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  1. Just a little update & I've had no luck. Renaisance have never done that livery & MF-Zone (who designed that Transkit/Decal set) have decided to discontinue the set. Oh well, NVM. I'll just keep looking, you never know.
  2. Cheers Vesa, I have done that. Im not sure if Renaisance ever did a decal sheet in that livery, as seen in the below link. https://www.spotmodel.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Citroen+DS3+WRC All ive found is MF-Zone. https://www.hiroboy.com/124_Citroen_DS3_WRC_Meeke_Ostberg_Tour_de_Corse_2015_decals_resin_parts_PE_Transkit--product--10967.html And like i said above, either out of stock or discontinued & I only want the decal sheet, not the trans-kit part of it.
  3. Hi guys, been a while since I posted last. But I need some help. I recently bought a Heller 1/24 Citroen DS3 WRC Kit & I wanted to put some aftermarket decals on. Namely, the livery from the 2015 season that Citroen changed half-way through the season from Rally Portugal onwards, as seen below. But I can't find the decal sheet anywhere worldwide in 1/24, all sites are out of stock. I've found plenty of 1/43 sized & some of the sites are listing them out of stock included with a transkit. So, have any of you guys got a spare decal sheet for this livery or have one stored on your computer that can be emailed over? Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers in advance, Wayne.
  4. I finally got my hands on the Bandai AT-AT. But i went Batman mad again last week & snipped me up 2 old Revell kits at £15 each:- Batman Forever Batmobile Batman Forever Batboat Both from the same uk seller, box was slightly dented as they were old, but tge sprues are still bagged up & sealed. I could have gotten a complete set with a Batwing from USA, but i think ebay are charging customs on USA auctions as they wanted £20 upfront. So it would have cost me £70, instead of £50, shame really. Still on the lookout for a Batwing, but not at £45 on ebay ATM.
  5. It's been a few months since the my last build, the Maquis Raider in February & after just over 2 months of work on a failed 1/350 USS Arizona, it's now time for my next build. This time it's the re-issued AMT 1/25 Batwing from the 1989 Batman movie. Starting off with gluing the 2 halves of each wing together with electrical tape to hold whilst the glue dried. Then continuing on the bottom half of the Batwing with gluing the landing gear covers & filling in the gaps on the landing gear, as the panel line trenches were too deep & sanding those down to still leave a nice line. Gluing the Batman figure together was, the 2 halves of his body & the 2 halves of his arms, which were outer arms & inner forearms with his wrist claws. I test fitted the completed wings onto the bottom part of the Batwing, but a L shaped locking arm prevented me from removing one of the wings, but it didnt prevent me from running the glue into the wing & again I used electrical tape to hold those down whilst the glue dried Sanding down the seams down from each side of Batman's body & the sides of his arms, I then glued his completed arms into his torso. A gap had to filled in on the bridge of each arm into the batsuit, once the filler had dried, they sanded down really nice. I then started work on the cockpit tub, gluing the seat into place with some tape & a g-clamp to hold the seat down. Then came the stabiliser fins on the bottom & top of the Batwing along with 2 guns mounted on the front sides, which the guns had a massive seam on the inner side, so I sanded those flat to make them mount onto the side of the fuselage better when glued into place. Once all done, I then primered Batman, the cockpit tub along with the dashboard & control sticks/steering wheel. I'd actually forgotten to glue the targeting arm with targeting reticule into place, but instead of having the reticule in front of Batman's face, I instead glued it back onto the targeting arm so you could see Batman's face, but to give it the mounted look just before he pulls it out in front of his face to target Joker standing on the ground in front of his float. Painting everything in matt black, picking out the belt in Humbrol 26 trainer yellow & 61 flesh for Batman's face. Then came the primering of the 2 pieces of the Batwing, all the filling of the deep panel lines left a great finish & the panel lines are still there just a lot less deep. Finishing off the cockpit tub with the console decals & the Batman crest onto the chest of the Batsuit, then Microset & Sol with Humbrol Satincote to seal. The cockpit tub is now ready to be mounted into the underneath of the top half of the Batwing. Cheers, Wayne.
  6. Whoopsie, its £50-£60 & it wants the balance on despatch, but at least its a uk seller.
  7. Just found the Bandai AT-AT on pre-order from Japan Cool. http://japan-cool.co.uk/epages/950003803.sf/sec0e6aef56ae/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950003803/Products/BANPRE_ATAT Best of all its listed at £24.00 /w Free postage, most of the ones ive found are from £45 onwards. Ive just ordered one. Wayne.
  8. I filled it in & asked for:- ALL the podracers from Ep1 in 1/48 or bigger. Republic Troop Dropship from Ep2 in 1/48 or bigger. Also it would be nice if they had a UK store. Wayne.
  9. Simply Amazing, the detail & weathering is great. Is this the Bandai or Revell AT-AT & how tall does it stand? Wayne.
  10. Just bored watching tele & did another search for the Raptor. Hannants are doing a future release listing. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MMK962 And for the armament set. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/MMK968 Wayne
  11. Daymn, thats a great video. This is a good reason for my to try Milliput now. A great find, Wayne.
  12. The chain I used for the anchor chain is made by beads unlimited, again I bought from Hobbycraft. On the bag it says:- CHTR2 AC trace chain, 1 meter low nickel. Hope this helps. Wayne.
  13. You need to primer everything, will make the paint adhere better. You can assemble the parts & glue them to the deck first & you can primer then. Its your personal preference. Wayne.
  14. Not sure how a model accessories shop would be NSFW? My apologies if it got you into trouble. Wayne.
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