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  1. Hello, I love both of them! Need to work on some of the F-Toys I have. David
  2. Hello, I finally finished the second test build for the C-87. I took some photos this morning with the Mojave desert as a backdrop. The C-87 has a metal finish using Tamiya spray and Alclad. There are many B&W photos of this aircraft, as it was featured in a Life photo essay. The rudders may have been some other color, but olive drab looked likely. The national insignia have a darker blue outline. The cargo doors have been cut out and a floor and bulkheads scratch-built. The conversion has been released. The conversion contains the following resin parts; fuselage ha
  3. Hello, I need to finish the 1/144th conversion before considering other scales. I might get to a 1/72 C-87 in the future, but no promises. If I do the 1/72 conversion, should it be based on the Hasegawa kit or the Minicraft/ kit? The Hasegawa kit is better but the Minicraft is cheaper and much more available (at least on the west coast of the USA). I am leaning toward Minicraft. Any thoughts? David Muroc Models
  4. Hello Caerbannog, At first I plan to do standard WWII markings. I might get to Bill Odom's C-87A in the future, one draw back is it had several differences compared to the early C-87. This includes different windows and tail cap. Thanks, David
  5. Hello, Here is a conversion of the Academy/Minicraft 1/144 B-24J into an early C-87. The C-87 was a cargo/troop version of the B-24D. It had a rather poor reputation, in part due to numerous crashes while flying “the Hump”. One was built to function as the first Air Force One, but it was decided that the C-87 was too dangerous too carry FDR. The nose art is “Hump Happy”. The decals are ALPS printed. The olive drab/neutral gray paint is Mr. Color lacquer. The conversion required modifying the nose to a shorter solid piece and adding many side windows. The small wind
  6. Hello, Muroc is still around, I just do a good job of hiding. I have a strange business model, the less time I spend casting, the more time I can spend on new projects. I can be contacted at newmanispwest at yahoo dot com. David Muroc Models
  7. Hello, Here are a couple of photos of the resin 1/72 XB-46 by Anigrand. The kit appears accurate in shape. The XB-46 had a wingspan near that of a B-24, but was 50% longer than a B-24. The larger parts were slightly distorted. This was overcome by gluing in sections. The nose glass is too small. The fuselage needed lots of putty above the wing, as this was indented. The model was donated to the the "First Flights Wall" at the Edwards AFB Museum. The Museum's F-100 shows up in the background of the photos. This collection is built with the canopy painted blue. The kit's decals we
  8. Great build. I have seen a couple in museums and the one NASA had used as a slow speed chase plane. David Muroc Models
  9. Hello, Here is a scratch-built X-56A MUTT. The X-56A is a small unmanned Flying Wing which was built to test ways to overcome wing flutter. I build for the First Flights Wall display at the AFFTC Museum at Edwards AFB. This is a 1/72nd collection of everything that had a first flight at Edwards AFB. The model was carved from sheet polystyrene and the decals are ALPS printed. David Muroc Models
  10. Hello, Just contact me by email (newmanispwest at yahoo dot com) to let me know what you would like and where you are at. I might need to cast some items and then I will get everything together and get back to you. Thanks, David Muroc Models
  11. Hello, Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Violet Club, I do take PayPal. My email is in the first post in this string. Thank You, David Muroc Models
  12. Hello, Here is the list of kits by Muroc Models. I try to keep most in stock, but some will be out of stock until I get a change to cast more. I have an odd business model, I try my best to keep my kits secret. This way, I spend less time casting and more time on new projects. I am working on 1/144 C-87. Thank You, David 1/48TH SCALE RD7 4801 M2F1 Polyurethane resin unassembled kit $72.00 RD4 4802 F-8C Di
  13. Hello, I have finished the YRB-49A conversion for the AMT YB-49. It makes for a large model, with a wingspan of about two and a half feet. If you search in Work in Progress - Aircraft for Muroc, you can see some build pictures. The resin conversion (with decals and vacuformed clear parts) is available for $59 plus postage. Production might be slow. You can contact me at newmanispwest at yahoo dot com. As with many projects by Muroc Models, this started as a part of a display for the Museum at Edwards AFB. It will be placed on the "First Flights Wall", which is a 1/72 collecti
  14. Hello, Thank you crossofiron1971 and 71chally. I will move this to Rumormonger when I post the finished kit. David
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