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  1. As I mentioned above photo 4 A shows a wrapped structure of the exhaust pipe imho and the stains we can see are the left-overs of the heavy rain and will vanish soon after the start in my opinion . Many greetings ! Hannes
  2. Dear Olivier , for the Protar kit the glass for the instruments was made out of thick clear plastic discs and they had a lense-like form on their upper sides . This caused an magnifying glass effect and voila ! there were greater instrument panels on a small spot ! It´s one of the few things Italeri made better than Protar ! Robin showed some beautiful housings for the instruments . I wonder what he´s doing ? Maybe he´s on vacancies or he suffers from the well-known modeler´s desease : Never to be satisfied with the result and getting tortured by that . But this is not the sense of our beautiful hobby ! Many greetings ! Hannes
  3. Thanks a lot , dear Fred , now I´m relieved ! I wanted to post some photos of my chassis tomorrow , but I guess I will have to wait with that . Many greetings ! Hannes
  4. Is there anybody who could help regarding my problems with photobucket ? They removed all of my pics and now I should pay for their service !Photobucket earns it´s money by selling copyrights of our photos and I should pay for that ??? That´s what I call extortion ! If somebody knows more about this , please let me know ! Many greetings ! Hannes
  5. The stains on the pipes as we can see on photo 4 are also an indication for a wrapped pipe . Wet metal which is about to get dry would look different imho . My chassis now is completed , I´m about to do the final works and I will show some nice pics tomorrow Hannes
  6. What a cute little car ! Thanks for the recommendation ! Hannes
  7. Sorry , yes enlargement is correct . As it seems the very end shows a funnel-like form as we also could see on photo 8 B.I´m also not completely sure if there was a strenghtening sheet and if it was covered by the bandages . I guess there only was a welded wire around the end . Photo 8 also shows the real shape of the frontal bends imho . Many greetings ! Hannes
  8. I want to add a remark regarding my post above ( Lasagne´s death ) : The Bugatti 35 series ( 4 cylinders ) were double- seated as almost all Bugatti racing cars till WW 2 Ettore had always claimed that his racing cars , based on touring models , were available for everyone There´s no enlightment at the end of the exhaust pipes , there´s an additional strenghtening sheet wrapped around the end imho . Hannes
  9. I finally found a figure that could represent Felice Nazarro with his long coat ! This would be a world´s novelty : A mad physician using drugs to transform gets transformed into an retired racing driver in the 20 ´s ! Just making fun , dear Olivier ! Many greetings ! Hannes
  10. Dear Olivier , Bordino was thrown out of the car and most likely drowned in a nearby river and rider mechanic Giovanni Lasagne remained in the Bugatti with a skull fracture and died 2 days later by his injuries Many greetings ! Hannes
  11. The Tamiya set also only shows drivers or riding mechanics ( glasses ! ). Not only Bordino died at the Alessandra accident , his riding mechanic Lasagne also deceased by his injuries RIP Hannes
  12. Dear Olivier , the heat-sheet at it´s correct place should be mounted for comparison reasons imho . The rear part of the right pipe needs a lot of attention , it won´t be sufficient if you just file down the existing part . You will have to add plastic plates to achieve a convincing result !. For the frontal parts I recommend scratchbuilds . You should start with them ( including the bonnets ) imho and add the rear parts later I´ll draw a scetch today . Many greetings ! Hannes
  13. Dear Olivier , my suggestion for solving the problem : Buy the Tamiya figures , visit a 3 D print shop and let one mechanic print out in 1 . 12 . I don´t know how much this would cost though . Many greetings ! Hannes