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  1. Hope you get to see it,my version of a screen capture diorama,was a lot of fun building it.
  2. Slave 1 - Finemolds 1/72

    Just about to start this kit,your paintwork is stunning,what colours did you use?,If memory serves you!
  3. 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3

    Thank you,and yes it looks like something the Dark Knight would drive.
  4. 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3

    Yes i too am not an avid car builder,but this was perfect for a birthday present for my Nephew,he loves it by the way !
  5. 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3

    Hi guys, this build is now completed, you can see my final reveal in the link below.
  6. Hi guys, this is the final reveal of the Mercedes AMG GT3 race car. This was a challenging kit to build for me, the kit decals were very thick, I had to use Tamiya X20A thinner to soften the decals on the rear wing and the carbon decals to get them to settle down, also I found the rear lights tricky to install. In order to preserve the matt finish on the body, I used Deluxe Materials Glue and Glaze to attach all of the lights and the windows etc, including the door handles and the mirrors to avoid marking the matt finish. Overall, for my first performance race car that I've ever built, I am happy with how it turned out. Enjoy the ride guys! Finally, you can see my work in progress of this build below.
  7. Thank you Steve,i originally won a bid for a "complete" kit off Ebay,but quite a few parts were missings,nothing major,the seller told me she had no idea,and agreed to my requested £15 discount,so i thought i would scratch build a few bits,then the more i studied the film clips on YouTube the more details i added,until i thought i better just go the whole Hog and build a complete screen capture ! I did find a resin figure on Ebay that i could convert into the Frankenstein monster,but it was a bit too expensive,i may try and pick one up in the future,it would make a nice addition,we will see.
  8. Thanks,the Plasma globe was off Ebay,from loveamazing only cost £6,i powered it with 4 AAA battery's,i removed the base and cut the neck down,then hot glue the base in with some wood block for support,cut a small hole in the side of the diorama base to access the on/off slide switch.
  9. 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3

    Hi everyone, just a quick update on the Mercedes AMG build. Well I finally got some time to start this kit last week, as you can see it's coming together pretty quickly. The fit of the parts is so far superb, no issues in that department. However the zero paint is way off I think, it's too sparkly compared with the pics that I've seen of the original car. Also I sprayed it over a black base coat, so the final colour may be a shade darker than intended. However I am not too bothered by the colour, I think once it has had another flat clear coat, it should look pretty good. As usual with Tamiya decals, they were very thick and I had a hard time getting the carbon fiber looking decals to conform to the front spoiler shape. I had no problems with the body stripes, they just needed some setting solution to bed them into the curved air intake that is behind the front wheel arches. I did not use the decals for the center column as they looked to toy like, so I used a few bits of scrap photo etch to give a little bit more realism. I hope to finish the build next week at some point. Hope you enjoy the progress so far.
  10. Telford Scale Model World 2017 (Lots of Pics)

    Your very welcome !
  11. Telford Scale Model World 2017 (Lots of Pics)

    No problem glad you enjoyed the pics guys !
  12. 1/24 Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3

    Reference to the zero paint, although I have no real reference to the original paint that was used on the car, from my experience of spraying the zero paint product I found that it seemed a little out of scale due to the size of the mica particles in the paint, i.e it seemed a little too big and sparkly for a 1/25 scale car. However I did have another Mercedes grey in stock which I would've used instead of the zero paint (if I was going to gloss coat the car), but because I'm going to matt lacquer the car after decals are fitted, I am sure it will knock back the sparkle effect to give it a more original look. I therefore would not recommend the zero paint for a car of this scale. Also I am not sure that my final colour would appear to be correct, as I painted the zero paint over a black base coat, which has give it a slightly darker tint, however overall I quite like the look of it. I will be posting some updates soon, hope this helps.
  13. Hi guys, I spent Saturday at the show and managed to get plenty of pictures of models that were on the club tables. Thought I'd upload these for the guys that couldn't make the show this year. Enjoy!
  14. Cheers Gorby glad you liked it mate !