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  1. I´ll post a scetch tomorrow because I need to find my old cradle parts first. This cradle is not only helpful for your construction , it also prevents painted parts from getting damaged .And of course you can remove your construction from the cradle at any time by lifting and insert it again in a second . It´s a very useful tool ! Hannes
  2. Dear Olivier , it´s a similar construction like my 806 cradle but the chassis can be situated higher ( the wheels don´t need to touch the ground ) It can be done easily and all you need is a stable board from the construction market and some Evergreen profiles and plates . I could draw a scetch if you want . This way your long chassis is in a horizontal position and it´s much easier to construct a good model . Kurtl made a cradle as well . For the Mef engine an extra cradle is highly recommended . It´s easy to do and you will have a lot of advantages . Trust me ! I also own the Protar booklet and some good photos in an article . Most important are discussions before starting with any construction measures .There are a lot of aspects to consider . I´m sure you will enjoy the build of the Mef . It´s an unique experience and highly rewarding ! Many greetings ! Hannes
  3. The Mef´s kit is easier regarding alterings of the bodywork . But there are a lot of improvements posssible regarding detailling and fine works . . And that´s exactly your metier ! Thousands of photos will help to build a highly correct model . I can give two good advices : Forget the instruction booklet and build a construction cradle ! This cradle , built within an hour , will save you a lot of time !! Many greetings ! Hannes
  4. Southpier is right imho , dear Olivier , it´s time to consider this version as finished . I know this problem regarding my Mef . If I had to start again today , I would alter the rear for instance . But it is as it is and I won´t change it anymore . My suggestion is ; Build the Mef and you will learn a lot which is useful for further constructions . Wait , till Harvey´s and my build made progresses and you will possibly want to build the 806 again in a slightly different scale including different proportions according Nick´s virtual model .I´m sure you will finally find out that his virtual model is highly correct ( about 95 per cent ) You just need some distance right now . Your great model is a pioneer´s work and a huge milestone . But it´s almost impossible to build a 100 per cent correct model , That´s why my suggestion is ; Buy the Mef´s kit and open a new thread ! I will support you as good as I can if you wish and I´m sure , our good Sam will do the same ! Nobody can claim that he built a more realistic 806 as you did ! You were the first man on the moon and noone else ! Now it´s time to visit the planet Mef ! Many greetings ! Hannes
  5. An indication for wooden planks could be the fact that the car was driven on bad roads as well as we can see on photo 22 . Even modern F1 cars have a wood-planked floor .It should stiffen the chassis better than a vulnerable big alu sheet . Maybe Protar learned about a wooden floor by Salamano or Massimino . The boards could have been situated between the frontal alu sheet and the rear alu sheet in the rear cross-beam region .Simple L-profiles , welded to the rails , could hold them in place . Drawing 2 is not helpful at all regarding this topic . But according Massimino this successor version should be 40 kg lighter compared with our car . Hannes
  6. There´s a possibility that there had been some thin wooden boards instead of a big sheet between the frontal sheet with it´s openings and the rear sheet around the last cross-beam . An alu sheet of this size would tear apart if there had been no strenghtening constructions imho . Hannes
  7. It´s difficult to say if there was an single underbody sheet or if there had been only some smaller sheets at some places .. Personally I would not extend this sheet in the region of the rails . It´s more likely for me that sheets were " sandwiched " between the chassis rails or fixed in the region behind the tabs . I would paint all the visible tabs , but reduce the width of the bottom sheet to the inner borders of the rails . I also would leave the bottom sheet unpainted . For my model I will glue the tabs first and cut them 1mm before the rail ends and will glue two long 1 mm strips in 90 degree angle to show the tabs construction according the scetch on page 1 of Harvey´s thread . Many greetings ! Hannes
  8. What a beautiful fuel cap ! Great work ! Hannes
  9. Dear Olivier , if I were you I would retouch one photo of the right side .This way we could see the car without an open left bonnet . An vitual impression how the car looked with closed bonnets will make your model even more interesting . You will probably need a pro photographer for this retouching measure . Many greetings ! Hannes
  10. Dear Olivier , the adress is : Via Rivoli 5/2 16128 Genova and VAT 022555 10998 . They have a single homepage and ask the reader for sharing informations . Hannes
  11. Dear Olivier , I found a possible source of informations regarding the engineer Alberto Massimino . The automotivemasterpieces . com -group intents to write a biography on him . The title is : 2025 : 130 th anniversary of the birth of Alberto Massimino . This group ´s adress is in Genova , Italy thats why I want to ask you if you could get in contact with them . After the dissapointing experience regarding the Bordino Veteran Club this could be an opportunity to find out more . ( descendants , documents and so on ) Many greetings ! Hannes
  12. Behind each creative and real artistic action there is a motive : To understand the world we live in and to grasp the deeper reality behind . It doesn´t matter if you prefer an abstract , symbolic or realistic approach . Little Andi´s interpretation is symbolic and semi-realistic , like Christ , hanging on a cross . These motives are very well known , like pictures and sculptures in the middle ages ,where a skeleton and a young girl can be seen to remind the spectator of the fugitive time . In my opinion the realistic style is not less artistic or creative than other styles . It was abused by the Nazis for instance , that´s why it has a bad reputation today . But it´s the artist behind and his intention what matters . Seen from that point of view , your model is not less creative compared to Andi´s , and in my opinion it´s a greater piece of art because it reveals more than a sentimental and romantic look at the past. Many greetings ! Hannes
  13. Yes , we aim into the same direction , dear Olivier , because we both know that reality is more exciting than the wildest phantasies ! The deeper truth behind an appearance is what matters and the best view at history is to imagine all these persons are still flesh and blood and the surroundings still exist . If you keep the past alive you can learn for the future . Many greetings ! Hannes
  14. Did you see Little Andi´s version in the " Ready for inspection " section ? He followed his own philosophy and created a very nice and impressive model . What´s most interesting for me are the red rims and spokes . I always doubted the black color and now when looking at that model I´m almost convinced that the original could have looked similar . I will also paint the circular brake cases with a metallic color because I cannot see that they were painted on their outsides ( view through the spokes ) Many greetings ! Hannes