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  1. Tu-16K-10-26

    Thank you my friend
  2. Tu-16K-10-26

    Thank you. Yes - mythic plane
  3. Tu-16K-10-26

    Спасибо!, с рождеством!!
  4. Tu-16K-10-26

    Yes& Bomber legenda
  5. Tu-16K-10-26

    SPASIBO for your attention. 1:72. Egypt had 31 Tu-16 (the Tu-16T, Tu-16КСР-2, Tu-16КСР-2-11, Tu-16P and Tu-16K) Благодарю
  6. Tu-16K-10-26

    Thank you! You get SPASIBO
  7. The Tupolev Tu-16 (NATO reporting name: Badger)[3] was a twin-engined jet strategic heavy bomber used by the Soviet Union. It has flown for more than 60 years, and the Chinese licence-built Xian H-6 remains in service with the People's Liberation Army Air Force. Role Strategic bomber Manufacturer Voronezh Aircraft Production Association [1] Designer Tupolev First flight 27 April 1952 Introduction 1954 Retired 1993 (in former Soviet Union nations) Primary users Soviet Air Force Egyptian Air Force Iraqi Air Force Indonesian Air Force Number built 1,509[2] Variants Tupolev Tu-104 Tupolev Tu-124 Xian H-6 The model is presented in different variants: with open hatches, with closed, with missiles, without them, with open and closed hatches. All pleasant viewing.
  8. the translation will surely be bad, but I'll try: there should not be unnecessary and unnecessary objects in the frame: the tile, the grid fence is visible from the balcony, the pipe, the gray table in the background, the prominent parts from the trees are not on the scale with the model ..... And then , that falls into the photo frame should be in scale with the model. I'll give an example of a photo in my opinion that ideally fulfills these. Regards YURY.
  9. The plane is interesting, but not presented very well. Shoot on a solid background, with the obligatory display of the bottom. Looks like a well painted plastic toy. Regards, Yuri.
  10. Work may be good, but at the posted photos to say practically nothing. Regards, Yuri.
  11. Tu-22KD

    SPASIBO! The backlight is made on the basis of the wireless call at the door - there is the electronic plateau and include distance and aircraft lights. Most importantly a good, long-lasting battery. Good luck in your creativity!!
  12. Ilyushin Il-96

    The Il-96-300 can be a good to do from PAS-models
  13. Tu-22KD

    To hang NP Lisky, then in the editor they are overwritten