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  1. This slipway is probably easier than mine - I always wanted to have 4 legs
  2. From you especially pleased to read!
  3. Now understand - this device I bought on the Internet
  4. It's just a flat surface - a sheet of paper, and on it stands the model
  5. Do not quite understand You
  6. Hello, everybody. Represent their jobs-ANT-4 with parachute cabin. To begin with, a small reference aircraft ANT-4 - prototype bomber TB-1, rose into the air on November 26, 1925 it was truly a legendary machine. Thereto in many cases the definition of "first Soviet": the first Soviet bomber designs submitted into production, the first domestic bomber-monoplane, the first Soviet all-metal bomber. In addition, ANT-4 became the ancestor of a family of multi-engine aircraft, developed under the guidance of A. N. Tupolev. It was with the advent of TB-1 that the formation of strategic aviation in our country actually began.In a closed from all sides and ventral cab CP-1 to the red army, of course, was more convenient. It weighed about a ton and could contain about the same 16 people. They were up on two narrow benches. At a signal from the commander of the soldiers slipped on the benches forward and one by one fell down into the open hatches. If " automatic
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    Thank you my friend
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    Thank you. Yes - mythic plane
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    Спасибо!, с рождеством!!
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    Yes& Bomber legenda
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    SPASIBO for your attention. 1:72. Egypt had 31 Tu-16 (the Tu-16T, Tu-16КСР-2, Tu-16КСР-2-11, Tu-16P and Tu-16K) Благодарю