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  1. Recently added to its dio base..... Crossley Q 409 signals body All the Best Sean
  2. Standard colour would be SCC2 Service Brown, RAF only started using SCC15 Green when stock of SCC2 had run out or if the vehicle was supplied new after may 1944, then and only then was SCC15 green used. Very early war vehicles, and interestingly all Fordson and Brown tractors plus bomb trolleys right through the war, were Khaki Green 3 with SCC1A Dark Brown stripped camo. The Nobles Slate Grey (SCC14) was not black at all, called slate grey for a reason , it would have been blacker on canvas as that had more bitumen in it to get it to stick. All canvas was dyed SCC7 green, very close to Khaki Green 3 paint, but it faded quite quickly to the khaki green/brown we all know Inside the tanker pump box would have been gloss white or zinc chromate PS. Fire Tenders were NEVER red, there were some pre war red Crossleys but they were up north, also the Airfix K6 monitor kit..... only one K6 Monitor ever existed and that was made after the war from a crashed WOT1, the true carrier of the monitor equipment PPS. The RAF had stopped using BS33 Field Blue before the end of 1939, when the KG3 colour was fazed in. Hope that helps Sean
  3. Always from photos mate, plans are to unreliable in their accuracy, I've been bitten way to many times with badly drawn plans from respected plan drawers when I've been making masters it's not even funny, now I no longer bother, also some on line details are not to be believed either, a typical case was this Crossley Q, all the research I did said the wheelbase was the same as a QL, upon scaling a couple of different photos it showed the wheelbase to in fact be a full 12" shorter, thats 4mm in this scale, quite a lot to be wrong by if I hadn't of checked.
  4. Afternoon all..... Crossley Q 409 signals body is now done All the markings with the exception of the roundel are hand painted, just to keep my freehanding eye in And in its position as the dio grows. Thanks for looking Sean
  5. Crossley Q, 3 ton, 409 Signals body, Receiver vehicle is now done, on to the Austin K6 VHF Transmitter and 50Kv Geny trucks..... Thanks for looking Sean
  6. Thanks John, I'll look into them, for some reason I've mislaid all my crafting wire and had to strip this out of electrical cable, the wife does jewellry making and it never occurred to me to look for some in her kit
  7. After many other squirrels distracting me the Crossley Q 3 tonner cab is finally finished, now on to its back transmitter body..... Thanks for looking Sean
  8. Sadly a standard affair for Milicast, I've even had instructions from them that had some of their received mail from someone else on the back, nice to see recycling just gives an impression of amateurism, in this time of hi-tech I'd want to see something else, all my instructions for my kits were available on my blog and just before I gave up I was making moves to make them into PDFs to be able to down load and print. Still, they build up into some nice kits once done.
  9. I never had a 'Range' as such, I produced highly detailed, often high part count, very limited run kits, 25 to 30 at the most depending on demand and mould burn-out, of totally random WW2 RAF MT based subjects that I had interest in and often had multiple variants. Someone already owns several of my kit masters, though I've never seen them in production apart from 2 and those I directly released myself...... I've only done the 'wargame' style chassis/cab masters initially for the ease of my use, are these what you are interested in?? If so probably best to PM me directly rather than do this on open forum.... All the Best Sean
  10. After a conversation with Ted Angus, some of you will know that name I'm sure, I've forced some modifications/corrections upon the dio. I'm dropping one K6 and replacing it with a Crossley Q, in order to do this I'm modifying one of my QL chassis-cab moulds. I've used my AEC wheel hubs and grafted them into a set of my 20" tyres and fitted them to the chassis, I also cut the cab down in order to allow the new cab to be built around it. I also need to fix the body as they are a different type on both the Crossley and the K6 I now want to represent so I'm filling in the wheel arch cut outs ready to re-skin the sides. Also made a start on the Geny truck body as this is part of a group build on a farcebook page..... Thanks for looking Sean
  11. That looks the beans, I'm not a big fan of 3D printing because I believe it to be removing the skill from model making, but then I'm an old skool scratch builder at heart and have to remember to most that in its self is like a black art that I've sold my soul to be able to do, so good on you for creating this..... The SCC15 looks to be close to how I'd have it in that scale if I wasn't modulating it, I'd maybe have gone a little lighter if the weathering will be heavy, and if I was pre-shade modulating at the primer coat then the process would naturally make it a lot lighter. Keep it up, it I like it Sean
  12. It very much depends mate, All my cabs are mastered to take a proper hinged front glass, not like the Airfix kits that you have to "insert" it which makes it easier to install, it just means I have to paint the carrier frame on afterwards, which is no biggy..... So for the cabs and if the bodies will have stuff you can see inside then I use clear plastic card, I have used the clear plastic that bought stuff comes wrapped in before too but that can be a little thick. All glued in with Windsor and Newton gloss glaze medium, this dries to a high shine and is thick enough to fill in any gaps left by my incompetance. If it's a body where I'm not bothering with an interior, like these as the info just isn't available, I'll either just cut a hole glaze from behind and paint if black/dark grey on the inside, or, if the body trim is quite thick just trim up where the glass would be, paint the area in dark grey and then float in gloss glaze medium over the top to represent the glass. I tend to use the latter method only on small panes though as it's less likely to look artificial.
  13. Boxes made for the Type 7 bodies, also worked out the composition, I think I'm sticking with this but not sure about the Commer van yet or replace it with a Tilly, we shall see..... Thanks for looking Sean
  14. Back again with episode 2 of the MT thing...... RAF AMES Type 15 Radar dish Late war RAF Heavy lift Amazon with Coles crane Pre/Early war Amazon with Coles crane The COs Battle Buggy from 51 MT Co Vickers light tank, 3 were donated to the RAF Regiment by 11th Hussars when they upgraded Beaverette Mk2, used as local airfield defence and the first vehicles of the Armoured Car flights Daimler Dingo used by the RAF Regiment AC flights in N Africa, Sicily and Italy Thompson VC Fuel/oil carrier repaint of the diecast model I suspect everyone has one of these so it needs no introduction...... RAF Bedford QLC 950 Gallon water bowser Making this just because..... Adding some extra detail.... Still a WIP currently Post war AVGAS tender, just a detailed up Airfix kit..... Now on to the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm..... Mobile Airfield Control Tower Most people think these are RAF but they're in fact Royal Navy FAA, Bedford QLC Cockatrice flame thrower truck, just over 100 made and distributed to cover Navy dry land airfields to counter potential parachute attack That's it for now but this collection of RAF and FAA MT is continually growing Thanks for looking Sean
  15. Ooooh looky..... My kind of thread...... I've got zip diddley interest in flak bait...... But the WW2 RAF MT section, that's sort of my black chair subject Austin K6 Flatbed RAF Rescue Launch RAF AMES Type 13 Radar RAF AMES Type 14 Radar..... Used in conjunction with the AMES Type 13 to become the AMES Type 21 radar set RAF AMES Type 13 Radar ready to move Commer Q2 RVT-105 Mk1 part of a set that help planes land in low vis situations Commer Q2 RVT-105 Mk3 Albion AM463 Wireless truck, only 5 known to be made, 4 lost with the BEF, 1 went to North Africa (This one is 1/48 scale based on the Airfix chassis) RAF Armoured Car Company 1 used in Palestine and North Africa Bedford OXA and D, used extensively for local Airfield defence in the UK by the designated ground crew and then the flights of RAF Regiment Rocks after their formation Bedford OXC, this is from my 1/72 scale master Commer Q2 15cwt Van used as general RAF ground hacks SdKfz 7 converted by the RAF post war using the Monitor gear from a Fordson WOT1 Beverette Mk3s, with Boulton-Paul, Bren and Vickers turrets Marmon-Herrington Mk2 Forward Radio car used by the RAF Regiment in North Africa Not MT but crewed by RAF personnel I'm off to photograph the rest of my collection of MT.... All the Best Sean
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