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  1. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Latest progress as of last night Setting the mast in place with CA glue and a helping hand @Chris Calland Repairing my feeble attempt at the earlier scratchbuilt effort on the stern The fruits of his labour - I can't seem to get the hosting site to stop rotating my photos, apologies. side on shot showing the mast, funnel structures and the progress as a whole so far. It's getting there now, only the fences and smaller details to go before decalling, and then hopefully completion. Regards, @Chris Calland & @Markie Smizzle
  2. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Yes, apologies, you did.
  3. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Good Evening. I found myself with an unexpected day off today due to snow. So what could I do other than get some valuable bench time in?. Today has been mainly spent painting and assembling the smaller lifeboats, installing their davits and applying a few decals. I did what I could with shaky hands and a headache, I couldn't quite get all the widows painted, and the kit wanted silver windows, but I prefer it black. All of the smaller lifeboats in their hopefully now permanent residence. Decals for the sport courts placed down, and some of the top structure held in place. Another view before I attached the lifeboats and radomes shows the model so far including the recently completed funnel. And here she is at the end of this afternoons session. I might assemble the other life boats after dinner, if not at the weekend. The structures on the top deck are currently only dry fitted, so I can get a feel and sneak peak of what she looks like. I dare say she's looking better after every session. Thank you for looking.
  4. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Thanks Guys. I can't wait to finish it! Yeah it has all been painted with Vallejo Air White. There are a few touch ups to do here and there, but otherwise it's all painted. I've just assembled the funnel, and I'm waiting for my friend who is a master with masking tape to come and mask the black stripes on the funnel tonight.
  5. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Hi Everyone. I have found some time to make a little more progress, and I'm pleased to say She's taking shape nicely. The fit on parts of this particular kit weren't particularly that great, I think with it previously being kept in an environment which got hot and cold has warped it in places. Nevertheless I am pushing through with clamps of various sizes. I'll be investing in some EZ-Line for the mast, then cracking on with the top decks including the funnel. While I'm waiting for that to arrive, I'm going to try and create some windows for the bridge with Humbrol Clearfix
  6. Queen Mary 2 1/400 by Revell - Attempt number 4

    Hi nice work with your QM2. I had the same problem with a broken staircase, but mine was on the top deck. Are you have painting or Airbrushing yours? I am airbrushing mine, and I didn't realise how much masking was involved.
  7. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Hi Guys, I have a little more progress for you to feast your eyes upon! In the time I've been offline from here, I've fixed the Stern decks, and windows in place. I've also attached the apartments, and have the larger balconies in place. Tomorrow, and a couple of other days through the week, I have the intention of finishing the tinting of the smaller balconies, and then colouring in the railings before attaching. I also plan to attach the other tinted windows, mainly those along the lifeboat deck. I will also be measuring out some clear acetate and tinting that before attaching the front of the megastructure, Bridge, and top decks.
  8. Airfix 1/72 Sea King HC.4 New Tool

    Thanks Steve. It was definitely worth the work and patience! She still has pride of place inside a case, along side a Sea Harrier FA.2
  9. Hello Everyone, I recently purchased this kit after years of hunting, and I'm on the hunt for some aftermarket parts, specifically the refit funnel. Photo etch would be an advantage too. Do any of you know where I could get hold of anything? I've been looking all around the internet to no avail, so I'm asking my BM brothers for some much needed help and advice. Regards, Mark
  10. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Thanks Steve, if not VERY slowly. I can't believe it has taken me 5 months to get this far :-/ Thanks Blues
  11. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Hello Gents, Sorry for the lack of updates, I have had a mix of being busy settling into self employment, and masking this massive model. I have finally moved forward a step or two with this build, mainly having painted the first few decks and placing the rear windows into their frames. I didn't realise they should have been tinted when fitting, I'll probably correct that later when I get onto the balconies and bridge windows. Trying to colour in the window frames were a right pain. I'm also going to fill in the swimming pools with either resin or PVA glue.
  12. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Hi B.M, thanks for checking by with your kind comments. Progress has been a little slow lately, but that is because airbrushing this ship takes FOREVER, and the amount of masking required is also like pulling my teeth out. On a more positive positive, the decks are all now painted, and I'm currently on painting the white parts of the super structure. I've been on the hunt for OHP plastic sheets to use as windows which I'm going to slightly tint black, as to create an illusion of a darker room behind. I'm also about to start the painting of the balconies of said super structure, and as I only get a limited amount of time per week/fortnight to do that, it will be another while before she finally takes shape. I will post pictures when it starts to resemble QM2, and not as it currently is, as an empty hull painted black, white and red. I noticed that they were online for about £80? Good luck with your titanic, I have one in 1/400 which I want to light up and have figured on it in water, I haven't a Scooby doo about anything like that so it will be a superbuild for me.
  13. Fighting Falcon ***NOW FINISHED***

    What a cracking build that is
  14. Airfix 1/72 Sea King HC.4 New Tool

    Sorry for the VERY late reply guys, I've literally just seen these comments for the first time. Thank you Mark, she is sitting in a sealed case alongside a 1/72 Sea Harrier FA.2, still looking great nearly a year on. Thank you very much, Kris. I scanned and enlarged the instruction manual to A3, and then cut the masking tape to match each stripe perfectly in size. I had to compensate for the dimensions of the air frame where it curves and bends however.
  15. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Thanks Steve, she took me long enough to sand and mask in preparation! It feels good to know that I can finally move forward with it now