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  1. Just bored watching tele & did another search for the Raptor. Hannants are doing a future release listing. And for the armament set. Wayne
  2. Daymn, thats a great video. This is a good reason for my to try Milliput now. A great find, Wayne.
  3. The chain I used for the anchor chain is made by beads unlimited, again I bought from Hobbycraft. On the bag it says:- CHTR2 AC trace chain, 1 meter low nickel. Hope this helps. Wayne.
  4. You need to primer everything, will make the paint adhere better. You can assemble the parts & glue them to the deck first & you can primer then. Its your personal preference. Wayne.
  5. Not sure how a model accessories shop would be NSFW? My apologies if it got you into trouble. Wayne.
  6. A model shop in town, that's a rarity these days. lol Im my experience with this kit, you will need at least £15 in Revell paint to complete this. When you goto Halfords, get yourself 1 can of each:- Acrylic Grey Primer Acrylic White Just look at the side of the can to make sure its acrylic, they go for £7.99 for 500ml can. Trust me you will need the white spray for the white side of the hull & superstructure, this was a 1st big build & I didn't know anything about spray paint at the time & the white hull & superstructure took me 8 coats of white by paintbrush to get it perfect, but if you spray it, it should be one maybe 2 coats. Also be careful when cutting the railings off the sprue, they are very thin & will snap, so when cutting them off use the craft knife for that Rigging will be a pain too, especially around the smokestacks, use your tweezers. Another thing about the rigging, DONT cut to length as per the instruction sheet, it'll be too short, always leave a bit left over & cut it off the excess when you have attached them fully. Also pop to hobbycraft or a cheap costume jewellery shop & get yourself some small chain for the anchor chain supports on the front of the ship, as this kit does not come with anchor chain, it should be about £3-£4 for a meter in a small bag. Wayne.
  7. Thats why im hoping that Forbidden Planet will update the page with selling the Raptor kit along with armaments set they are currently advertising. Wayne.
  8. Ive gone all Micheal Keaton-Era Batman mad. Batwing was £37.99 Batmobile was £31.99 Batboat was £29.99 My ebay auctons paid for the Batwing & a small windfall paid for the Batmobile & Batboat. Well chuffed, Wayne.
  9. If scratchbuilding your own does not work. Take a look at Live Resins range. Ive bought from them before & the detail is well tasty. Wayne
  10. Looking forward to see a WIP on this. Been wanting to get one of these for a while now.
  11. Only problem with ordering the Raptor from Moebius direct or Culttvman, is the customs charges Parcelfarce will stamp on it. Happened to me when I ordered the old school Galactica & the new Pegasus. But I came across this just. It only lists the extra armament set, but at least its a UK seller. Wayne.
  12. Touche, I had the same problem rigging up my Revell 1/400 Titanic, especially using the tweezers to knot up one end underneath the deck plates. Also using the tweezers to thread through the tiny holes on the funnels/smokestacks & onto the decks. Very frustrating indeed. Wayne.
  13. Simply Amazing, an awesome job. I bet all that rigging was a right pain, but it was well worth it. Wayne.
  14. Not bad at all. Liking the 2 versions you did together in the same photo. Wayne.
  15. Truly Awesome work. Wayne.