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  1. IPMS Farnborough Modelfest 2017

    Models For Heroes will be attending it's first ever Model Show at Farmborough. We will have some merchandise on the table and we will also be accepting kit donations there too.
  2. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Thanks Tony. Our very own @Ozzy set that up with them.
  3. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Yes indeed you did. Thank you for your support Clive! Im very grateful.
  4. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=479747065725908&id=401400523560563 Had a rocking morning at Help for Heroes today. I took some of your kits along to be built by the recovering beneficiaries there. There were many smiles and some very chilled chaps by the end of the morning. This modelling lark has got magical healing powers I tell you. Thanks for your ongoing support Britmodellers.
  5. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    The Models for Heroes mugs are back in stock guys. Be quick before they all run out again, again! http://www.modelsforheroes.co.uk/donate/mugs
  6. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Check out this incredible stack of donated kits received from donors at the Avon Model Show. Truly inspiring generosity and thoughtfulness. Ive forgetten everyones name but I know one chap was from BM. Thanks everyone!!
  7. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    @Tbolt is supporting us further with more kits for our heroes. Thanks so much for your efforts.
  8. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Brilliant brilliant and thrice brilliant!
  9. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Thanks @Tboltmate. Thats fantastic.
  10. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Hi Mike. We're still in the market for everything. We're sending kits to not only Help for Heroes but Combat Stress, Stoll Veterans, Scottys Little Soldiers, Veterans In Action, Mind and Felix Fund. So not only kits but funding, supplies, tools, paints.
  11. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    In the august issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling we have been given a full page article. Thanks so much to tall the Britmodellers that have been supporting us with kits over the last few months. Nothing can be done without your constant support so I have to thank you all very very much. May it continue with gumption.
  12. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Thank you Dag! The pineapple was purchased prepainted.
  13. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Hi guys, this week we sent out the most kits. 68 in total. Thanks to you chaps sending in the flying hours tokens, donating funds and kits. Thanks you britmodeller dudes!
  14. IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 13 August 2017, Thornbury

    I will be there with the Newbury club. The avon show was excellent last year and this will be my second time going, i may even roll some dice this time As always if anyone would like to donate any unwanted kits or bits to Models for Heroes I will glady take them to save you posting them.
  15. Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Hi DAG. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes we send kits up to Scottys. Often we get donated easy snap kits or the flying kits with the elastic bands that drive the props. We send these up to Scotty's in Kings Lynn for the youngsters.