when imported. 500 ex-military PT-22's were released onto the civillian market as ST3KR's and this example is one of those. So late afternoon on Sunday July 17th, I was strapped into the front seat of the Ryan in near perfect flying conditions.
  6. Army_Air_Force

    Refuelling Set - 1/76 Scale (A302V)

    I think the Bedford is meant to look abit more like this. An internet search brings up a number of photos of the fullsize without the refuelling arms.
  7. Army_Air_Force

    Framing Completed builds

    Like this? 1/72 DH88. 1/144 scale BBMF 1/72 F-1 Camel 1/72 P-51D 1/72 Spitfire Pr1G
  8. Army_Air_Force

    What Do You With Olk Kit Boxes

    I've used the box in a few builds recently, framed for wall hanging, but there's no reason why you couldn't incorporate the box art into a display base.
  9. Army_Air_Force

    Fokker E.iii 1/144 (I'm sick)

    How about a clear acrylic hub, scored with a knife for the spokes and the score lines stained with ink/paint etc?
  10. Army_Air_Force

    "Lanc, Tank & Military Machines" East Kirkby - May 26 & 28th

    Lancaster "Just Jane" moved around the airfield several times each day, giving plenty of opportunities for photographs. However, it was during an early morning toilet trip with my daughter on Monday, that we saw the Lanc being towed out of the hangar. After waiting to see if the Lanc was left on the hardstand rather than the grass, we rushed back to the tent, and brought "Jessie" over for a quick photoshoot. That now makes three Lancs posing with "Jessie" to add to my previous photoshoots with two P-51's, Spitfire MH434, C-47 Dakotas, and the Y.A.M. Halifax. It was a great show and worth attending as a member of the public or as an exhibitor.
  11. "Jessie the Jeep" and myself have been on our travels again. This was my second visit to East Kirkby, but my first to this event. My last trip there was four years ago for the three Lancasters event. The forecast was for good weather, despite a five and a half hour trip there through heavy rain! On the first day there was a thin overcast and a stiff breeze which pulled the temperature down, but the sun still burned without realising. "Jessie" was parked up in a nice spot in front of the tower, and not having any display to watch over, allowed me to wander freely and see all that was going on. Lancaster "Just Jane" made several taxi runs across the day, and the Battle of Britain Flight sent a Spitfire to give a few flypasts. In addition to "Jessie", there were a good number of other RAF vehicles on show around the site.
  12. Army_Air_Force

    "Lanc, Tank & Military Machines" East Kirkby - May 26 & 28th

    Monday was a bit more calm and had clearer sky, giving good light for pictures. The tank battle from Saturday was repeated again, and using video rather than stills to capture the action. I then used one of my astronomy programs to split the video into individual frames so I could pick out the Jackson's muzzle flash.
  13. Army_Air_Force

    "Lanc, Tank & Military Machines" East Kirkby - May 26 & 28th

    There were a large variety of military vehicles on show, mainly World War 2 era, but there were several more modern vehicles there too. Armour was represented by two M24 Chaffees and an M36 Jackson tank destroyer. Around fifteen minutes after the BBMF display on Monday, B-17 Preservation brought B-17 "Sally B" over the field for their ten minute display. The sky quality appeared to improve for the B-17, and the display quality was far better too. The BBMF, even after so many years on the display circuit, seem incapable of showing the top side of their aircraft. The only exceptions are at the far side of an orbit at some distance in front of the crowd, or during a roll, when the top is in shadow. B-17 Preservation pilots have always shown "Sally B" from all angles, and don't need to pull high G manoeuvres to do it. The faded paintwork on the B-17 looked great, but the scheme which is wrong for a G model, and has been worn since 1989, is getting very tired at airshows. I don't know why they don't change the group colours and markings more often as it would allow more merchandising to support the aircraft.
  14. Army_Air_Force

    "Lanc, Tank & Military Machines" East Kirkby - May 26 & 28th

    In addition to Lancaster "Just Jane", the resident C-47 Skytrain was out on the airfield too. The recently arrived Mosquito, formerly at Elvington, was in the hangar, minus its engines. At one point during the day, a number of RAF vehicles and re-enactors set up in front of the Lancaster for a photoshoot. It's always difficult to shoot familiar subjects in a new way, but I did manage a few arty shots, but with over 500 photos taken, I could only pick a very small selection to put on my website. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight only gave a Spitfire flypast on Saturday, but returned in strength on Monday for a full display by the Lanc, Hurricane and a different Spitfire. The sky was quite hazy and didn't make for good photographs. Off in the distance and haze, a rare topside view.
  15. Army_Air_Force

    Amateur Aussie Stargazers Discover

    It's a while since I caught a supernova myself. I think my last one was SN2014j in Messier 82. I haven't done much deepsky work since then.
  16. Army_Air_Force

    Problems with ARC, need help from fellow BM member

    I've now emailed Steve, but as he's having update issues, I'm guessing he's aware of the problem. I informed him that the text box wasn't working for me in either messages or posts.
  17. Army_Air_Force

    Problems with ARC, need help from fellow BM member

    @scotthldr Just spotted this on the ARC home page......... There's obviously issues.
  18. Army_Air_Force

    Problems with ARC, need help from fellow BM member

    Just checked ARC and I can't send Steve a message as there's no text box in the message system. Haven't tried posting, but there's a problem that isn't just you. Steve
  19. Army_Air_Force

    Problems with ARC, need help from fellow BM member

    I wasn't having any problems, though I have had this problem on a forum before.
  20. The Breighton Radial Fly-In was my first camping trip of 2018. Unusually for a bank holiday, the forecast was for hot and dry, and I made the three hour trip down to Breighton on Saturday 5th, in shirt sleeves with the Jeep doors off. I set up camp near one of the old wartime technical site huts. There were a number of people already flying, enjoying the beautiful weather. As the evening drew on, and the sun went down, I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the Jeep around the airfield. On Sunday morning, I helped the guys get the collection aircraft out onto the flight line. Here's four of the Real Aero collection, two Bucker Jungmanns, a Bucker Jungmeister and the Ryan PT-22 Recruit that I flew two years ago. Most of the rest of the collection were lined up outside the hangars. A few aircraft were undergoing maintenance, such as the Broussard, Arrow Active 2 and Yak18a, and they were left inside. Once the aircraft were all on display, I brought my Jeep around to its usual spot by the tower. In addition to the aircraft, the Bristol Hercules and Rolls Royce Merlin aircraft engines were there and made a number of runs across the day.
  21. It could open up a whole theme of "Display Team Schemes of the World on a Spitfire". Thunderbirds, Blue Angels, Patrouille Acrobatique de France, Frecce Tricolori etc. Looks like there's lotts of options to chose from..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_air_display_teams
  22. This was only the second "Against the Odds" re-enactment event at Elvington, the museum's replacement for the retired Yorkshire Military Vehicle Trust "Battlegroup North" event. As seen below, it was a rare chance to see the Handley Page Halifax outdoors and get some unique photos. I arrived with my Jeep mid afternoon on Friday 11th and set up camp near the control tower. The rest of the day allowed me to get some photos of the Halifax and other museum exhibits without people in the way. As evening came, I took further pictures of the Halifax in the evening light. By Saturday morning all the re-enactor and vehicle displays had arrived and were set up ready. They included a few civilian cars, a few other military vehicles, bomb disposal, airborne troops and dancers. I've combined a number of pictures on this page to try and show as much as possible without the pictures getting out of hand.
  23. Army_Air_Force

    Yorkshire Air Museum "Against The Odds" - May 12/13th

    The last complete Halifax was scrapped in the 1960's I believe, knowing it was the last of its type. The RAF Museum found their early Halifax in a lake and recovered it in the early 1970's, but deemed it too fragile to restore. For a long time, the Yorkshire Museum Halifax re-creation was the only way to see a complete Halifax. More recently, a Canadian team recovered a crash wreck from a Norwegian lake, and fully restored it to static condition.
  24. Like it! Reminds me of Spencer Flack's Spitfire from the 1980's.
  25. Army_Air_Force

    Yorkshire Air Museum "Against The Odds" - May 12/13th

    Below the pilot is the radio operator. Navigator's position. The bomb aimer's position. Back outside the Halifax; an amazing experience.