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  1. C-87 in 1/144 by Muroc Models

    Hello Caerbannog, At first I plan to do standard WWII markings. I might get to Bill Odom's C-87A in the future, one draw back is it had several differences compared to the early C-87. This includes different windows and tail cap. Thanks, David
  2. C-87 in 1/144 by Muroc Models

    Hello, Here is a conversion of the Academy/Minicraft 1/144 B-24J into an early C-87. The C-87 was a cargo/troop version of the B-24D. It had a rather poor reputation, in part due to numerous crashes while flying “the Hump”. One was built to function as the first Air Force One, but it was decided that the C-87 was too dangerous too carry FDR. The nose art is “Hump Happy”. The decals are ALPS printed. The olive drab/neutral gray paint is Mr. Color lacquer. The conversion required modifying the nose to a shorter solid piece and adding many side windows. The small windows were done with Kristal Klear and decal film. The tail has been modified and corrected. The cowlings and engines are resin replacements. The canopy has been replaced with a reshaped vacuformed part. If I can fix some of the problems that popped up in this build, this resin conversion may be released by Muroc Models. The issues included the vertical fins being angled too far back and the kit sitting tail high due to long main gear struts. The 7 grams of weight I put in the nose was not quite enough to make it sit on its nose wheel (In the pictures the model is sitting on a down-slope to make it sit properly). The Minicraft B-24 is a bear of a kit. You can see that a second test build is under way with the cargo door opened up. This will be finished as a bare metal aircraft. David Muroc Models
  3. Hello, Muroc is still around, I just do a good job of hiding. I have a strange business model, the less time I spend casting, the more time I can spend on new projects. I can be contacted at newmanispwest at yahoo dot com. David Muroc Models
  4. 1/72 XB-46

    Hello, Here are a couple of photos of the resin 1/72 XB-46 by Anigrand. The kit appears accurate in shape. The XB-46 had a wingspan near that of a B-24, but was 50% longer than a B-24. The larger parts were slightly distorted. This was overcome by gluing in sections. The nose glass is too small. The fuselage needed lots of putty above the wing, as this was indented. The model was donated to the the "First Flights Wall" at the Edwards AFB Museum. The Museum's F-100 shows up in the background of the photos. This collection is built with the canopy painted blue. The kit's decals were missing many markings. David Muroc Models
  5. YO-3A Yoyo Unicraft 1/72

    Great build. I have seen a couple in museums and the one NASA had used as a slow speed chase plane. David Muroc Models
  6. Hello, Here is a scratch-built X-56A MUTT. The X-56A is a small unmanned Flying Wing which was built to test ways to overcome wing flutter. I build for the First Flights Wall display at the AFFTC Museum at Edwards AFB. This is a 1/72nd collection of everything that had a first flight at Edwards AFB. The model was carved from sheet polystyrene and the decals are ALPS printed. David Muroc Models
  7. 1/72 YRB-49A by Muroc Models released

    Hello, Just contact me by email (newmanispwest at yahoo dot com) to let me know what you would like and where you are at. I might need to cast some items and then I will get everything together and get back to you. Thanks, David Muroc Models
  8. 1/72 YRB-49A by Muroc Models released

    Hello, Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Violet Club, I do take PayPal. My email is in the first post in this string. Thank You, David Muroc Models
  9. 1/72 YRB-49A by Muroc Models released

    Hello, Here is the list of kits by Muroc Models. I try to keep most in stock, but some will be out of stock until I get a change to cast more. I have an odd business model, I try my best to keep my kits secret. This way, I spend less time casting and more time on new projects. I am working on 1/144 C-87. Thank You, David 1/48TH SCALE RD7 4801 M2F1 Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $72.00 RD4 4802 F-8C Digital Fly By Wire Resin conversion (Hasegawa) $44.00 use RD4 4802 with decal D 4805 RD4 4803 F-8C MAX Resin conversion (Hasegawa) $39.00 RD4 4804 F-8C BASIC Resin conversion (Hasegawa) $21.00 RD4 4805 F-8A (F8U-1) MAX Resin conversion (Hasegawa) $39.00 R1 4806 Early F-8 seat Resin conversion (Hasegawa) $7.00 RD4 4807 AQM-37 A/C Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $7.50 R1 4808 LAU-24 launcher, early (for AQM-37) Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $2.50 R1 4809 LAU-24 launcher, late (for AQM-37) Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $2.50 R1 4810 LAU-24 launcher, F-16 (for AQM-37) Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $3.50 1/72ND SCALE RD6 7201 AD-1 Oblique Wing Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $29.00 RD6 7202 F-100 Zero Launch (ZEL) Resin conversion (Italeri) $15.50 RD6 7203 F-15 RPRV Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $13.00 RD4 7204 F-8C Digital Fly By Wire Resin conversion (Academy) $13.50 Use RD4 7204 with decal D 7204 RD4 7205 F-8A Crusader Resin conversion (Academy) $12.00 RD9 7206 F-8A Super Critical Wing Resin conversion (Academy) $33.00 RD4 7207 F-8C Crusader Resin conversion (Academy) $12.00 RD6 7209 HiMAT Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $24.00 RD7 7210 Hyper III Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $22.00 RD6 7211 JB-1 Flying Wing Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $26.00 RD6 7212 JB-1A Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $22.00 RD1 7213 JF-104 Resin conversion (Revell of Germany) $12.00 RD6 7214 M2-F1 Lifting Body Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $29.00 RD6 7217 X-38 Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $26.00 RD6 7218 XA3D-1 Resin conversion (Hasagawa) $22.00 RD4 7219 Mini-Sniffer Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $10.00 RD4 7220 Mini-Sniffer III Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $11.00 RD4 7221 Swept-Wing X-1 Resin conversion (Tamiyal) $12.00 RD7 7222 HS-2L Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $79.00 RD12 7223 HS-1L Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $76.00 RD12 7224 YRB-49A Resin conversion (AMT) $59.00 1/144TH SCALE RD4 14402 F-8 SCW Resin conversion (Platz) $15.50 R1 14403 J93 Engine Pod for B-58 Resin conversion (Hobbycraft) $3.00 RD4 14404 M2-F1 Lifting Body Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $12.00 RD4 14405 X-1A Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $13.00 RD4 14406 X-2 Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $15.50 RD4 14407 X-38 Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $11.00 R4 14408 SCA, Current, Detail Set Resin conversion (Revell) $13.00 R4 14409 SCA, ALT Detail Set Resin conversion (Revell) $13.00 RD6 14410 B-29 (X-1 Mothership) 1947 Resin conversion (Fujimi) $22.00 R1 14411 X-1 Loading Pit Resin display base $20.00 R1 14412 B-29 Propellers Resin Details $11.00 Various SCALES RD7 V01 EGGS-1 Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $26.00 RD4 2001 YRB-49A Resin Conversion (Cyber-Hobby) $20.00 DECALS D 14401 B-58 & B-47 1/144 (Edwards Test Aircraft) $6.00 D 14402 NASA/NACA R4D 1/144 NACA and NASA decals $7.00 D 14403 NASA ETF-51D 1/144 Scale $1.50 D 14411 X-1A, B and D (All three) 1/144 $5.00 D 4801 B-58 1/48 (Edwards Test) $7.00 D 4802 NASA R4D 1/48 NASA only $9.00 D 4803 NASA ETF-51D 1/48 Scale $3.50 D 4805 NASA F-8 Digital Fly By Wire 1/48 Scale (updated) $6.00 D 7201 B-58 1/72 (Edwards Test) $3.50 D 7202 NASA R4D 1/72 NASA only $6.00 D 7203 NASA ETF-51D 1/72 Scale $2.50 D 7204 NASA F-8 Digital Fly By Wire 1/72 Scale $4.00 Use RD4 7204 with decal D 7204 D 7205 NACA R4D 1/72 NACA only $6.00 D 7206 F-8 Crusader Project One Grand 1/72 Scale $2.50 D 7207 F-8 Crusader VMF 235 1/72 Scale $7.00 D V01 NACA Shields Various scales $3.50
  10. Hello, I have finished the YRB-49A conversion for the AMT YB-49. It makes for a large model, with a wingspan of about two and a half feet. If you search in Work in Progress - Aircraft for Muroc, you can see some build pictures. The resin conversion (with decals and vacuformed clear parts) is available for $59 plus postage. Production might be slow. You can contact me at newmanispwest at yahoo dot com. As with many projects by Muroc Models, this started as a part of a display for the Museum at Edwards AFB. It will be placed on the "First Flights Wall", which is a 1/72 collection intended to include everything which made its first flight at Edwards. These are all built with blue painted canopies and gear up. One of the pictures shows it sitting in front of the the Museum's F-106. David Muroc Models
  11. AMT YB-49 converted to YRB-49A

    Hello, Thank you crossofiron1971 and 71chally. I will move this to Rumormonger when I post the finished kit. David
  12. Hello, I have been working on converting the 1/72 8-engined YB-49 to a six-engined YRB-49A. This will be part of the "First Flights Wall" at the Edwards AFB museum. The pictures show the resin conversion being installed. The Muroc Models conversion is almost ready for release. David, Muroc Models
  13. 1/44th P-38G by F-toys

    I am not sure, but the plastic behaved like hard styrene (or polystyrene). I used Tamiya liquid cement, which worked well enough. It ate into the plastic slower and to a lesser degree than most kits. I used super glue in some areas without issues. The paint that they come with was tough stuff, not touched by mineral spirits or lacquer thinner. I ran a sanding stick over the paint to clean any unevenness in the original paint and remove the original decals. Cafe Reo does some nice subjects as well, but I have not tried any of there kits yet. Thanks, David
  14. Hello, Here is F-toys P-38 rebuilt and repainted as an Alaskan P-38G. Quick build, easy kit, highly recommended. Paints are Testors enamels with pastels for weathering. The background is the Mojave Desert. Thanks, David Muroc Models
  15. Hello From The Mojave

    Hello, My name is David Newman from the Mojave Desert in California. I am a long time member of AVG/IPMS. I mainly build aircraft with the occasional softskin or civil vehicle. My main interest is post WWII American experimental types. Some of what I build is for the Flight Test Museum at Edwards AFB. I am just finishing a 1/72 YRB-49A for the Museum. Some of these projects get released as resin kits or conversions as part of my Muroc Models line. I build in several scales (1/200 to 1/32 normally) and several time periods (1800s to current). David Newman Muroc Models