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  1. Yes and No mate. Friendship have the cab, but not released it to date I now sell the WOT6 as a bare chassis Kit, this is a kit of the cab, chassis, wheels, GS fuel tank and spare ( ie behind the cab in a frame) and a flat plate as a start for you to scratch build any body off of.... Cost is £10 + p&p..... I also do the Bedford QLC/D/T chassis in the same design for the same money and I've also got 2 of the Austin K6 as a bare chassis kit too for £12 each If you go to my blog page at seansmilitaryvehicles@wordpress.com there is a full price list of what I currently do and their availability in the sticky post on the front page. You can order via email at seansmilitaryvehicles@hotmail.com Hope that helps ATB Sean
  2. Austin K6 with AMES Radar Type 13/14 Stowed, Type 13 and Type 14 all based up and finished! Small number of kits still available on pre-order if anyone still wants one, PM me for details. ATB Sean
  3. Finished the first of 3 configurations of my 100% scratch built 1/72 scale Austin K6 with Type 13/14 Radar. This configuration is 'Stowed, ready to move'..... This will be released as a Very Limited Edition resin kit at the end of this month, PM me for further details if you are interested. For those that have not seen the other 2 configurations they can be seen here..... ATB Sean
  4. This is the first pour of the Type 13 Radar parts, and the first test build of one of the options for building the whole kit. This is the easier the build "Stowed, Ready to move", once the resin is cured on the next Radar sets I'll make one of each of the "in operation" configuration to make sure all the parts fit as they should. The pics...... All the best Sean
  5. A small update on progress.... which has been slowed a bit due to fulfilling customer orders and the small chance the NHS can get it's act together enough to put me through a small operation, but that's yet to happen, Anyhoo, the progress so far..... Made some of the Radar parts, and the sub frame it's attached to... I also made the alteration that was fairly common to these trucks which was to remove the side panels of the engine cover.... I also did a small mock-up of the finished truck to get a feel for the finished thing..... Until next time.... All the Best Sean
  6. Thanks John, yes you are right, there is a fair amount of hours gone in to this one, with many more to be added as the rear bodywork gets added.... So today I cast up enough bits to make the first test fit rolling chassis and give it a coat of primer, other than an error on my part by over sanding the rear of the bonnet piece while fitting I think its starting to look Ok. ATB Sean
  7. "Today’s doings…." Another full day in the workshop today, did lots but not a lot to show for it as is often the way when working on a master, did a fair bit of multi tasking, which also takes its toll on time management. On a positive note I managed to cast up 3 full sets of single item sprues, and enough 2 item sprues to fit out one and a half trucks, a single bonnet piece after a minor drama with the mould, and I also made all the bracing on the Type 13 ‘Dish’ So with all the rolling chassis parts now available for casting I can knock the whole chassis together tomorrow and give it a coat of primer so it photographs a little better than the raw resin does. ATB Sean
  8. I’m on Jollydays!! Yarp, that’s right folks, I’m on holiday for a week and a bit, home alone while the wife goes out and earns my millions. That means I have plenty of time to knock about in the workshop doing more to the K6! And knock about I have today, it’s been quite a productive day with all of the parts made to enable the rolling chassis to be completed, including the bonnet, and I also made a start on making the AMES Type 13 RADAR ‘Dish’ if that’s the correct terminology. It’s just suddenly occurred to me that I’ve not displayed a picture of a AMES Type 13 RADAR on a Austin K6 chassis, so, just so we all know what I’m building here is an image of said truck in action…… 602nd ACWS 1946 The productivity today has resulted in this little lot being done and ready to mould in silicone….. The bonnet section, this is going to be a 2 piece ‘open pour’ mould, it has to be so complicated in order to get the part out of the mould with any ease. All the parts that 2 will be needed per kit on one sprue, this includes the fuel tank, head and side light, fuel filler neck and side step…. This is the sprue with all the single item parts including the prop shaft, inlet/exhaust manifold, carb and filter, and the parts to make the brush bar/ headlight brackets….. And finally, the Type 13 ‘Dish’ basic structure on the back of a chassis for size comparison…… Hopefully more tomorrow..... ATB Sean
  9. Happy New Year everyone!!!! Rear suspension component successfully cast!! cast part on left, original master on right..... With the rear suspension now available I glued all the components already made together to make the first rolling chassis.... ATB Sean
  10. Bit more done in the last few days...... First Wheels out the mould..... Rear suspension and axle part made, ready for casting.... Bonnet, fuel tanks and stronger side steps (as they're a pain to remove in 1 piece from the original mould) up next I'll soon have the rolling chassis up and running.... ATB Sean
  11. Evening all..... Small update on who these are actually going to be for... These are now going to the new initiative that MAFVA are setting up and one will be going to my own, limited edition, model company, the MAFVA Models K6s will be the Gantry and Coles Crane types, the one for my use will be decided on in due course but I will warn anyone wanting one there will be a very limited number produced and it will be of something 'odd' and quite rare/random in real life, if anyone wants more details please contact me via PM and I will attempt to fill in some details. Turning new axles for the K6 out of steel, only because its easier and stronger on such a thin part than turning from a resin blank. Couple of different angles of where I'm at as of today.... ATB Sean
  12. Back on the bench!!!!! Gantry and Coles crane will be first body types done. ATB Sean
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