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  1. The grey one is by Roden and now finished..... See my thread in the Ready for inspection section The yellowy brown one is from Academy still in progress
  2. Finished today....... An Opel BLITZ (Daimler built, L701 Einheitsfahrerhaus) wooden cabin 1:72 by Roden, with Zvezda Medics ATB Sean
  3. A small update on this one.... As I've been distracted by trying to clear my back-log of shelf queens this one has been left for a while, but while I wait for the bases to dry on my Opels, ( see my other post re the Opels ) I've done a bit more..... Still to finish the kit rear door and add steps to mine then on to make the 'open' sides for mine and the kit..... More to follow..... ATB Sean
  4. Trying to clear the back log of shelf queens and these 2 Opel Blitz are part of that effort.... One early cab set in the Eastern Front and a Late box cab set on the Western Front..... Progress so far..... More to follow..... ATB Sean
  5. Yes Ian there is, Although I have been slightly ddistracted by illness and by the Albion CX22 and 7.2 howitzer, see my other thread, and 2 more trucks, yet to be put in a thread..... The QL has been completed and was used as the basis for my 145 radio truck, the master has been sent for manufacture, Ian is currently casting the back orders for the QLT and D before he builds up a stock for general release, the WOT6 I have finished the master and made my own moulds and have started the masters for a back body of a machinery truck, of coarse it then means I have to master all of the machines that will then reside in the back, so its a fairly major project. I apologies, I really should put some time aside to up date my threads on a more regular basis, I forget people are genuinely interested in their progress..... Must try harder on my report card I fear.... ATB Sean
  6. The secret is that I yut alot of carrots and I didn't spend much time alone in my bedroom self abusing when I was younger, I was to busy making models
  7. As per title really...... 1/76 scale Milicast Albion CX22 towing a 7.2" Howitzer on Long Tom carriage, It's also my first 'serious' attempt at doing a display base for my models as prior to this they have generally been a half @rsed after thought. ATB Sean
  8. Austin K6 is here part done John, time and other distractions have put it on hold temporarily, if I remember my 'list' of up coming projects its due back to the top after this and some wheel/tyre sets are made. ATB Sean
  9. Latest i a long line of projects.... Scratchbuilt Ford/Fordson WOT6/8 cab and WOT6 Machinery truck. The cab and associated parts... The start of the back body..... That's all for now.... ATB Sean
  10. She's come together really rather well I think
  11. Certainly..... It is just 4 solid rubber half inch plumbing tap washers glued on top of one another and then glued and shaped on the airbrush, you'll notice the top is curved, and this is to help with the finger tip 'rock' as you operate the trigger, they need a VERY sharp knife to cut/shape them and a sanding drum in a dremel to finish them off smooth, don't go to wild though or it will reduce it's effect. Obviously, the taller you make it the more control you have, but this also means you have to have about 6 knuckles in your trigger finger to operate it for its full range of movement. ATB Sean
  12. Yarp, but don't tell the wife, she reads this sometimes!
  13. Yes mate, Windsor and Newton Glazing medium, I use it to glue in the cab glass as well because its quite thick, helps to fill in any badly cut areas and dries to a clear, transparent, high gloss
  14. Finished up today despite the issues described in the build log...... 1/72 scale Bedford QLR J145 Radio body as per Geoff Lacey drawings...... ATB Sean
  15. Mine is all painted up now and is available to veiw in the 'Ready for Inspection' section..... Re did the kit version with corrected height and re-shaped Luton box..... And whilst at it I made a QLD GS body in kit form too, as requested by Ian at Friendship Models..... ATB Sean