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  1. Me too,it's always been a favorite sci fi ship for as long as i can remember usually watching it as a kid on the holiday periods.
  2. Yes it's got much more presence than the tichy Pegasus effort and the profile looks more accurate to my mind anyway.
  3. Hi all, quick update on the Martian War Machine build. I decided to replace the resin cobra neck for some alloy channelling as it looked more realistic. The ship is now finished, I had to spend lots of time fitting, sanding and re sanding the green lighted vac form parts to blend into the ship's body. Now I am building the base and diorama which will include the Martian creatures and the electronic eye. I have added a white smd to the eye using epoxy and painted in the three colours. I will probably frost over them to give a more diffused look to the lenses, I still have the actual body to prime and paint and the umbilical cord to detail and paint. I hope to show you the diorama progress in the next week.
  4. 1/500 Revell JJ Enterprise

    Thanks Steve !
  5. Cheers Martin glad you liked it mate!
  6. 1/12 Tamiya Suzuki GSX1100S Katana

    Work in progress lists the paints,Tamiya sky blue,Alclad candy blue,AK Extreme metal matte aluminium,and automotive 2k clear lacquer.
  7. Correct ! A classic shape that i think influenced many sci fi model ships like the Voyage to the bottom of the sea flying sub,and land of the giants Spindrift etc.
  8. Hi all, this is a rare 80's vac form and resin kit that I bought off eBay last year. I added a lighting kit and it comes with two speakers for sound effects. It's about 1/3 larger than the Pegasus 1/32 kit so pretty big, should be a fun build.
  9. 1/12 Tamiya Suzuki GSX1100S Katana

    Many thanks Dave !
  10. 1/12 Tamiya Suzuki GSX1100S Katana

    Cheers Colin glad you liked it mate !
  11. Hi guys, here is the final reveal for the Katana. I decided to bling it up a bit and add a few blue eye candy items, not something I would do on my own bikes but this bike begs to be dressed up. Now that I have built the 1/12 scale kit, I fancy building the big 1/6 scale with the dark red candy and silver paint scheme. I hope you like the bike pictures and I look forward to any comments you have on this build. Finally, you can see my work in progress of this build in the link below.
  12. 1/12 Tamiya Suzuki GSX1100S Katana

    Cheers buddy !
  13. 1/12 Tamiya Suzuki GSX1100S Katana

    Hi all, been making some headway with the big Katana. I decided to go with the later models blue and silver paint scheme, I had lots of masking to do but I like how it turned out. I used Alclad candy blue for the top of the tank and the nose fairing, then I used Tamiya sky blue and sky blue overcoated with candy blue to give me the different shades of the stripes. I have finished adding all the decals on the tank and the side panels and they just need a final lacquer coat. Before I lacquered the seat I added some grime to the rear passenger area, as on the real bikes these were always hard to keep clean. Once lacquered I used the new Flory green sanding sticks to give me a nice flat finish on the seat. I have loosely fitted the rear shock absorbers just to show you the work in progress, however they still need to be weathered and painted up to the correct finish. I hope to get this bike all done by this weekend.
  14. 1/48 Meng Messerschmitt Me410A-1

    Cheers mate !,I did consider a ladder,but did not want to over clutter the scene,and besides it's only made of aluminium so i am sure there were enough burly lads to manhandle it on and off without too me hassle.
  15. Cheers Simon,it's my third dio with water my 1st was the paddle steamer Robert E Lee,my 2nd was the seaview from voyage to the bottom of the sea.I hope to build a 1/350 Titanic in the near future.