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  1. Thank you very much, dear Roy! I also made a photo in the Hungarian sun and think we now have a realistic view at the Codognato painting. Many greetings! Hannes
  2. Wow. I just looked at my own copy of the Codognato painting inside the book " Trent´anni di corse" by Severo Boschi . I compared it with your version and discovered something odd. Your version seems to be repainted at several spots and some outlines were altered by an unprofessional "artist" (maybe someone from the Protar team ) Of course my version is closer to the original painting and it shows a red seat! Not a black-reddish seat! What we see on the pic above is box art for Italy´s most famous falsification company- Protar! Unfortunately it´s not possible for me now to post the original pic from Hungary but Roy owns the same book and it would be very nice if he could publish the original painting in this thread. All the best! Hannes
  3. A real piece of art, dear Harvey! I finally agree with you, the painting shows black rims. Maybe the tradition was altered for this car. However, the most difficult works are done now imho and a lot of detailing works will need your attention. So what´s next? Engine completion , steering system, ignition, gearbox with pedals, brake system followed by the scoop, exhaust system and seat? It´s a great pleasure to attend your wonderful work! Hannes
  4. Dear Olivier, it was a very sad misunderstanding. I first believed something happend to the model. I feel sorry und I beg pardon! Hannes
  5. We feel so so sorry, dear Harvey! We know how it hurts to lose a beloved family member! RIP, dear cat!
  6. The car would also look better if the lateral flaps were still a part of the bodywork and the louvres on the flaps in front of them would stand in a vertical row and not in a slanted one. As a sculptor I know about aesthetics and maybe my own version will become a bit idealized. But Harvey choose the realistic way and we should accept the facts. The Codognato painting was created in cooperation with the designers and it shows red wheels and a dark red seat. Consequence is necessary regarding a reconstruction and it should not be the first priority if we like it or not. During the Monza test drives everybody knew, that the car will get an overall Fiat-red painting before the later race and it makes no sense to choose a different color and repaint it later on. If we only had our b/w photos and the (wrong) information that the 806 was painted black, noone would doubt that it was a black car. Many greetings! Hannes
  7. Photo 2 for instance shows the car which was used for the Monza test runs. We know that, because the lateral flaps were removed for thermical reasons. The racing records are the clear prove for that. So there was no need for any camouflaging measures anymore. Everybody knew it´s a Fiat racing car. The test runs on public roads were not camouflaged because the spies didn´t know it´s a Fiat. It was about technical details. I clearly vote for dark red! Hannes
  8. He should not paint the model, only the wheels! The prototype photos clearly show painted wheels. And I doubt that the original had spokes made out of brass. Hannes
  9. Fantastic work, dear Harvey! The question now is: What color? On our photos we can see that the wheels were painted either black or Fiat bloody red. Almost all of the predecessors showed red rims, spokes and hubs. And the Codognato-painting confirms this fact. I don´t believe that the wheels were painted twice (red over black) for weight reasons. Therefore my suggestion: Paint it red! (Sorry, all Rolling Stones-fans!) Many greetings! Hannes
  10. Superb work, dear Harvey! Here in Hungary there´s no modeller scene at all. I never saw any kits in a toy store! But maybe the modellers here are all scratch-builders like you? Who knows... These wheels will become excellent! Minden jot! Your friend Hannes
  11. Welcome back, dear Olivier! I´m also one of these fellows, who were forced to stop modelling for a while . As you can see, I´m not longer living in Germany and moved to Hungary. We bought a house not far away from the lake Balaton and the renovation works need my full attention. My 806 is still in one of the numerous boxes and the loft is not yet finished, where I will do my modelling works. I´m glad that Harvey continues with our 806 project and I´m sure he´s on a very good way. Minden jót ! Hannes
  12. Most folks were driven insane in our times, and maybe the modeller´s world is still an island of mental sanity! "It´s never a sign of sanity to be well adapted to a completely sick society." said an Indian philosopher. Very well done, dear Harvey! You make all proud who invested time and effort in this project! Hannes
  13. Maybe Pirelli could support you? Old catalogues, paintings and so on? The tyre looks great! Hannes
  14. The rain tyres of the Monza race looked quite different compared to the "normal" racing tyres of your version. Maybe the size was a bit different too. Great work, dear Harvey! Hannes
  15. Very impressive, dear Harvey! Probably the most difficult parts of the whole model. I really like them! You are a great warrior and I want to wish you all the best! Here in Hungary I have to renovate a whole house and much progress happened since November. I´ll report on our PM when it´s done. Many greetings also to Olivier! Hannes
  16. The old Jimi Hendrix song "Axis bold as love" comes into my mind if I see your wonderful construction. That´s modelling at it´s best because it comes from your heart. The pulleys look great! All the best and I also want to wish you progress regarding the recovery of your health as well! Hannes
  17. Dear HarveyI don´t know what to say.Maybe you should think about visiting me in Hungary.There are a lot of thermal springs which could help to solve the described problems.I want to wish you all the best and keep my fingers crossed for an early recovery. You can always contact me on our PM.. Regarding your model:It´s realistic and beautiful! Personally I believe that the left front wheel was a bit more chambered than the right one All the best! Your friend Hannes
  18. The left front wheel became high because there were joints hidden in a tube.
  19. Dear Dan,please have a look at the photos and the drawings I mentioned above.The photos were taken from a car which was real and alive at that time.The unusual shape of the frontal axle caused torsion problems and the steering rods did not work properly.The result was a jumping left front wheel.Massimino finally found a solution and I did show his painting in the research and scratchbuild thread. A model must also show a wrong construction if there has been one. Maybe there were joints inside the tubes. Greetings ! Hannes
  20. Mmm,I don´t know. I cannot see any ballpoints on our photos (12 and 21 f.i.) and none on our drawings 1 and 2 .But I suggest to close the tubes for stability reasons like we can see if we look at the steering rods of the Mefistofele.( with lubrication nipples) All the best! Hannes
  21. You´re the real successor of Massimino,dear Harvey! Even if I´m 900 km more far away from you than before,I can see your great craftmanship! I´m busy now with house renovation works but I´ll be back to construct my painted version.Your great work will inspire and motivate. Congratulations! Your friend Hannes
  22. A real piece of art (Deco ) like the original! Your work is an act of revival. The golden ratio 1:1,61 (lenght bodywork/ lenght bonnets plus most frontal point of the radiator case ) and the silver ratio 1:1,44 ( dimensions frontal opening radiator case ) are the foundations for the beauty of this car. Let´s be glad that the shorter 451 engine was a flop and the 406 allowed the creation of this unique shape .Greetings from Pinoccio! I´m very impressed , dear Harvey !My congratulations ! Hannes
  23. Dear Harvey! I just came back from my trip to Hungary and was very pleased to see the bonnets in situ .Great work ! Regarding the openings in front of the cam fairings : There are only two photos where we can see them : Photo 1 and 2 . In my opinion they are arched like we can see on photo 1 (through the spokes ) On photo 2 they seem to be angular but I´m convinced that this view from behind creates an optical illusion ( foresighting effect ) I can see it if I look at my own elaboration . The cam fairings and the openings should not directy transit imho for several reasons .A tiny bridge is helpful for the reinforcement of the edges and also looks much better imho . This is no destructive but constructive criticism , dear Harvey ! I really admire your wonderful work ! Remember the old words : You can trust everybody who is searching for the truth . But never trust someone who claims that he´s already found it . All the best ! Your friend Hannes
  24. Great , impressive progress , dear Harvey ! Massimino , Zerbi , Cavalli , the drivers and all the other engineers and mechanics would be very proud to see your model . Old Agnelli will rotate in his grave And Luca di Montezemolo should bow his head ! Very well done ! Hannes
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