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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I will probably get it on payday, I LOVE the QE2 also, so I'm interested in those literatures. I have downloaded the instructions already, but I don't have access to printer without the local library helping. So Cunard Federal Grey...I'm guessing that is equivalent to a very very dark charcoal grey? I have seen Vallejo 71056 Black Grey Thanks for that, I'm guessing it came to about £60 posted? I'll look into it on payday also
  2. Ah you legend! I don't think I've been up there since 2005. The living room is our display area, which you're also privy to. I have sanded the ship seams down and I have the bridge tower to do, as I snapped it back off this afternoon. I need to try and reinforce it if you know how to? I was thinking of using some sprue behind it
  3. Ha I don't blame you. Gregg told me that you managed to persuade him away from it on one of your last visits. He also said he'll drop off the instruction manual at your house for me or Chris to collect, so I will be able to catch you face to face for a change.
  4. Hi Steve, it is indeed.
  5. Yeah thanks for the heads up, it was my friend who wanted them open, as it's his model, but I get to build and keep it. I'm not complaining at all
  6. I would love it if I could get some for real cheap. I'm quite lazy like that though.
  7. I have spent a little time tonight filling cracks in the plastic, re-attached parts, and seam lines. As you can see, she's had a rough time as a very neglected kit. That's changing now of course!
  8. It seems very hard to get hold of! pretty much everywhere is out of stock. I think I'll just go with paint and wash. It's more work, but isn't that why we love our hobby so much?
  9. Thanks for that, I will make a wish list ready for payday. I had seen a guy who built it who was in a Hellenic group, had figures, and used resin to fill the swimming pools. Something I also wish to try
  10. Haha maybe it is! I found it on Google, then just had to comment. It's awesome! I have the 1/700 version too, after all, she's my favourite ocean liner after the QE2
  11. Oooh nice! Do you know who supplies them? I'm looking for some 1/400 figures too; may have to make do with the Eduard airport ones
  12. This was issued in 2004
  13. Hi All, My friend gave me his model kit, after it had been sitting atop his kitchen units for nearly a decade. I have so far stripped as much paint as I could, and given it a deep clean to remove all dirt and grease. Next steps will be filling in some cracks in the plastic, then priming her
  14. Lovely work, my friend bought this about 10 years ago, but only got round to starting it, before it went on to live atop a kitchen cupboard. He gave it to me to finish what he started, and it looks like an absolute beauty of a kit.
  15. That is beautiful! well done