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  1. Made a start on this bust yesterday putting on base colours and hand started the OSL effects for the lamp and moon light. Refinement and finishing to follow when its dried for a couple of days..... Thanks for looking Sean
  2. A small update..... Put the finishing touches to Pestilences eyes as I didn't feel they glowed enough, and finished Famine himself..... I think Death will be next..... Thanks for looking Sean
  3. Another super fast but effective paint job for my D&D Games Master for an up-coming game when Covid is replaced again by Brexit..... All done with Daler Rowney Fluorescent FW inks on a gloss black base, using nothing but an airbrush. He maxed out the build height of my printer at 155mm tall. Thanks for looking Sean
  4. Evening all, A Quick and dirty paint job of a free 3D print from Thingiverse, done during my lunch half hours, 4 in total, all painted in Scale 75 Acrylics and FW inks Thanks for looking Sean
  5. Evening all, Latest off the paint station...... 28mm Jester from the Archvillain Games Circus Grotesque D&D Patreon I subscribe to, 3D printed This is my entry into their monthly competition, wish me luck..... Thanks for looking Sean
  6. Dungeons and Dragons, a co-opt, adventure game where only your imagination is the limit.... Dungeon Master, controller and scene setter in the D&D shenanigans,..... Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/ Black(K), addative colour wheel primary colours
  7. Finished this commission gift for our D&D groups DM up today, 3 hour time limit, CMYK and white Primary colours only from Scale 75 Artists range. For those that don't know this is Durnan, the Bar Keep at the Yawning Portal, and for the cost of 1 Gold coin you can ride the bucket down the yawning portal and strike out on your own adventure, most never come back, those that do are forever changed...... Anyhoo, back in the real world..... Some rough freehand, painted upside down with no easy access, so I have a rubbish excu
  8. Yes mate, primarily Scale 75 from all their ranges and FW inks as thinners /colour bolsters
  9. Hi All, Another deliberate practice piece, this time slightly less limited palette buy allowing myself a ready mixed turquoise , this time a size 2 Raphael 8404 brush...... BUT...... This time I've limited myself to 3 hours!!??????? This is my first successful print off my new resin 3D printer, I was still learning so it's not the best quality. Anyhoo, the pics....... Thanks for looking in Sean
  10. Yarp, Size 6 ...... 0's on your brush size is just making life hard
  11. Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Its a focused practice piece I've just done as a self improvement challenge...... 1 brush, CMYK & white colour palette. The paints are the new Scale 75 Artists range and the brush was a size 6 ProArte Series 40, model donated by my sons old Warhammer army. Thanks again for looking Sean
  12. The Saga continues...... Famines steed is complete...... Thanks for looking Sean
  13. Critique has been varied on the ethereal glow from not at all, to just the eyes, to not bright enough, I've gone with sorting the not bright enough and it looks a lot better now, than in those pics, a lot brighter and more "glowey"
  14. Apologies but I dropped a boob and only took WIP pics of Pestilence himself on my phone so they've not made it to here. That said here is the finished piece..... I'm doing a bit of deliberate practice on a pallet cleanser before starting the next rider so stay tuned Thanks for looking Sean
  15. Mostly, yes mate, I do some base coats and blending with an airbrush too though
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