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  1. Yeh, I managed to waste £13 on a fire tender on Friday just to see what their kits were like compared to Airfix, and I know full well Airfix have their scale issues, some of them glaring, but in regards the IBG kit.... That's £13 just to take peek in a box then get thrown in the parts bin to be melted down for liquid filler at some point, annoys me after all the 'Rave' reviews about how good and detailed it is only to find a 5year old must have done the master.... Also says alot about how easily pleased, or willing to please, the reviewers' are....
  2. One can only guess mate, there weren't that many radio J145s ever made, so whichever branch got them they would have been very thin on the ground, far more likely they'd have had No 1, 3 or 15 bodies as they were the most numerous
  3. No, it's totally different, there are in fact close to 20 different radio bodies fitted to the QL alone, some did look similar externally but varied only very slightly as per their internal fitting/use, the Milicast offering, and I believe the IBG (don't waste your cash on IBGs the quality of detail is shockingly poor on their fire tender so doubt it's much better on their radio truck) is also a No 3 body, Milicast have just released a 16ft TEV as well, I've been asked to master No 1, 2, 3, 15 & this J145 bodies over time, this was the hardest, because of the Luton, so I chose to do it first
  4. Alot of mine prior to this were/are from multi media research and then scaled to suit, but this one is directly from a Geoff Lacey drawing, you can get his drawings from Dan Taylor models by emailing Dan and asking him to email you the list, they are all 1/76 so you'd need access to a photocopier to up scale them, the model above was up scaled to 1/72 from the 1/76 drawing. I'll repeat again though, don't rely on the drawings, make sure you do thorough research before you cut plastic.... For me, lesson learned, for Airfix and the like, not so much so..... ATB Sean
  5. Thanks mate, issue is it has been pointed out to me by some very respected historical researchers, and I had my doubts over it because my resources/research also confirmed the same thing, that the body is in fact to tall, yet I plowed on regardless as I was working from drawings, now the evidence just far out weighs the drawing, forcing me to rebuild the kit that will be released to the public. Just goes to show..... Multiple media research is everything, and not to rely on solely a set of plans, as sometimes they are just an 'interpretation' of what really existed. No big drama, just vexes me at the time and materials lost. ATB Sean
  6. All done bodywork wise!! Just some detail to add to the cab and then Paint. ATB Sean
  7. So, with the corrected QL chassis/cab done I left you at the end of the last log with this..... In the last few days I've started to put this together..... A J145 Radio body, and whilst at it I'm making the kit version of the same body for Ian at Wee Freinds.... I'm currently at the point of the challenging part... Shaping the 'Luton' box above the cab.... More to follow soon..... ATB Sean
  8. Something a bit different for you all, This might not look finished to you but to me this is complete and ready to be sent for manufacture.... For those not following the build log it is here..... Here is a picture of the full kit of parts, it will be supplied with 2 of the parts sprues to create a full kit, and I suspect a choice of canvas, but this will be down to Ian at Friendship Models to choose how he sells it...... ATB Sean
  9. Hi all, another update on this project..... Last time I posted I'd just made a start on the parts for a QLT trooper kit and what follows is a pictorial of the progress made to date.... Rear deck coming along.... Basic QLT body pieces, they just need detailing now..... Option 1 for the canvas.... Option 2 for the Canvas..... The sprue of additional parts, 2 to be supplied per body..... Side by side with an Airfix QLT..... I hope the differences are obvious..... And whilst at it I cast up a 13ft QL cab/chassis as well..... ATB Sean
  10. This is the first mock up of pure resin parts as a test fit, including 16ft chassis extension..... .... And with the rear deck for a QLT troop carrier body..... ATB Sean
  11. Smashing!! ATB Sean
  12. Ah, now, you're aware of the 'size isn't everything' comment??.... A lot of vehicles were fitted with the 20" rims and tyres regardless of size, it had more to do with required ground clearance than the size of vehicle..... Another good one is the Austin K6 and the Ford/Fordson WOT1, both very similar vehicles, being 3ton 6x4s with a similar chassis and wheelbase length.... the K6 was fitted with 20" wheels and 10.5" tyres and the WOT1 came with 16" wheels and 10.5" tyres, obviously the K6 was slightly better off road than the WOT1 because the ground clearance was higher, there are other advantages and disadvantages but lets not get to technical.... More Pics for your viewing pleasure as requested..... The following are the master of the main cab piece(the grey one where you can see the white styrene additions to increase the scale)......... And the first pull from my pattern making mould ( the pure white resin one, as can be seen there are bubbles present, but these first few moulds are made just to make sure everything fits together properly for you lovely people when you have to build them, and the first couple are always like pancakes and completely useless as they are basically still cleaning out the mould) And here is the first mould pull for the generic chassis (again you can see all the crud that gets left behind in the mould during the moulding process, this is different resin to the white I used for the cab and is the stuff you'll most probably encounter if you buy any type of resin kit).... Also showing the chassis extension piece that will be provided with any QL kits that use the QLT long chassis.... And the 'All-in-one' spare tyre, loading frame and better tank without the mould and glue seams in it, this piece will be supplied with any short chassis QL kit That's it for now folks, I'm currently scratch building a actual QLT troop back body now, so more photos when progress is worth showing... ATB Sean
  13. Ian does do some full kits, most of them are upgrades of Airfix kits, this is a new test venture aimed at both the modeler and the Wargamer, hense my attempts to scratch build an Austin K6 and re-do these cabs into 1/72 scale so its not just the aircraft diorama builder buying them, there will of coarse be a whole selection of bodies that can be used by both camps of followers Having never built an IBG QL I could neither confirm or deny that my new Airfix based cab will fit the IBG chassis.... though I'm sure it could be made to fit by a semi skilled model maker
  14. Ah, now, a subject all of its own..... the new Airfix kits wheels are actually bang on 1/74 scale, so cover both the 1/72 and 1/76 scales..... unless your going to cry over half a millimeter either way. The old trick of replacing the naff kit wheels with the AECs is ok in only 1 respect..... the wheel is the right size in diameter, the tyre is massive, even in real life an AEC tyre is 3inches bigger in width than a QLs, thus making it scale completely wrong for the purpose they were being used for.... And the squashed spring thing is dross, if you compare the new over the old springs they're very near identical, what everyone should of been doing was infact raiding their Quad kits for the wheels, as the Quad used the same size wheel and tyre as the QL