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  1. Its finale time on the Maquis Raider/Fighter. Its now time to paint this thing. The painting guide at the back of the instruction booklet is pretty much useless, as the colors Revell want you to use do not match the photo references for the raider that I found, also using photos of other peoples builds too as a guide, so it was pretty much guess work. Starting on the front of the raider with the Aztec patterns which were slightly raised lines forming shapes, so I used my citadel fine detailing brush to paint those with a light grey, which took a couple of coats. After that I went to town on the rest of the top of the raider with my guess work colors. Using a combination of various greys & browns, along with red, green, blue, yellow Revell & Humbrol acrylics with Humbrol metallic brass & buff enamels. When I was painting the blue side engine covers, I wish id have painted those BEFORE I glued those in, as trying to paint around the edges & the wings arms was a right pain & a lot of touching up was needed where id accidentally touched the arms with the blue. Also the same applies to the gridding under the wing arms too, as I couldn’t paint those on the grey either. So, two tips for you……Once you have primered & white dusted the main hull. 1. Glue the wing assemblies first, primer & white dusting those & paint the gridding first, then glue on the wing arms. 2. Paint the engine covers blue first & then glue those in & then the completed wing assemblies. I found a aftermarket page (for those of you who wish to light this kit) with clear engine covers & what look like red clear rear engine parts below. I then started work on the underneath. Pretty much the same as the top with the front aztecs painting, but there are a few more Aztecs patterns on the main hull too & painting on the various colors. Also painting the rear engine areas in red, along with the exhausts in gun metal. Once the painting was done, it was time to apply the black wash. I painted the black wash on in sections & waited a few seconds & wiped off the wash with some kitchen towel & where the wash had puddeled up in the various corners, I used my stipple brush to draw that out & used the kitchen towel again. All-in-all, im really happy how the raider has turned out & now its hanging on the ceiling of my mancave. Cheers, Wayne.
  2. Wow. Looking up 3d printing on google, its amazing what some people have come up with. Some weapons id love to have. Gears of War Lancer Star Trek Phaser Rifle (First Contact) Judge Dredd Lawgiver (1995 Stallone) Aliens Pulse Rifle. Just to name a few. Tell me, what 3d printer did you use to print your blaster. Awesome job on yours. Wayne.
  3. There a lot of ample room inside to put your lighting spaghetti. Have seen some lighted up on various searches for painting referencing, they looked very impressive. As I stated in my video, theres also ample room in the forward section to do a full command cabin interior too. Wayne.
  4. Its time for the next model, this time the Maquis Fighter/Raider from Revell. Yet another kit from the Telford model fair back in 2015, this cost me around £10-15 (I cant remember precisely) Not much to this kit, even thought it is quite large & no decals either. So I started glueing the 2 halves of the main hull together, noticing there was some gaps & seam issues to deal with & left them to dry. Once dry, I started glueing all the side pieces in all the way around, then the pieces that were dotted all around the top of the main hull. Whilst waiting for all those to dry, I started on the wings. There were 4 arms to each wing, but 8 halves to glue together to make the four arms, once all dry I marked each of them up with a sharpie so I wouldn’t get confused to which went where. Then I glued the two halves of each wing together & once dry I glued the arms on to their respective wings. Then it was simply to glue the complete wing assemblies to each side of the raider. Pointing the wings up, much like a Klingon Bird of Prey in landing configuration, the hooks on the wing arms were pushed into place (after I put some glue on the plugholes) then the wing was brought down & the hooks locked into place on the upper walls of the plugholes. Turning the Raider over, I then had to glue the wing spine into place. Clamping down each of the wing spines into their mounting spaces, with a fair amount of pressure, I left those to dry for 24 hours. After the 24 hours had passed, I removed the clamps & whilst they had done the job, one of the wings is slightly more down than the other (but that’s ok) Then the last part of construction was a couple of side pieces I’d forgotten to put on & filled the gaps, then the last piece was the roof panel. Using a combination of normal model glue & glue n glaze around the windows, I used some electrical tape to hold the roof lid down, but it kept on pushing itself forward, so I used some normal household masking tape & wrapped that around the middle spine to hold the roof back into place. I removed the tape once dry & the roof lid had dried perfect. All I had to do was sand the seams down along with the filled in gaps & the Maquis Raider was ready for primer. Going along with the theme of spraying the grey primer & then a dusting of white with previous builds of the Classic Battlestar & Voyager, I’d gone a little more white than I’d hoped for, but now the raider is ready for paint, as again there are no decals to this kit. Cheers, Wayne.
  5. Tis a great shame about Richard Hatch. But as that Tara bird died at the same time, no-one seems to care about Apollo as much. May Apollo RIP.
  6. We have cowboy builders in all the time, as the bosses are very tight fisted. If you listen closely, you can hear their spurs. lol Stone Cold, Stone Cold, that was a slobberknocker. A massive wrestling fan tis what I am, also try the JR range of BBQ sauce. Ive always wanted to get a cowboy hat, but SWMBO wont let me get one. However, I did have a full length duster jacket once from a cowboy/horse shop from the states. Well that was until my son swiped it. Wayne.
  7. Welcome to the forum, We are all a good bunch here, cant wait to see some of your builds. My hats off to you sir for venturing into what is a dying breed of an opening an actual model shop. We used to have a few in Wolverhampton (which is my local city) to me in Bilston, but now they have all gone. Hobbycraft is local to me, but their range is dwindling. Also took a butchers at your website, not bad at all. Wayne.
  8. Daymn, my hats of to you sir. Im sure Mitchell Gant would be so proud to see your results, all those panel lines have come out a treat. The finish is great too, tell me did this come with a pilot figure? Wayne.
  9. On one episode of That 70's Show. Eric has built a load of Star Wars models, he spend 6 hours putting together a rather large scale X-Wing, then Kelso takes it off him & smashes it on the ground. If someone did that to one of my models, id throttle em.
  10. Looking at your photos again, after you have made that custom paint mix. Im wondering if you could get away with painting it in with the color Anthracite. For me Anthracite gives a great go between black & dark grey. So-much-so I used that to paint my Aoshima Airwolf. Cheers, Wayne.
  11. Hmmm, you learn somat new every day, do the plans call for black. Would that make the Batwing the same color? Father Christmas didnt bring me the Batmobile & Batwing I asked for. Im liking your progress so far. Wayne.
  12. Ive been waiting for a Firefox WIP for a long time. Great progress so far, will be watching this. Wayne
  13. The Keaton films are always my favourite Batman films. An awesome result there, especially with the figure inside the cockpit. Wayne.
  14. When you goto LA. Make sure you visit:- Griffith Observatory, views of the Hollywood sign are great from up there. Santa Monica Pier & Beach (for obvious reasons), a great corn dog stall /w iced lemonade shop by the pier. Paramount Studios, I stood next to a lifesize standing up bumblebee from the Transformers films, he had to be 25ft tall. Hollywood Boulevard. Whilst your in Santa Monica, have a butchers at Evett's Model Shop, not the biggest shop in the world, but he has a array of model kits, rare 1960's kits all the way up to todays releases. Have a great time. Wayne.
  15. A great finish there. The black you painted on has really come out nice, a subtle sheen to it. The blue you drybrushed on the wing sections are a really nice touch too. I had the kenner toy models of the Forever Batmobile, Batwing & Batboat & they were pretty sizable too, the wingspan of the Batwing was almost 700mm IIRC. Well, that was until my wife decided to put the lump hammer to them after we had a massive argument. Ive been looking at getting the AMT re-release of the original 1989 Batwing & the Batmobile, they look a helluva lot better than previous releases.