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  1. Scratch built 1/72 scale Austin K6

    Sorry mate missed this one last week..... Sadly this one keeps getting put back due to other odds and sods grabbing my attentions, I have done some resin casts of the cab to do some finalising work on but so far that's it, once the Bedford OXD and OXArmadillo are done I may be forced to put this back to the front of the queue..... ...... But then I'm just finishing up the masters for AEC Matador wheels with Dunlop tyres, so they are going to need a chassis, then that will need a cab and a couple of bodies.....
  2. Yes mate, found out last week all QL and WOT6 variants I've done will be released at Telford show on the Wee Friends stand, Also a replacement for the Airfix Bedford OXC in true 1/72 scale plus upgrade kit for the Queen Mary trailer should be there too, hopefully.... Sean
  3. 1/72 Engineers Laager diorama

    Fear not, I've just been asked to do them as a master plus a couple of other types, so I'll do a WIP then
  4. 1/76 Austin Tilly, Oxford diecast repaint

    Thank you sir.... It's good eye sight at close range that I am blessed with, my advise though is if you see me driving towards you, make for safety, anything over 20ft is but a blur
  5. 1/72 Engineers Laager diorama

    Weirdly one of my mates is ex REME and has said they would never be allowed to play with anything so technical, am I sure its not RAF!? Lol
  6. Here is something else I have been working on..... A master of a Bedford OX/Y cab in correct 1/72 scale, This is a trial for a new technique for me, wax carving, to make the more awkward shaped cabs. The plan and start utilising the Airfix MW front bulkhead and bonnet as a start.... Size issue/comparison photo..... Right to left we have the RTI 1/76 scale Bedford cab (actually closer to 1/72 scale), above centre the 1/76 Milicast Bedford OY that also uses the Airfix cab as its original master (both are actually closer to 1/87 scale), lower centre is the rescaled 1/72 drawing and left is my initial start to my corrected 1/72 scale cab.... Initial 'finished' master until I asked for feedback from others who pointed out my errors..... First resin casting of 'wrong' master, I deliberately cast it wrong as its far easier to minor manipulation of the resin than the wax as the wax doesn't like a great deal of handling, all this is still very much a steep learning curve for me at this point..... I also had to figure out a way to save some resin by making a sacrificial bung/plug, I settled on blue-tac in the end, but have now made a clam shell style silicone mould for this purpose..... A quick test for a wargames vs a model makers version where the model makers version will have an interior plate with seats etc on it..... Side by side with the 1/76 scale RTI cab.... There was a fair bit of correction went on at this point, the waist bands were reduced, the observers hatch was remade smaller and centre roll actually moved to the centre (!?)...... Alterations and additions made sat ready for moulding..... The next thing for me to do now is make the interior plate... ATB Sean
  7. 1/76 Thompson Vc fuel carrier diecast repaint

    Haha, I'm never going to get that image out of my head now!? Sean
  8. 1/72 Engineers Laager diorama

    I'm currently building a 1/72 scale dio of an Royal Engineers Laager somewhere in NW Europe. It features my own cast Fordson WOT6 Type X engineers truck, my converted Airfix Bedford QLC Type B engineers truck and a converted Airfix Bedford MW to late type water carrier, plus other scratch built accessories. Here are some in progress pics up to the point it currently is at.... Sadly I forgot to take WIP shots of the 2 engineers electrical repair trailers that now reside on it... ATB Sean
  9. British 6-Pound Anti-Tank Gun

    Rounded layout by far. I use surgical gauze for cam net just set it in place with thinned pva, let it dry and paint it whatever colour. ATB Sean
  10. Here I have stripped and repainted a 1/76 scale Oxford diecast Thompson Vc fuel carrier in mid war colours..... ATB Sean
  11. Hi gang, been away a while but not been inactive.... Here I have done a strip and repaint on a 1/76 scale Oxford diecast Austin Tilly into Bomb Disposal colours..... ATB Sean
  12. 1/72 scale scratchbuilt Ford WOT6 Machinery truck

    I've made some vices.... And this is the finished article after making the distribution board, charging units and Reyrolle switches..... Time to make a dio for it..... ATB Sean
  13. 1/72 scale scratchbuilt Ford WOT6 Machinery truck

    Thanks John, Funnily my gramps said the same about the 25 pounders when he was moved back off the line in Italy!?
  14. 1/72 scale scratchbuilt Ford WOT6 Machinery truck

    So the lathes are now done...... And the pillar drills..... Also the Lister 20 Kva Generator sets are now done too.... So the back of the truck is starting to fill up nicely..... More to follow as always.... ATB Sean
  15. 1/72 scale scratchbuilt Ford WOT6 Machinery truck

    Haha, the secret is to have a good woman do those kind of things for you, then its her that goes blind not you, which has the benefit that the blinder she becomes the better looking you get ATB Sean