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  1. Hi Black Kinight. If you send them all at once that will save you on postage. I have a few spare currently. Thanks mate!! Are these the ones that Mike is talking about?
  2. As promised... Here's some photographs of the modelling session the residents at Tedworth House enjoyed last night. Over both days there was 8 residents taking advantage of the generosity of Britmodellers. There were plenty of kits to go around, plenty of supplies and materials to use. The guys there got so involved that time slipped away so quickly. We had to leave some supplies there as the residents wanted to finish their models in the following days, quite rightly. If it wasn't for the amazing support I've had from this forum i wouldn't have been able to hold this session and make it the success. The next session will be in June at Chavasse House and I will hope to take photos there too. To continue these sessions across the country to help out these service personnel for as long as they need, we need a constant supply of kits, funds and supplies. www, for details on how to donate. Thanks for looking guys,
  3. Id echo your words, it was a massive success. Plus It was great to meet you Ozzy.
  4. Hi mate. I have a crowdfunding site and a PayPal link on my website. Or you can send a cheque to Models for Heroes at the address listed on Original Post. Malc
  5. Thanks Mike! Will do. At the moment we need nice side cutters and struggling to find some good ones at a good price. Ive got draper tools lined up to give me a quote but no dice yet. It's funding that we need currently. Kits we are swimming in!
  6. Hi Chaps. Today I spent the Afternoon with the residents of Tedworth House, teaching model making. It was an excellent session. The guys were straight into the kits we had and started ploughing through the instructions. It was calm, it was quiet and joyful. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and said that they were surprised at how much fun it was. Two of the guys said they were going to return to my longer drop-in modelling session tomorrow and finish their kits. They also said that they would buy a kit when they got home! Tomorrow I will endevaour to take some better photographs, but rest assured there were happy faces Thanks for this support guys. Its truly magnificent.
  7. why thank you Ozzy. See you there wednesday.
  8. Hi everyone, thought id update you all on goings on here at M4H towers. We have had over x100 kits donated now. I have x8 80 litre boxes full of kits in storage. Our facebook presence has grown with over 200 likes whatever that means. Facebook keeps reminding me how important it is to get 'Likes'! Im still trying to source a large quantity of decent side cutters for a reasonable price. If you can help with that please drop me a PM or an email. We've had major suppliers donate generously; Revell, Eduard and a company that make the wooden 3D puzzle models called Quay donated a very heavy box of wooden kits. But more importantly we've now sent out two boxes. One to Combat Stress in Shropshire and one to Scotty's Little Soldier's in Kings Lynn. I'm starting teaching next week at Tedworth with Ozzy, a member from this forum who has volunteered his time to help. I will do my very best to document and photograph what I can for you all to see what we get up to and the residents build. Ive been continually impressed with the response from you Britmodellers you really are an ok bunch. Thanks to EVERYONE for your efforts. If I wore a hat, I would tip it. You can see the boxes and keep up with updates on our facebook, twitter or here:
  9. I had a great day. Lots of chat and great Models. Plus Jeff kindly gave me a pile of kits for Models for Heroes. Thanks Jeff and the IPMS Gloucester team for the donations and a good strong show. Till next year....
  10. If you look at the website the front page has a photo of every almost every delivery weve had.
  11. Hi Julien, I saw your facebook post owning up There was some interesting kits in that package for sure. I`ll try xuron out, ive heard of their cutters now i see the name, im having a pow-wow with a uk company at present, we`ll see what they can quote me. Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Hi Mike. HA! I was just thinking that today. In total we have 4 80L storage containers and 4 cardboard boxes of kits and two big canvas shopping bags of materials. I will take a wide shot of everything donated so far. Brtimodeller has been by far the biggest supporter and donator of kits. Its really quite wonderful. The things were short on are glues and clippers. Im trying to sort out a purhcase with the bigger suppliers but no joy yet. Kit wise we are doing very well. Theres still room for more simple easy build type kits and of course theres room on the crowdfunding page. This week Ive been in contact with a few ex and current servicemen willing to give up their time to help with the sessions. Im yet to approach the therapists about the idea but watch this space.
  13. Landed today here at M4H towers. Thise kits are wonderful. Just what we need. Small easy fun kits. The Tornado I will hold back with the 1/48s give to a resident that shows interest in pursuing the hobby after the courses. The rest will be added to the consignment to Pheonix House. Thank you Gary you're a gem.
  14. And it landed this morning. Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! Thanks mate!!! The servicemen are going to be so chuffed.
  15. I'm planning attending this show as a punter. Ive never been before.